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Real estate ownership in Turkey is available now for Palestinians

Real estate ownership in Turkey is available now for Palestinians

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An amendment was issued at the beginning of this month by The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs In Turkey to an old decision, this amended the right of Palestinian citizens who have residence documents in Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq to own properties in Turkey without any additional legal procedures.

According to the announcement, the official documents that are required are just the document of Palestinian citizen in the country of residence, in addition to the extraction of short-term residence permit in Turkey, which is simple.

It is worth mentioning that the law allows Palestinians to obtain Turkish citizenship directly by investing in real estate sector at a value not less than $250,000. Turkish government, led by president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, provides incentives and facilities for investors to obtain Turkish citizenship, as soon as there is a contract of buying a property in Turkey, and there is no need for a Tabo document.

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The amendment has a great benefit for  investors, that the Tabo and other official documents for the projects under construction are not ready, but at the same time they are the suitable projects for real estate investment in Istanbul.

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The amendment to the law gave hope to the hearts of Palestinians, as it is known about Turkey as a distinct country with a civilized character and a prosperous economic future, and many must aspire to own a property in Turkey either for investment purposes, due to its high profitable potentials, or for housing.

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In fact, this law also gave hope to Syrians, that Syrians cannot own properties without opening a company in Turkey, and this leads to additional costs that may be a big burden for small investors or those who want to live.

As the real estate investment in Turkey continues, an amendment to this law that allow Syrians to own properties in Turkey may be announced soon.