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New and Resale property in Turkey, which is better? and why?

New and Resale property in Turkey, which is better? and why?

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Many investors seek to buy and own a property in Turkey because of the opportunities this investment holds for the buyer and his family, such as obtaining residence in Turkey or obtaining Turkish citizenship, to learn more about this read here: Details about Visa to Turkey, types of residence permit in Turkey, and how to obtain Turkish citizenship

There are many options for properties in Turkey, where there are several types of properties in Turkey, such as: houses for sale within residential complexes, detached houses for sale, ready for delivery homes, properties under construction, apartments for sale within a residential building.

Also, real estate in Turkey is classified into completely new properties, meaning that you are the first to live in it, usually within a new housing project, ranging from ready properties where you can move to them immediately, and properties under construction which are not finished and will be delivered to you later within a specified schedule. The second type is resale properties, which often have been inhabited before, but the owner has a desire to sell them and move to another home.


 What distinguishes new properties in Turkey? 

  • New and modern design.
  • The possibility of modifying the designs and the division of the apartment, especially if the project is under construction.
  • No need for maintenance or repair.
  • The possibility of installments payment up to ten years in projects guaranteed by the Turkish government.
  • Long-term guarantees by contractors and landlords, some of which may last up to 10 years.
  • Discount on cash payment up to 10% of the total value of the property.
  • Modern urban planning where the aesthetics of life, green areas and modern public facilities surrounded you.


 What are the advantages of buying resale properties in Turkey? 

  • The price of the property is negotiable.
  • Residential neighborhoods are complete and inhabited.


In general, new properties are the perfect choice for investors and those seeking luxury and modernity, and resale properties is a convenient solution for those seeking practical and investment solutions for housing within limited budgets.

In the age of Internet, it is possible to travel around the world while you are at home, and the sources of information are available to everyone, mostly for free, and this may lead us to believe that a big decision, such as buying a property in a developed country like Turkey, is easy, and we can do it ourselves without any help of anyone.

Customers think that real estate companies are paid for the services and advices they provide to the buyer, but that is not true. Real estate companies are paid by the seller (construction companies) not by the buyer.

It is better to consult a professional real estate company before buying a property in Turkey for several reasons. Read about it in the following article Don't buy a property in Turkey by yourself.. consult a real estate company

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