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5 tips for real estate investment in Turkey

5 tips for real estate investment in Turkey

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Turkey is the first destination for Arab and foreign investors , especially in the recent years , after the new laws and amendments that the Turkish government offers to investors , as it gives them the right to obtain Turkish citizenship when buying a property worth $ 250.000 , and it also gives them the right to obtain real estate residence for the regular stability in Turkey .

The Turkish economy is one of the most economies around the world that have a brilliant future . Expectations indicate that during the next ten years it will become one of the fastest growing economies around the world due to its attraction of $ 15 billion in foreign investment annually , and the amount increases every year , and it is the sixteenth largest economy around the world .

According to the opinions of economists , Turkey has developed investment plans for 2020 that will make it compete with the top 10 markets in the world , such as Russia , America , China and India , and it is moving steadily to achieve its goal , and we are now witnessing the beginning of this success of Turkey's investment plans that will see the light by the year 2023 .


Special residential projects in Istanbul 

  • RH 80- apartments with Bosphorus view and suitable payment plans in Sisli 

A first class residential and investment project in the center of Sisli , specifically in the fast growing Bomonti area .

The project is located in one of the most famous areas on the European side of Istanbul , Bomonti district , a growing area that attracts the attention of investors at the moment , which is characterized by easy access to the most vital places in the city , and its proximity to shopping centers , airports , hospitals , universities and schools .

The project location is just 8 minutes away from Taksim .

This project has been designed in line with the highest quality standards in real estate in Turkey .

All apartments have private balconies with views of Istanbul or the Bosphorus .

The project includes special facilities that provide residents with comfort and entertainment and meet all their needs such as swimming pools , gym, walking paths , sport courts and restaurants , in addition to surveillance cameras and security .

Invest in this project today and benefit from its prices which will increase by 40% after the completion of the project .

All the project details in this link : RH 80

tips for real estate investment in Turkey 

  1. Find the right property

The main rule and the most important thing when buying a property in Turkey is that the process of buying the property in Turkey be done either for the purpose of investing or housing properly , and the matter is certainly not complicated as we imagine , but rather it is sufficient to find the right property in the right place and with the required specifications and that fits your budget and your financial capabilities , for example : the property located in the city center , which is close to public transportation , train stations , schools and universities , as well as its large area and spacious rooms and stunning views of the forest or the lake or the city of Istanbul in full would undoubtedly be desirable from any someone is looking for a house to rent , and at the same time the value of the monthly rent will be high , compared to the rest of the apartments in other regions , and this may confirm the first rule of investing in rent , which is summarized in the following phrase : ( You can reap the profits from the purchase , not from Resale ) .

In case that you do not have experience in the real estate field in Istanbul , and you encounter some difficulty in choosing the suitable property , you should visit different properties in various locations and places , because the right choice will be a reason for the success of real estate investment in Turkey , and the research is confusing at first , especially that the search means are many , such as searching through the Internet , newspapers , real estate agencies , and specialized real estate companies .

Try to find out how attractive the city or neighborhood is in which you are looking for real estate offers , the factors that attract people are simple , such as its proximity to business centers , schools , universities , public transportation , entertainment centers , and a good reputation for the region or neighborhood , and in most cases the major cities witness great demand , whether for students , job seekers , or families , it is advisable to buy in these areas , as this is best and guarantees the opportunity to rent the property with a good return and very quickly .

Try to know more about the quality of the infrastructure at the place of purchase , and is it well managed by the municipality ? It is advised to focus on the cities that witness a large economic and tourism movement , because they will undoubtedly witness a wide turnout , and therefore you will have a great opportunity to rent the property at a competitive price .


Special residential projects in Istanbul 

  • RH 163 - One of the best projects in Maslak , ready for housing with a view of Belgrade Forest 

Apartments for sale in Istanbul in a huge project like a full-service city , which includes a shopping center , 5-star hotel and integrated social facilities .

The project provides an ideal choice for housing and investment . The project was built in three phases : the units of the first residential phase have been completed and fully sold , the second phase includes shops and a shopping center , while the third and final phase is a mixture of residential and commercial apartments .

The project is located on the European side of Istanbul , specifically in Maslak , one of the largest real estate development areas in the city .

Maslak is one of the main central districts of Istanbul and it is one of the fast-growing areas of the city .

Maslak area is close to transportation links that will take you to all parts of the city in a few moments , and you can easily access the main areas and sights of the city .

Maslak is the ideal area for investment in Istanbul , where it promises high profits and high returns on investment in a few years .

The project is located only minutes away from Taksim and Levent , not more than 5 minutes from Bosphorus , and 25 minutes from  Istanbul's third airport , which gives it strategic and investment importance .

The project is located near the metro station and public transport .

The project is located in the Cendery Valley , among the regions of Istanbul that have gained the highest value .

The project is located next to Maslak and Levent , which provides a pleasant life with transportation opportunities .

The project attracts attention through its location close to shopping centers , arts , health facilities , transportation and education centers .

All the project details in this link : RH 163

  1. Knowledge of the net area of ​​the property and the price per square meter

When searching for apartments for sale in Turkey , the most ambiguous thing for the investor or buyer is the area of ​​the property , that is , the net and the total area of ​​the property to be owned , you must know the lowest and maximum price per square meter of the property and you must know which areas are within the total areas in the process of calculating the total area , in order to do the comparison process with the rest of the surrounding areas , as some of the areas covered by the real estate area and cannot live in them , such as a balcony , corridors and elevators , fall within the calculations of square meters .

The size of each room in the property is another important point that must be taken into consideration , and regardless of the number of people who will live in the property , comfort will be ensured through the correct distribution of space and square meters of the apartment .

In some projects , you can find an area smaller than 100 square meters divided into 3 bedrooms which means that the rooms are small , so it is preferred to know the project plan and its divisions well .


  1. Choose the most active and profitable real estate site

Real estate investment in Istanbul enjoys the leadership on other real estate investments , but rather on other investments in general , as the areas of successful investment and its tools vary , and it's consist of various components , such as investment in the stock market , investment in the industrial or agricultural field , or commercial investment , or real estate .

The investments are distinguished according to their location , and the elements of success that support them . Each site has its advantages , and each investment has the ingredients for its success .

Real estate investment is a pioneer among successful investments , because it is one of the safest , and because it is linked to a permanent life need , so the value of the property usually increases , achieving increasing profits over time , with the possibility of almost zero loss .

But choosing the right site is an essential component of the success and superiority of real estate investment .

And the real estate market in Turkey in general , and in Istanbul in particular , is witnessing a big recovery and development , witnessed by figures and statistics issued by the competent institutions .

And Turkey was ranked among the best countries for owning a property in an article published by the American live and invest overseas , which specializes in real estate and real estate consulting .

Therefore , choosing your place of investment carefully within the most promising modern areas is considered as one of the most important elements of successful real estate investment , because these areas have real estate prices doubling rapidly over time , which constitutes a real and accelerating profit for investors in them .


  • RH 201 - luxurious homes near to Taksim square

It is a residential and investment project , which was supervised by one of the most famous construction companies in Turkey .

The project is built on an area of 20.000 square meters .

The project has a variety of options for apartments ranging from 0 + 1 , 1 + 1 , 2 + 1 , with areas ranging from 78 square meters to 630 square meters .

The project comprises 61 offices and 13 commercial units in addition to 96 residential units .

The project has a huge car park for 177 cars .

The project is located on the European side of Istanbul , in the heart of the city , in Beyoglu district near the famous Taksim area .

The project is near to Istiklal Avenue , one of the liveliest streets of Istanbul , which contains many shops , archaeological buildings , libraries , banks , Cinema , cafes and various local and international restaurants . It is also near to Karakoy , Galata Bridge and the famous Taksim Square .

The distinctive location of the project near to the main street and the public transportation .

The doors of the project lead to shopping malls , public transportation , main roads , and to centres of art , sports and culture .

For more details : RH 201


  1. Knowing the advantages of the ready property and the property under construction before deciding

Ready to move real estate in Istanbul is characterized by being a safe investment for many , so buying an ready apartment in Istanbul gives you an opportunity to preview the full details on the ground , so that you can check the apartment before purchasing and ensure the quality of finishing and the materials used , as well as ready apartments allow you for housing in Istanbul , choose the view that suits you better than the projects under construction in Istanbul .

On the other hand , the property under construction in Istanbul is considered the best in terms of investment , and by benefiting from a high price in the future , Istanbul real estate and residential apartments in Istanbul have witnessed an average rise of nearly 30% from the beginning of building projects until delivery , so many of the works interested in investing in Istanbul to buy apartments under construction and resell them in the future , and this type of investment is a long-term investment , its results are not fast but have a high profit rate .

Also , buying an apartment in Istanbul under construction gives you the opportunity for long installments , as the projects under construction in Istanbul offer long installments compared to the ready projects in Istanbul .

The purchase of a property in Istanbul ready for delivery gives you the possibility of housing and the immediate transfer of the apartment , and the opportunity to apply for residence , through the title deed that is available for real estate ready for housing , so that the property deed is a necessity for obtaining real estate residence .

Certainly when planning to buy an apartment in Istanbul under construction , you must confirm the history of the construction company based on the project , and its ability to complete the project and deliver it according to the date specified in the contract .

The projects , with the guarantee of the Turkish government under construction , are considered the best options for a safe and profitable investment , as the lands of the Turkish government are located within investment areas , because of their proximity to the most important investment projects in Istanbul , such as the New Istanbul Canal project and the third airport .


  1. Learn about the home view

Does your house have a beautiful view ? Or overlooks barren land ? Make sure that there is no factory in front of the building , in order not to spoil the beautiful environment surrounding it , these questions and other most important conditions for buying an apartment in Turkey . You should make sure of all of this , as you can simply go to the municipality in the area where you live , and ask them to see the urban plan for that area , after you tell them that you want to buy a house in it . Certainly they will not hesitate to help you , and to provide real estate advice to you , and then they will provide you with the necessary information .

Istanbul city is characterized by the diversity of its geography , which has added great value to the real estate market in Turkey , there are houses with sea views , lake views , forest view , Bosphorus view , and a charming view of the entire city from high towers , you have various options to choose the view of your home in Turkey to suit your taste .

Also , check the apartment side and its direction . If the apartment overlooks the north , you will definitely never see the sun , and it may be dark in the four seasons , and very cold in the winter , and the humidity will be high , and therefore the costs of heating and electricity will be high .

It is well known that the flat that the sun enters is more healthy , and has better lighting and ventilation during most of the day .

Also check the size of the windows , are they large , and provide good ventilation for the apartment or small , overlooking the adjacent building ? Thus , you may not be able to lift the curtains at any time . Is the design consisting of two layers of glass for sound insulation ? Do you have an easy and flexible closing mechanism ?

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