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The efforts of the Turkish government in fighting the Coronavirus

The efforts of the Turkish government in fighting the Coronavirus

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It spread all over the world quickly , the new Corusvirus , which known as Covid-19 , causing tremendous damage and massive loss of life , and causing a global economic and health crisis .

The new Coronavirus , which appeared in early 2020 starting from Wuhan in China and then spread to all parts of the earth , placed a great responsibility on governments and countries to confront this deadly virus and combat its spread and reduce losses and risks , this came with a package of decisions issued by each country to protect their citizens and keep them safe .

The Turkish government issued a number of instructions and made a series of decisions , all of which are in the public interest of the state and the people , to protect them and preserve their health and safety , including :

Stopping students from attending schools and universities in all Turkish cities , adopting distance education and attending classes online instead .

Stop public transportation services that were available 24 hours , and reduce all public transportation services except for the departure and return hours .

Close all closed gathering places throughout the country , including restaurants , cafes and commercial centers , with the exception of food shops and pharmacies .

Close the music centers , theaters , wedding halls , restaurants , cafes , parks , hookah cafes , internet , children's playgrounds , swimming pools , sauna , casinos , and sports centers for a period of time .

Postponing the general meetings of NGOs , training courses and all kinds of meetings and activities that bring people together .

Not to perform congregational prayers , including Friday prayers , while mosques remain open to those who want to pray alone .

Granting government employees who are pregnant , lactating , and disabled , and those over the age of sixty , an administrative holiday .

Consider all employees returning from outside the country on administrative leave .

A 14-day quarantine was imposed on all citizens returning from outside the country .

A travel ban to and from Turkey with a number of countries with a high prevalence of the virus .

The Ministry of Health has issued a number of measures that all restaurants must take , as follows :

The distance between the seating places must be not less than one meter .

Opening windows in closed rooms and areas during daily routine cleaning , and ventilating them for at least one hour after cleaning .

Special attention to cleaning surfaces that are frequently touched by hands , especially door handles , batteries , stairs , phone , toilet , and sink in common areas .

Clean and wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds for restaurant staff , and use alcohol-based antiseptics in the absence of water and soap .

People with any signs of respiratory infection ( fever , cough , respiratory distress , etc. ) are not operated until their complaint is resolved .

People who deal with the personal belongings of guests will wash their hands immediately after these procedures or they will clean hands with Alcohol-based hands-free .


This is in addition to the social responsibility of the individual and his duty to protect himself , his family and his loved ones by staying in a house stone and not leaving the house except for necessity , for his safety and to limit the spread of the virus and reduce the possibility of infection and transfer it to others , and you must go to the hospital immediately in If you show any symptoms of infection with the virus and ensure your safety .

Right Home real estate consultancy team wishes you good health and wellness .

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