What are the advantages of residential compounds in Istanbul?

What are the advantages of residential compounds in Istanbul?

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The residential complexes in Istanbul are the ideal choice for housing and investment, because of the features that are not available in ordinary houses like the security and surveillance cameras and other services that meet all your family needs, and many experts in the field of real estate said that the best real estate investment Istanbul in a  residential compounds, to which a large proportion of real estate investments are heading nowadays.

The Turkish real estate market is known to be attractive to investors from all over the world, where many investors seek to buy and own a property in Turkey because of the opportunities this investment holds for the buyer and his family, such as obtaining residence in Turkey or obtaining Turkish citizenship, to learn more about this read here: Details about Visa to Turkey, types of residence permit in Turkey, and how to obtain Turkish citizenship


What are the advantages of residential compounds in Istanbul?


1. Security and safety:

Residential complexes in Istanbul consist of several fenced buildings or villas, which have a security system supported by the latest technology and where security guards are assigned to protect the complex and its inhabitants. Residential complexes contain social facilities and public services such as: swimming pools, gardens, restaurants, reception halls, playgrounds, sports clubs, children's playgrounds and other various facilities that meet all residents needs. All residential complexes are provided with alarms and fire extinguishers in case of any emergency.


  1. High quality and advanced technology:

The idea of residential complexes is a relatively modern idea, and it is usually worked on with great potentials. It uses modern and sophisticated construction methods and tools to suit the competition of the real estate market. It is also bound by the laws of modern buildings to resist earthquakes and natural disasters.


  1. Public services and facilities:

The idea of residential complexes is based on the creation of a recreational environment and the provision of complete services to the residents, which breaks the feeling of boredom, and provides comfort and security in the place of residence you and your family. Safe and spacious parking spaces are also available, as well as a place of worship or a mosque within the complex. Often there are shops, restaurants and cafes that cater to the needs of the residents.


  1. Diversity of options:

Housing options vary in the residential complexes, where residential complexes areas in Istanbul ranging from studio apartments and apartments of one room up to apartments of four rooms and five rooms, in addition to villas and duplex apartments with garden.

Also, the engineering designs of the apartments are varied, for example some apartments with open kitchen and others with closed kitchen.


  1. Ideal locations for residential complexes:

Often, a prime location is chosen for the complex, in the middle of important projects, or surrounded by areas of rapid urban development, and within carefully studied schemes, so apartment complexes have attractive sea views or green views or proximity to tourist sites, shopping centers, universities and schools, or overlooking the green spaces surrounding the buildings within the complex itself.


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