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Real estate investment in Beylikduzu

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Real estate investment in Beylikduzu
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Beylikduzu is one of the most beautiful and attractive areas for investors who are seeking to buy a property in Turkey. It has undergone many civilizational developments that have increased its importance and beauty, making it the ideal destination for investors in Turkey, an ideal area for investment, work and living in Istanbul.

Located in the European side of Istanbul, Beylikduzu is one of the most modern and developed areas that include a number of universities, schools and the largest shopping centers such as Marmara Park Mall, as well as the most important and prestigious residential projects that are ready for housing or still under construction, so it is the first destination for investors who want to buy a property in Turkey for the purpose of housing or investment and obtaining Turkish citizenship.

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 What distinguishes Beylikduzu from the rest of Istanbul areas? 

  1. Its strategic location. Beylikduzu is characterized by two sea views, one to Marmara Sea and the other to Buyukcekmece Lake.
  2. Beylikduzu is a healthy area that is free from pollutants, which it is far from harmful factories and exhausts.
  3. People living in Beylikduzu of a high educational and social level, where statistics show that most of its residents are university graduates. This is a reason that attracts many businessmen from outside and inside Turkey to undertake various investment projects in Beylikduzu and take advantage of its favorable demographic status.
  4. One of the characteristics of real estate projects in Beylikduzu area that they are earthquake resistant with the latest architectural designs.
  5. Real estate in Beylikduzu is characterized by its special prices which considered as low prices compared to the quality of the construction and the nature of the area. It also has easy and fast public transportation that links the European part of Istanbul with the Asian part, such as the metrobus line and public buses.
  6. There are many universities in Beylikduzu, such as Beykent University. It also has many distinguished public facilities, restaurants, clubs and commercial centers. There is also a large land for exhibitions where many different exhibitions are held, as well as tourist villages and resorts overlooking the shores of Marmara Sea.
  7. Beylikduzu area is characterized by accuracy in the designs of real estate projects that compete with European quality, which gives the streets more charm with those diverse green spaces that coordinated wonderfully in this dazzling city.
  8. There are many hospitals in the Beylikduzu which offer medical services at the highest level, which are divided between government and private hospitals.


 RH 152-Apartments and villas with direct sea view at Beylikduzu marina

Some interested people may wonder, how far is Beylikduzu from Taksim? In fact, who lives in Beylikduzu apartments will find tourist, service, social and recreational facilities, which makes it absolutely unnecessary for you to go to the city center, but if you want to go to historical places in Istanbul and visit Sultanahmet and Taksim Square, for example, the modern transportation networks such as metrobus and tramway will take you there on the speed.

Beylikduzu today is witnessing a great boom in the field of high-quality real estate investment, it is higher quality and more structured in terms of urban development compared to other areas of Istanbul, and it is expected for real estate investment in this area to record a high profits.

The search for apartments for sale in Istanbul in Beylikduzu area is expected to increase, while real estate prices are increasing more and more as construction and drilling of the new Incirli-Beylikduzu metro line is to be built soon.

The proliferation of hospitals, shopping malls, new real estate projects, transportation, high schools and universities in Beylikduzu also contributed to increasing the importance of the area. This is evident in the recent influx of investors and residents.

The existence of the metrobus line has also affected the prices of apartments in Beylikduzu significantly. In a real estate evaluation conducted by some real estate institutions, it was found that the margin of difference in real estate prices in Beylikduzu area in Turkey has reached more than 56% per square meter depending on the proximity and distance from the Metrobus line on the E5 highway.

Beylikduzu is an important economic center in Istanbul, where it provides increased investment opportunities. It has the largest commercial container port in Turkey with an area of approximately 1.5 million square meters, in addition to its second industrial city with an area of 450 acres, along with many industrial and commercial sites.

Beylikduzu also contains vast green areas, gardens and some forests, the most famous is Vadi Garden- Beylikduzu, or the Green Valley Garden as some call it, which are several adjacent gardens extending in a large areas within Beylikduzu that are located near Marmara Sea.

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