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The most famous shopping malls in Istanbul

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The most famous shopping malls in Istanbul
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Istanbul is one of the most important and famous tourist destinations in the world , visited by tourists of different nationalities and religions throughout the year . It is a large city divided between the continents of Asia and Europe , and has a long history and authentic civilization , along with modernity and rapid urban development .

Istanbul is one of the largest tourism cities in Turkey and the second largest city in the world in terms of population , with a population of 15 million and 29 thousand and 231 people .

Istanbul city is a dream destination for many travelers and tourists around the world , here meets East and West , in this city , which hides a lot of sites of history , culture , monuments , architecture , food , old buildings and other places that fascinate tourists and make them repeat the experience of visiting Istanbul from time to time .

Istanbul markets attract tourists because of the variety of goods and high quality , and the prices of goods are cheap and competitive compared to the rest of the world markets .

Istanbul city is spread over a wide area , and the markets of Istanbul vary greatly , from old and historical popular markets , to modern and upscale modern markets , shopping malls , wholesale markets , and popular markets , all of which have options for Investment , but some of the shops in Istanbul has special features that made it distinct from others .

How to choose the right location to buy a shop in Istanbul ? In the following article detail and explain the subject : Information about owning a shop in Istanbul


10 most famous shopping malls in Istanbul that you should visit :


 Vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall 

Vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall is one of the most important shopping malls in Istanbul , and its one of the high-end shopping malls in the city , and one of the best and most luxurious shopping malls , which witnesses a commercial activity and tourist attraction throughout the year .

Vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall is located in one of the most prestigious areas on the European side of Istanbul , in Maslak area overlooking the magnificent Belgrade forests .

The site of the shopping mall is 4 km from the city center , it is only 20 minutes away from Istanbul International Airport and 5 minutes from the Bosphorus .

Vadi Istanbul project , which opened in 2017 , is a huge commercial , residential and recreational project , which offers the elements of pleasant shopping , luxury upscale housing , in a clean environment saturated with fresh air , and charming landscapes , which includes more than 270 a world-class clothing and fashion store , as well as some of the city's most famous restaurants , offering a wide variety of food options , a children's playground , and other fun activities for you and your family .

Vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall has a large outdoor courtyard with a number of international restaurants and famous cafes , with a magnificent view of Belgrade Forest , and a lake of dancing fountains that give an additional atmosphere of pleasure and luxury for visitors .

Vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall , which has become a popular landmark for tourists to visit and enjoy shopping , also has a prestigious residential project offering you the ideal accommodation options in Istanbul .

The houses and apartments in Vadi Istanbul are designed with charming forest views and a river passes by the project , which gives it the advantage of its strategic location .

Residence services are integrated in the project , similar to the most luxurious projects in Istanbul , which includes a beautiful indoor gardens , outdoor and indoor swimming pools , as well as swimming pools for children , Turkish bath and sauna , fitness center and gardens and children's playgrounds . The project also has a full and advanced security system , surveillance cameras and security guard .

The project was built on a land area of 74.000 square meters and it consists of 8 blocks with 762 apartments with different options ranging from 1+1 to 5+1, and 3 blocks with offices of 120.000 square meters.

The project includes 22.000 square meters dedicated for shops and commercial units.

The project has a charming view of Belgrade Forest, and it is close to the city center and the business centers.

The project is ready and is one of the most prestigious projects in Istanbul.

More details about the project here: RH 163

Vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall

 Mall of Istanbul 

Mall of Istanbul has become one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Istanbul city , and it is a meeting place for Arab and foreign tourists from all over the world , as it is one of the largest shopping malls in Turkey where it contains the most important international and Turkish brands .

Mall of Istanbul is opened in Turkey in 2014 , and it consists of 7 towers , inspired by the city of Istanbul itself , where the project consists of 4 residential towers , an office tower , a large building dedicated to hotel units , and a huge shopping mall .

Mall of Istanbul offers you a new shopping concept , with 350 shops , as well as specially designed private gardens . For entertainment, Mall of Istanbul has the largest indoor amusement park , with a horror house , a huge race track and many other recreational facilities .

Mall of Istanbul has 16 theaters with a capacity of 3050 seats , the largest cinema within the commercial complexes in Turkey , and all facilities are equipped with the highest technical standards and fully serviced .

Mall of Istanbul has a full floor with a huge number of Turkish and international restaurants that satisfy all tastes .

Mall of Istanbul , the largest comprehensive shopping , entertainment and lifestyle center in Turkey , is located in Basaksehir area , one of the most important areas of growth and urban development on the European side of Istanbul .

Mall of Istanbul

 Zorlu Center Mall 

Zorlu Center Mall , which is located on the European side of Istanbul , is specifically located in the beautiful area of Besiktas , which is a popular tourist destination overlooking the Bosphorus Strait and includes a number of the finest Turkish and international restaurants and cafes .

Zorlu Center Mall is one of the most luxurious and prestigious shopping malls in Istanbul , featuring a selection of international brands such as Dior , Prada and Louis Vuitton , as well as other European and Turkish brands . Zorlu Center Mall features a two-storey Apple Store that includes the latest iPhones and laptops and a maintenance center for all devices.

Also , your children will enjoy the mall's theme park , which offers a large number of amusement parks and fun games that make their day at the mall even more enjoyable .

In addition to that , the cinemas in Zorlu Center are among the most beautiful in Istanbul , with Cinemaximum in the mall ,  you can watch the latest international movies in 3D .

Zorlu Mall Istanbul restaurants are many and varied , including eastern and western cuisine , so you can enjoy a delicious meal , or you can get your favorite drink whether it is hot or cold in one of the international cafes inside the mall or in the outer courtyard of the mall , and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Istanbul . Also , Zorlu Center Mall has a theater where Turkish and international famous singers concerts are held throughout the year .

Zorlu Center Mall

 Istinye Park Mall 

Istinye Park Mall is one of the most famous malls of Turkey that is designed with a high degree of luxury and sophistication , it is one of the famous tourist places in Turkey .

Istinye Park Mall is located in Sarıyer district on the European side of Istanbul , and it is one of the best and most prestigious shopping centers in Istanbul . It is a 4-storey building with 300 shops ranging from Turkish and European brands and luxury brands such as Dior , Chanel and Cartier and many more .

Istinye Park Mall also has many Turkish , Eastern and Western restaurants , pastry shops and famous cafes , in addition to cinemas , shops , children's entertainment centers , toy stores , gifts , electronics , Turkish furniture and all that meets your needs .

Istinye Park Mall has Nusrat Restaurant , one of the famous restaurants in Istanbul that residents and tourists are keen to visit from inside and outside of Istanbul , being one of the best steak and grilled restaurants .

In short , at Istinye Park Mall you will have fun and entertainment with a unique shopping experience , all in one place .

Istinye Park Mall

 Aqua Florya Mall 

Aqua Florya Mall is one of the most beautiful and largest shopping malls of Istanbul , which is conveniently located near Ataturk International Airport , and it extends along the shore of Florya , one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul , which is intended for the city's residents and tourists especially in the summer .

Aqua Floria Mall has opened in 2012 on an area of 50.000 square meters , in a prime location that offers enchanting sea views on the beach of Floria ,  in European side of Istanbul .

Aqua Florya Mall includes an open-air amphitheater overlooking the sea , with 900 seats ,  where many activities , events , concerts and many different entertainment shows are held .

Aqua Florya Istanbul Mall has 145 shops for international and Turkish brands , in addition to many restaurants , cafes and cinemas .

These shops are distributed on the ground floor and three floors above the ground level , in addition to two underground parking lots to accommodate 1500 vehicles .

A visit to Aqua Florya Mall in Istanbul is only complete by visiting the famous Istanbul Aquarium , which is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city , and it can be accessed from the first floor in the shopping mall .

On the top floor there are 11 cinemas , equipped with the latest technology , showing the latest international and Turkish films for adults and children to suit everyone .

Aqua Florya Mall

 Emaar Square Mall

Emaar Square Mall is one of the largest and most beautiful malls in Istanbul . It is located in the Asian side of Istanbul ,  in Uskudar area . It is only 20 minutes away from the coast , and has been implemented by Emaar UAE on an area of 40 thousand square meters .

Emaar Square Mall is one of the newest shopping and entertainment centers in Istanbul city , which has opened in 2017 , and its opening has added a great value for tourism and shopping in Turkey , where it contains the most luxurious and the finest international brands .

Emaar Square Mall has many international brand names such as Galeries Lafayette , Cartier , Gucci and Hermes , as well as the famous Turkish restaurants and international cafes that make the shopping experience at Emaar Square Mall an enjoyable one .

Emaar Square Mall is part of a huge building of 1000 luxury residential units , as well as a 5-star hotel in Istanbul .

Emaar Square Mall is a family-friendly business center , with a skating rink , an underground zoo , Emaar Aquarium , a Turkish village with local brands , a reputable Turkish restaurant and a cinema lots for 2400 people , and a huge car park can accommodate 4500 cars .

What distinguishes Emaar Square Mall from other shopping centers in Istanbul that its outdoor garden decorated with flowers , which is spread on the sides of restaurants and cafes , where it gives you the opportunity to drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the picturesque atmosphere .

Find out about our residential complexes in Uskudar area on the Asian side of Istanbul:  Uskudar Projects

Emaar Square Mall

 Istanbul Cevahir Mall 

Istanbul Cevahir Mall is one of the most popular tourist destinations , and thats for its unique location , that it is located in Sisli area , which is the backbone of a commercial life in Istanbul , due to its privileged location in the city center of the European side of Istanbul , which is only 2 km away from Taksim , one of the favorite places for tourists .

Istanbul Cavahir Mall was opened in 2005 . The mall has more than 280 different shops . Istanbul Cavahir Shopping Mall consists of 6 floors and contains 34 restaurants , cafes and fast food restaurants including MADO - Simit Saray - KFC - Café Molinari - Çiçek ızgara -  Burger King and other famous international restaurants .

Istanbul Cevahir Mall is characterized by the presence of a very large clock , located in the middle of the glass ceiling , as well as there is a theater in the center of the shopping mall surrounded by a pool of water used for artistic performances , and this theater rises to the highest center to reach a height of 25 meters .

Istanbul Cevahir Mall has 13 theaters that can accommodate 25000 viewers , in addition to three cinemas with 3D technology , amusement park and games for children called Atlantis , which consists of two floors and another for bowling , while the car park of the mall can accommodate 2500 cars .

Istanbul Cevahir Mall contains many Turkish and international clothing stores and brands such as Zara , Adidas , YKM and other international brands , in addition to shops and branches of Turkish telecommunications companies and some Turkish banks such as akbank and isbank , also , it includes some home furniture stores and other wonderful shops .

In the year 2012 , Cevahir Istanbul Shopping Mall was awarded the title of “ Super brands ” , and we recommend tourists to visit Cevahir Istanbul Mall where it meets all the needs of the family , and its prices are acceptable compared to other malls in Istanbul .

Check out our unique investment project in Sisli : RH 80

Istanbul Cevahir Mall

 Marmara Park Mall 

Marmara Park Mall is one of the largest and most famous malls and shopping centers on the European side of Istanbul , which includes a lot of international and Turkish brands , and many diverse international restaurants from around the world , and tourists always come to get special offers and to keep up with the latest fashion trends .

The shopping mall has four-storey that contain 250 shops , international and Turkish restaurants and cafes , and a huge cinema and children's amusement park make , which make it an ideal destination for you and your family to have fun .

Also , Marmara Park Mall has a number of stores selling home appliances , electrical appliances , electronics and furniture , as well as the huge Carrefour supermarket that will meet all your needs and your family wants .

Also , you will enjoy walking on the outside square of Marmara Park Mall , taking great photos with your family and friends .You can also have a cup of coffee at one of the outdoor cafes and enjoy the wonderful Istanbul atmosphere all the time of the year .

Marmara Park Mall is located in Esenyurt area on the European side of Istanbul . It is a promising and rapid developing area where towers , residential and commercial complexes , companies and offices are rising , and this area known for its low cost of living compared to the rest areas of Istanbul .

Marmara Park Mall is the most important place that is adjacent to the metrobus station , and is easily accessible by other public transport such as buses .

One of our most important residential projects in Esenyurt is Istanbul's flower project , which is just two minutes walk from Marmara Park Mall .

It is a housing and investment project was built on a total area of ​​28.000 square meters , and it consists of 7 buildings containing 477 apartments .

It contains an integrated leisure facilities with high quality materials and large green spaces .

The project is ready to move immediately , with a down payment of 40% and an installment up to 24 months , and you can get 10% discount for cash payment .

The materials used in the building has a high quality , and the project characterized by its special architectural touches .

Project details from here : RH 113

Marmara Park Mall

 Venezia Mall Istanbul Mega Outlet 

Via Port Venezia Istanbul Mall (in Turkish Venezia Mega Outlet) one of the most beautiful malls in Istanbul , with its finest creative design inspired by the Italian city of Venice . It has been characterized by its attract for many residents and tourists of Istanbul from around the world .

Venezia Mall is an integrated project with more than 2000 apartments and many offices and a 4-star hotel , in addition to a mall with a number of shops that is one of the most important shopping centers and outlets in the city , where more than 200 shops for the most famous international clothing brands , footwear , restaurants , local and international cafes , fast food restaurants and others .

It is located in the basement of the mall Hypermarket Carrefour SA, which meets all the needs and requirements of the family and home .

Also , your children will enjoy the atmosphere of fun and entertainment , where there are many entertaining electrical games that attract children and delight their hearts .

You can also enjoy a fun tour of one of the picturesque boats , which will take you on a different and unique shopping trip .

Venezia Mall Istanbul is located in Gaziosmanpasa district on the European side of Istanbul .

Venezia Mall Istanbul Mega Outlet

 Akasya Mall Istanbul 

Akasya Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Istanbul , and it was recently opened in the Asian side of Istanbul . It is located in Acibadem  area on Uskudar , the famous tourist area with its magnificent coastline and Maidens Tower , that tourists from all over the world come to visit and take pictures with .

Akasya Istanbul Mall is not only a shopping mall , it is a huge project that includes residences , offices and two gardens , the first is a green space and a Kidzania musement park for children , and the second is a large park .

Akasya Istanbul Mall consists of three floors above ground and two underground floors . It has many shops and international and Turkish brands , in addition to a number of international and local restaurants and cafes .

Akasya Istanbul Mall is spread over 80 thousand square meters. The number of shops in this area is 257 shops selling everything necessary for visitors , such as furniture , watches , jewelry , shoes , bags and others .

Akasya Istanbul Mall also has a lot of entertainment activities that you and your family can do besides shopping , where the mall has its own cinema halls , which have HD screens that will make watching the latest movies of the most enjoyable things to do . 

The mall organizes many events such as lightness games as well as musical performances by famous bands .

Akasya Mall Istanbul



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