Turkish citizenship transactions via the Internet

Turkish citizenship transactions via the Internet

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Many Arab and foreign investors and businessmen aspire to obtain Turkish citizenship and enjoy the advantages and the strength of the Turkish passport , as Turkey provides a model for development and renaissance at all levels and in various fields , which attracted investors to it .

With the increase in interest in real estate investment in Turkey , and the availability of distinctive real estate projects , the interest of Arab investors in moving towards Turkey with a view to investment or stability has increased , and interest in investment opportunities has increased within the various Turkish cities , this coincided with a package of facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreigners constantly to encourage real estate investment , Including amending some laws and opening the door to many nationalities for direct ownership . Research shows that real estate sales in Turkey have increased in recent years, which means that people who visit Turkey have decided to settle in for various reasons .

In order to properly guide the foreign citizen who would like to obtain Turkish citizenship , the General Directorate of Land Registry and Real Estate Survey in Turkey announced that all Turkish citizenship transactions by foreign citizens will be completed through the Internet .

The Directorate clarified that the transactions that are completed via the Internet will include all the transactions that follow submitting an application for obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for owning a property , such as obtaining an appointment from the directorates of the Land Registry , and others, through the website launched by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanism Recently , under the title Your Key Turkey , Your Turkish Key , which is an information portal that provides the foreign citizen with everything necessary to conduct Turkish citizenship transactions in exchange for real estate investment , which is considered according to the ministry as a government guarantee for the foreign investor who wants a real estate investment in Turkey , where the site provides for The foreigner will invest all kinds of legal and geographical information about the real estate he wants to buy , in addition to a lot of statistical information related to the real estate sector in Turkey .

This portal also provides detailed information on everything related to foreign ownership in Turkey , with answers to many of the questions that can be invested in the investor’s mind about real estate investment in Turkey .

It is reported that the site will provide its services in the coming days in the French , Russian and Spanish languages ​​in addition to the four languages ​​that are currently available , which are Turkish , Arabic , English and German , and will also provide its services through its own accounts on social media .

The General Directorate of Land Registry and Real Estate Survey in Turkey also intends to open offices as representative offices outside Turkey , with the aim of facilitating the transactions of its citizens residing outside Turkey , and with the aim of facilitating Turkish citizenship transactions for foreigners and raising their level of interest in real estate investment in Turkey .

In this context , representation will include ten countries around the world through twelve offices in different cities , including Berlin and German Dusseldorf , French Paris and Belgian Brussels , where taboo services will be provided in these cities from within Turkish consulates and embassies .

These services will also be provided in offices outside the consulates in the Qatari capital , Doha , the capital of Macedonia , Skopje , Kuwait , the Norwegian capital , Oslo , and Nicosia , the capital of Northern Cyprus , in addition to London , the British capital , and others .

The obtaining of Turkish citizenship and the Turkish passport has become a top priority for Arab and foreign investors , due to the incentives offered by the Turkish government to investors and businessmen in the field of investment in Turkey and the field of trade , along with the facilities to obtain Turkish citizenship and The Turkish passport , where the positive amendments by the Turkish government continue in favor of those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship , and there are many ways and means to give everyone the opportunity to get Turkish citizenship .

According to the changes made in the implementing regulations of the Citizenship Law announced in the Official Gazette published on 14/1/2017 , Turkish citizenship will be granted to foreigners : 

  1. When buying a property worth at least 250.000 $ , provided that the property is not sold for three years .
  2. When investing at a fixed capital of at least 500.000 $ .
  3. For foreigners who show a document proving that they have deposits in the bank worth not less than 500.000 $ , provided that the deposits remain in the bank for three years .
  4. For foreigners who prove that they have bought bonds from the state , provided they are not sold for three years .


 What are the documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship when buying a property in Turkey ? 

  1. A copy of the Tapo ( title deed of the purchased property ) , or the promise of sale contract with the notary ( Noter ) .
  2. Valid evaluation report of the property , the validity of the real estate evaluation reports is three months , and the value does not exceed the value recorded in the title deed , and has a specific issuance cost , and is extracted within two or three working days by a valuation institution licensed by the Turkish government .
  3. Original payment receipts from the buyer's account , stamped from the sending bank .
  4. Original receipts from the seller's account , stamped from the receiving bank .
  5. Two copies of the proxy of the application for citizenship , granted by the investor to the law firm to submit the file of citizenship , and follow-up with the official departments . The proxy is organized through a Notary in Turkey ( Notre ) at an estimated cost of 600 to 700 Turkish Lira per copy . If the investor's spouse is added to the naturalization file , a similar proxy must be provided for each of the spouses , and one joint proxy may be organized for the client and his wife . The fees of the legal team vary according to each case in terms of the number of papers and the number of individuals in the file and others .
  6. Translation of the passport into Turkish , certified by a notary in Turkey ( Noter ) for the whole family : husband , wife , and children under 18 years of age .
  7. Picture of the last Visa and entry to Turkey .


 What are the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship ? 

  1. The strength of the Turkish passport , where the Turkish passport is ranked 39th in the world , and its holder is granted access to 72 countries without a visa .
  2. The Turkish passport and citizenship are processed and delivered in a relatively short period of up to 30 days .
  3. Turkey's relationship with the European Union , where negotiations and agreements between the Turkish government and the European Union countries on the accession of Turkey to the European Union are still underway . Turkish citizen has the right to enter Europe without a visa in the future .
  4. Possibility of Turkish passport holders and Turkish citizenship to benefit from retirement programs as a Turkish citizen .
  5. The Turkish government provides free education and payment plans to the university for Turkish passport holders and Turkish citizens .
  6. The Turkish passport gives the holder all voting rights for all types of elections in Turkey .
  7. The Turkish government allows dual citizenship for those holding Turkish passports , as they may also have another citizenship .
  8. Turkish passport is valid for 10 years when received , and can be renewed for life .
  9. The economic importance of Turkey , including the ongoing reforms undertaken by the Turkish government in order to revive its economy constantly .


 Projects suitable for Turkish citizenship 

  • RH 180 - Ready luxurious homes with direct sea view in Zeytinburnu

The project was built on a land area of 63.500 square meters . It consists of 6 residences blocks plus 1 hotel block , with its green spaces of 51.500 square meters .

The project offers apartment options ranging from 1   1 to 5   1 , in addition to garden duplex and penthouse .

The project located on the European side of Istanbul , in Zeytinburnu district , on the shore of the Marmara Sea ,  just outside the walls of the ancient city .

The project located at the very intersection of all new transportation systems , road , sea and rail systems of Istanbul right beside the Historical Peninsula .

In this project , the sea will become part of your daily life . You can reach the marina with only one minute’s walk from your home over the footbridge directly connecting the project to the shore .

The project includes many services and facilities that meet all your needs , such as parking for cars , video intercom system , gardens , playgrounds , swimming pools , sauna and others .

The project also offers security and surveillance cameras 24/7 .

The project is ready for delivery , and for more details please visit the project link here : RH 180


  • RH 80- Apartments with Bosphorus view and suitable payment plans in Sisli 

A first class residential and investment project in the center of Sisli , specifically in the fast growing Bomonti area .

The project is located in one of the most famous areas on the European side of Istanbul , Bomonti district , a growing area that attracts the attention of investors at the moment , which is characterized by easy access to the most vital places in the city , and its proximity to shopping centers , airports , hospitals , universities and schools .

The project location is just 8 minutes away from Taksim .

This project has been designed in line with the highest quality standards in real estate in Turkey .

All apartments have private balconies with views of Istanbul or the Bosphorus .

The project includes special facilities that provide residents with comfort and entertainment and meet all their needs such as swimming pools , gym, walking paths , sport courts and restaurants , in addition to surveillance cameras and security .

Invest in this project today and benefit from its prices which will increase by 40% after the completion of the project .

All the project details in this link : RH 80


  • RH 163 - One of the best projects in Maslak , ready for housing with a view of Belgrade Forest 

Apartments for sale in Istanbul in a huge project like a full-service city , which includes a shopping center , 5-star hotel and integrated social facilities .

The project provides an ideal choice for housing and investment . The project was built in three phases : the units of the first residential phase have been completed and fully sold , the second phase includes shops and a shopping center , while the third and final phase is a mixture of residential and commercial apartments .

The project is located on the European side of Istanbul , specifically in Maslak , one of the largest real estate development areas in the city .

Maslak is one of the main central districts of Istanbul and it is one of the fast-growing areas of the city .

Maslak area is close to transportation links that will take you to all parts of the city in a few moments , and you can easily access the main areas and sights of the city .

Maslak is the ideal area for investment in Istanbul , where it promises high profits and high returns on investment in a few years .

The project is located only minutes away from Taksim and Levent , not more than 5 minutes from Bosphorus , and 25 minutes from  Istanbul's third airport , which gives it strategic and investment importance .

The project is located near the metro station and public transport .

The project is located in the Cendery Valley , among the regions of Istanbul that have gained the highest value .

The project is located next to Maslak and Levent , which provides a pleasant life with transportation opportunities .

The project attracts attention through its location close to shopping centers , arts , health facilities , transportation and education centers .

All the project details in this link : RH 163


  • RH 153 - Project with unique view to Belgrade forest and various options in Maslak

It is a residential and investment project , rising on a land area of 27.300 square meters .

The housing options offered by the project are 0 + 1 , 1 + 1 , 2 + 1 , 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 , and the size of the apartments in the project ranges between 75 and 189 square meters .

The project is located on the European side of Istanbul , in the Sirantepe area next to Maslak , the development and life center of Istanbul .

The project is located next to the highway , which offers you a wide range of social opportunities .

The project includes recreational and social facilities to meet all your needs , such as sports club , playgrounds , swimming pools , restaurants , walking paths and playgrounds for children , as well as security and surveillance cameras , giving you and your family a safe and comfortable life inside this project .

For more details about the project , please visit this link : RH 153


  • RH 152 - Apartments and villas with direct sea view at Beylikduzu marina 

The project built on a 65.000 square meters with a private entrance , and it contains a full sea view villas with twin or detached villas ranging in size from 453 to 585 square meters .

With its own horizontal architectural design , West Istanbul Marina with the capacity of 900 yacht , beach , 1.5 km coastline , sports club , private school , hospital , seaside cafes & restaurants and shopping mall , the project offers utterly a town concept .

Marina Villas , where comfort and luxury is combined with functionality , brings a new dimension to the villa concept . These very special villas , which are defined as ‘ ideal villa ’ and consist of 5 different types , as twins and detached villas , are located just above West Istanbul Marina with its fascinating sea view in one of the most beautiful places of the project .

A life beyond your dreams is waiting for you in Marina Villas with its spacious interior space with columns in the height of duplex , elevator , large kitchen , multipurpose rooms , closed garage , living space for the servant independent from villa , and special architectural solutions designed for your comfort that you will never find anywhere .

The project located on the European side of Istanbul , on Yakuplu Beach . The project is easily accessible by both land and sea .

The project promises a comfortable life for its residents that it is close to main roads , E5 and TEM Highway bridges and airports , and it is easy accessible by public transportation .

More about the project in the following link :RH 152