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Beykoz area on the Bosphorus

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Beykoz area on the Bosphorus
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Beykoz region is one of the regions of the Asian section of the city overlooking the Bosphorus Strait , and is considered one of the first populated areas for the city , as the region includes 45 neighborhoods with a population of 248.071 people , and its total area reaches approximately 239.22 square kilometers .

Beykoz region has a wonderful natural beauty , in it the second largest Istanbul forest ( Beykoz Forest ) that takes a large area from it , in addition to the rivers, streams and small lakes that it enjoys , which made it a place for people to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city , and the highest point rises in Beykoz , 270 meters above sea level , it is crossed by several streams and rivers such as : Riva, Küçüksu and Göksu .

Beykoz is one of the quietest areas of Istanbul , and it contains many green forests rich in chestnut , linden , hazelnut , pine and oak trees .

Along the coast of Beykoz , there are a number of the most expensive homes in the city , with many politicians and celebrities in Turkey owning luxury villas and palaces there . There are also some of the most magnificent Ottoman huge wooden buildings called " Yali " , which are directly built on the beachfront that touches the water , located along the coast from " Anatolia Castle " to Beykoz itself . In addition to the luxury of living close to the seashore , there are also wide areas of woods and gardens on the hillside along the coast , making Pecos Waterfront a peaceful retreat away from the city .


RH 229 - Apartments with Bosphorus view ready to move in Beykoz suitable for vacations

A residential and investment project built on a land area of ​​4.546 square meters .

The project consists of one 7-storey building and includes 100 housing units .

The options for apartments in the project vary between 1+1 and 2+1 , with areas ranging from 80 - 227 square meters .

The project is located in Beykoz area , on the Asian side of Istanbul .

The project is located near the highways , which offers you easy accessability to everywhere .

The project is near the Bosphoros strait , and it has a forest view .

For more details about the project : RH 229


Beykoz region is unique for its special charm , which makes Turkish citizens who want to move to live in Istanbul and are looking for tranquility , and they do not hesitate to choose it as a full-service area ready for a luxurious life .

The prices of buying and living in Beykoz are considered suitable for different categories and classes in exchange for what they provide services and ingredients for all those living in them , unlike other regions that have high prices , so here you can live and enjoy the best tourist and service places at a cost that suits the capabilities .

And that is what made foreign investors put them at the forefront of the areas that are considered when buying real estate in Istanbul , and then thinking about renting or selling them , as prices start with 550 thousand liras only for a two-room house , and of course the prices increase whenever the space has increased and the prices for high-end apartment complexes have also increased .


 The history of Beykoz 

As for its history , it dates back to 700 BC , when the Thracians and Greeks were the first to settle it , and it was previously called " Amikos " in Greek , and it came under the control of the Persians , Romans , Byzantines and finally the Ottomans , where the lands behind it were an open place to practice hunting and disposal of the noise of the city by the Ottoman Sultans .

Beykoz is famous for the manufacture of glass and decorative glassware , and you can reach it by taking buses departing from Kadi Koy and Uskudar .


RH 228 - Luxurious residence with Bosphorus view ready in Beykoz district

It is a housing and investment project that built on a land area of 6500 square meters .

The project consists of 6 blocks that contains 81 flats , with types of 1+1 , 2+1 , 3+1 and 4+1 .

The flats area ranging between 79 - 311 square meters .

The project is located on Çubuklu neighborhood in Beykoz area , on the Asian side of Istanbul .

Çubuklu was a recreational area during the Byzantine era .

The project is located near the highways , which offers you easy accessability to everywhere .

The project is near the Bosphoros strait, and it has a forest view .

For more details about the project : RH 228


 The famous landmarks of Beykoz 

  1. The hill and mausoleum of the Prophet Joshua " Yuşa Tepesi ve Yuşa Türbesi "

This hill is the second largest hill in Istanbul after the Çamlıca hill in Uskudar . It was named after the presence of the tomb of the Prophet “ Joshua bin Nun ” behind the Prophet Moses who led the Israelites after his death , and next to it is a mosque that he built Grand Vizier Muhammad Saeed Pasha in 1755 .

Thousands of tourists come every year to visit this 17-meter shrine , located on a hill from which you can see one of the most beautiful views of the Bosphorus .

  1. The Isaac Ashaa Çeşmesi

It is the first avenue of water built during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in the Beykoz region , but it was vandalized and some of its parts were destroyed to be restored by Isaac Agha during the reign of Sultan Mahmud I , and therefore it was named after him .

You can also notice the beauty of Ottoman architecture through the colors and floral motifs that decorate the path .

  1. Beykoz Merkez Camii

It was established in the nineteenth century and is located in Beykoz Square , also known as the " Serbian Mosque of Mustafa Agha " , and it is one of the unique historical mosques that bear all the characteristics and features of Ottoman architecture from the inside and outside , it is built on a rectangular shape with one minaret and it is distinguished by its wooden decoration . And the number of its visitors increased , especially after the restoration work that took place in 2006 .

  1. Yoros Kalesi Castle

Yoros Castle is located on the coast opposite Sarıyer , also known as " Ceneviz Kalesi " Castle , and the castle is a relic of the effects of the Eastern Roman Empire .

The view of the castle from above with the view of the Bosphorus strait forms a charming artistic painting that attracts attention , and you can also drink tea in the cafe near the castle and enjoy a wonderful experience in front of the magnificent Bosphorus view .

  1. Beykoz Kasrı

Built by order of the Governor of Egypt , Muhammad Ali Pasha as a gift to Sultan Abdul Majid (1839 - 1861) , it was designed in the Western Ottoman style , and was used in the past as a guesthouse and then used as a house for orphans .

The palace consists of two floors , and it opens its doors for visitors every day except on Friday with an entry fee of 5 pounds only , and without a fee for museum card holders . You can also take a stroll in the garden of the Grand Palace and inhale the fresh air .

  1. Aydınlatma Koleksiyonu Müzesi or The Lighting Museum

It is the first museum and the only one of its kind in the Beykoz region , which displays many diverse lighting tools that were used in ancient times such as the chandelier , candlestick , lamps , and other lighting methods .

Knowing that there is a man named " Mehmet Yıldız " who collected these historical monuments for 42 years .

  1. Beykoz Korusu Summer Inn

Also known as Abraham Pasha Summer Lodge , it has a wonderful view of the Bosphorus Strait , and it runs from the Paşabahçe neighborhood to the village of “ Riva ” .

This place is an ideal tourist destination for anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul and spend a day between the arms of nature and the fragrant history , and you can also take a family picnic taking children to the park designated for them , there are also many cafes , restaurants and sports clubs .


Istanbul extends over the continents of Asia and Europe , and the Bosphorus Strait separates them with its beautiful and charming bridges , and investors and those wishing to purchase a property in Istanbul ask which is better ? The Asian side or the European side of Istanbul ?

The European section of Istanbul is completely different from the Asian section , as the most important housing projects are in the European section of Istanbul , and the purchase of foreigners is often in the European section , since this part contains the majority of foreigners residing in Turkey , and is considered the economic pole of the city .

The most important characteristic of the real estate of the European section of Istanbul is the diversity of real estate options , in terms of areas , size , price and properties of the property , with views and strategic locations , in addition to the integrated transportation lines available in the European section of Istanbul , which covers and connects all areas of the department It provides ease of movement for the population . This section also contains most of the sights of the Ottoman capital , which makes the return on investment of real estate somewhat high , and the largest projects that take place in Turkey are located , such as the Istanbul Canal Project , the third airport and many others .

The most important characteristic of the properties of the Asian section of Istanbul is the quality of the projects that are held in the section , the majority of which are buildings and commercial complexes , especially the Atasehir region , where the largest financial area is located in Turkey , and we can say that the housing projects in the Asian part of the city are designed for social classes above average , the price per square meter is somewhat high .


 What are the advantages of buying a property in Turkey ? 

  1. Low tax in Turkey , the decision to reduce taxes in Turkey is one of a series of decisions concerning the real estate sector in Turkey , and was reflected positively in stimulating foreign investors to own property in Turkey , which contributed to the revival of the real estate market in Turkey in general . The most important tax deductions are : Exempting the foreign buyer from the value added tax due on the property .
  2. Obtaining a residence permit , where foreigners who own properties in Turkey , whose price is less than $ 250.000 , are granted a residence permit that is renewed annually . Real estate residence permit in Turkey is granted to the landlord , his wife , and his children under the age of 18 .
  3. Real estate in Turkey is the cheapest real estate investment in Europe , where real estate prices in Turkey are considerably cheaper than those in Europe , with similar features in infrastructure , and similar in structure of developed European countries .
  4. Real estate investment in Turkey provides a profitable investment return , based on the economic activity and rapid urban development , and the strength of tourism in Turkey , which is best reflected in the periods and tourist seasons , through the demand for rental homes during those seasons distributed throughout year .


 What are the steps to buy property in Turkey ? 

First , you must choose the safe property that meets your request and needs and corresponds to the budget allocated for the purchase , through :

  1. Ensure that the real estate developer in Turkey is a well-known company that has implemented a number of different projects previously .
  2. Study the location of the project , whether it is for investment or residential , and know the services available in it and its proximity to services and public transport .
  3. Study the views of the project , whether it is internal to the green areas in the project and the swimming pools , or external views of the city or the sea or forest or others .
  4. Compare the prices of the project with the prices of the existing projects in the area , and find out the reasons for the price difference in case of a clear difference .
  5. Ensure the quality of the materials used in the finishing and cladding , which are written in the contract for the selected project , and that they conform to the typical apartment in the project .


Second : Knowing all the costs and expenses necessary to buy a property in Turkey :

  1. The purchase of real estate in residential projects in Istanbul and in Turkey in general , which includes various services and facilities , such as swimming pools , clubs , gyms , security system and outdoor gardens , entails a monthly payment called Aidat , which is calculated according to the area of ​​the property ( on average between 2 TL to 4 TL per square meter ) , this amount varies from one project to another depending on the existing services and the level available for each project .
  2. Annual taxes for the property , which are calculated depending on the area and the municipality to which the project belongs , whether in Istanbul or in other cities , so that it is estimated annually between 0.003 to 0.006 of the annual evaluation of your home provided by the municipality .
  3. Tapu fees or title deed , where an estimated 4.4% of the value of the property purchased is paid , usually shared between the buyer and the seller .


Third : After you have a complete idea of ​​the project and its features and the costs to buy the property , it is necessary to follow the routine steps to complete the procedures of ownership of the property in Turkey , which are as follows :

  1. Get your vergi numrasi or tax number from Tax Department in Istanbul or the city where you purchased the property . This number is given to every foreigner in Turkey , to facilitate all legal matters and transactions , and can be obtained through the passport .
  2. Open a bank account in one of the Turkish banks , to transfer funds from the country of residence to the account in the Turkish bank .
  3. Upon signing the purchase contract between the buyer and the landlord , the following documents are required  :
  4. A certified copy of the buyer's passport and a recent personal photo .
  5. Obtaining a security approval , and obtaining security approval is required for all foreigners at the first purchase of the property .
  6. Ensure the complete documents of the project construcion company , such as : the license to establish the company and its record in the Chamber of Commerce .
  7. A copy of the property ( title deed ) in case the property is ready for delivery , to be transferred from the name of the construction company to the name of the buyer immediately after the payment of the agreed payments , and is extracted deed or title deed by the Land Registry Office within the area where the project .
  8. Notarization of the contract in the case of the purchase of real estate within the project under construction at the notary or Noter to give the official version of the contract .
  9. Obtain an earthquake and natural disaster insurance policy ( DASK ) , as most Turkish banks offer earthquake and disaster insurance for real estate , which is mandatory unlike general home insurance .



Valid Until 01/11/2024
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Exclusive offer: 4+1 apartment at Marina City project in Beylikduzu

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Special offer 1+1 apartment in Sarayier: Elevated Living at Skyland Istanbul

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Exclusive Offer For a 4+1 Apartment in Bakirkoy, The Heart of Istanbul

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