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A successful experience of Coronavirus vaccine in Turkey

Last edited:Feb 12 , 2024
A successful experience of Coronavirus vaccine in Turkey
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The new Coronavirus , which appeared in early 2020 starting from Wuhan in China and then spread throughout the world quickly , causing massive damage and loss of life , and causing a global economic and health crisis .

This state of health placed a heavy responsibility on governments and countries to confront this deadly virus , combat its spread and reduce losses and risks , and this came with a package of decisions issued by each country to protect its citizens and maintain their safety .


 Corona vaccine in Turkey 

Turkey is one of the countries that works seriously and continuously to find a Coronavirus vaccine , where doctors and all health sector , in addition to scientists in Turkish laboratories , work to develop an effective vaccine against Coronavirus , which threatens the lives of many .

And the Aegean University in Izmir , on Tuesday , 14/4/2020 , announced the success of a team of researchers on their completion of the first step to develop a local vaccine against Coronavirus in Turkey .

Clinical trials in humans are expected to begin as soon as possible , according to Mart Doskaya , a faculty member at the university .

It was mentioned that work began to develop the vaccine approximately two weeks ago by 32 scientists , who succeeded in determining the complete genetic map of the emerging Coronavirus .

The Research and Development Center of Argyce University in the Turkish state of Kayseri has successfully challenged the genetic map of the Corunavirus , which will have a very big role in developing an effective vaccine against this virus .


 The efforts of the Turkish government to reduce the spread of the virus 

The Turkish government issued a number of instructions and made a series of decisions , all of which are in the public interest of the state and the people , to protect them and preserve their health and safety , including :

  1. Stopping students from attending schools and universities in all Turkish cities , adopting distance education and attending classes online instead .
  2. Stop public transportation services that were available 24 hours , and reduce all public transportation services except for the departure and return hours .
  3. Close all closed gathering places throughout the country , including restaurants , cafes and commercial centers , with the exception of food shops and pharmacies .
  4. Close the music centers , theaters , wedding halls , restaurants , cafes , parks , hookah cafes , internet , children's playgrounds , swimming pools , sauna , casinos , and sports centers for a period of time .
  5. Postponing the general meetings of NGOs , training courses and all kinds of meetings and activities that bring people together .
  6. Not to perform congregational prayers , including Friday prayers , while mosques remain open to those who want to pray alone .
  7. Granting government employees who are pregnant , lactating , and disabled , and those over the age of sixty , an administrative holiday .
  8. Consider all employees returning from outside the country on administrative leave .
  9. A 14-day quarantine was imposed on all citizens returning from outside the country .
  10. A travel ban to and from Turkey with a number of countries with a high prevalence of the virus .
  11. The Ministry of Health has issued a number of measures that all restaurants must take , as follows :
  1. The distance between the seating places must be not less than one meter .
  2. Opening windows in closed rooms and areas during daily routine cleaning , and ventilating them for at least one hour after cleaning .
  3. Special attention to cleaning surfaces that are frequently touched by hands , especially door handles , batteries , stairs , phone , toilet , and sink in common areas .
  4. Clean and wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds for restaurant staff , and use alcohol-based antiseptics in the absence of water and soap .
  5. People with any signs of respiratory infection ( fever , cough , respiratory distress , etc. ) are not operated until their complaint is resolved .
  6. People who deal with the personal belongings of guests will wash their hands immediately after these procedures or they will clean hands with Alcohol-based hands-free .


This is in addition to the social responsibility of the individual and his duty to protect himself , his family and his loved ones by staying in a house stone and not leaving the house except for necessity , for his safety and to limit the spread of the virus and reduce the possibility of infection and transfer it to others , and you must go to the hospital immediately in If you show any symptoms of infection with the virus and ensure your safety .


 Buying real estate online without coming to Turkey 

Because of the current conditions the world is witnessing , in addition to the international measures that are being taken to limit the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 , buying a property in Turkey online or via the Internet is available , as part of the measures that real estate marketing companies are cooperating with the Turkish government to facilitate the operations of buying and selling real estate in Turkey .


 What are the steps to buy a property without coming to Turkey ? 

  1. Communicate with the real estate consultant through direct video calls

Our real estate consultant will contact you and provide all the information that interests you in the matter of buying real estate in Turkey , such as : laws of buying real estate in Turkey , conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship , etc. , and he will answer all your questions and inquiries , and he will send pictures and videos for showing you all projects and investment offers .

  1. Select and choose the appropriate property

After reviewing all the projects and investment offers , you will start to form a basic idea about the required property , where you will be able to choose the appropriate property .

  1. Make a legal agency

In coordination with our legal team , which will direct you to the Turkish embassy in your country , you will create a legal agency for Right Home real estate consultancy company in Istanbul , so that we can legally pursue the procedures for your real estate ownership in Turkey .

  1. Money transfer

You must transfer a sum of money to the account of the developer of the project that you have chosen , this amount includes the down payment or the total amount of the property price , according to the agreed payment plan .

  1. Transfer of ownership

According to the power of attorney that was made for the Right Home real estate consultancy company in Istanbul , we will perform all procedures related to transferring the property and receiving the title deed , and then the property purchase contract and all the official documents will be sent to the customer by guaranteed mail .

  1. Apply for Turkish citizenship

In case that a property is purchased for obtaining Turkish citizenship , our legal team will submit the required documents and follow up the procedures until you obtain Turkish citizenship . After the issuance of your Turkish passport , the passport will be sent to your residence by certified mail .

  1. Real estate investment

In case that you want to purchase a property for investment , we will , according to the agency , invest this property for you and transfer its investment returns to you in your residence .


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Apartments for sale in Istanbul in a huge project like a full-service city , which includes a shopping center , 5-star hotel and integrated social facilities .

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Maslak is the ideal area for investment in Istanbul , where it promises high profits and high returns on investment in a few years .

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The project is located near the metro station and public transport .

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The project is located next to Maslak and Levent , which provides a pleasant life with transportation opportunities .

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