Part 2-45  Questions about Exceptional Turkish Citizenship through Investment

Part 2-45 Questions about Exceptional Turkish Citizenship through Investment

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In the previous article, we started by answering the first 15 questions about the exceptional Turkish citizenship through investment, and today we will answer 15 other questions. In the next article, we will complete the total number to 45 questions. We liked to divide the content so that it is easy to read.


  1. Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment and maintaining the original citizenship?

The Turkish Republic accepts the dual nationality law, and therefore if there is no law in the country of origin that prevents multiple nationalities, one can obtain Turkish citizenship and maintain the original nationality at the same time.

It is worth noting that the program for obtaining Turkish citizenship through a real estate investment worth $ 250.000 is a distinguished program in the world because many countries that open the way for obtaining their nationality in exchange for investment will be the value of this investment much higher than this amount, that can reach One Million Euros in some European countries and also some countries grant citizenship through an amount that is donated to the state itself in exchange for obtaining citizenship.

In Turkey, you get Turkish citizenship for free and you invest your money in real estate that has a rental return and additional profits when sold later if these properties are chosen correctly.


  1. After obtaining Turkish citizenship, do new children get it?

The law in Turkey allows either the mother or the father to grant citizenship to the new-born in the case that one or both of them possess Turkish citizenship, and thus when you apply for Turkish citizenship, you and your children will obtain it, and in the future the children of your children and so on.


  1. Is it necessary to reside in Turkey while buying a property to obtain Turkish citizenship?

This question is frequently repeated, especially in light of COVID-19 and the closure of airports in many countries of the world, the answer is there is no need to reside in Turkey before or during the application for Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, only when obtaining citizenship must come to receive identification cards exclusively by hand. In addition to that, there is no necessity to visit or reside in Turkey, and for this, we found a clear activity in online purchases, especially in order to obtain Turkish citizenship or seize real estate opportunities and benefit from low prices in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Are there any conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property? Is there any evaluation interview?

If the property is suitable for Turkish citizenship, and after submitting the file, there are no additional conditions, but rather a routine evaluation process that is exclusively carried out by the Turkish government, and there is no need for an interview to evaluate the file or a language test.


  1. What is the easiest way to obtain Turkish citizenship?

Among the methods available to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment, we believe that obtaining Turkish citizenship through buying real estate is the easiest way for several reasons:

  • The required amount is $ 250.000, which is half the amount required as a bank deposit or investment in government bonds.
  • Profits are higher within 3 years, as the profits of the bank deposit depend on the interest rate, while real estate investment depends on the type of property purchased and can benefit from a return of up to 55% within three years.
  • In the case of real estate investment, you own a real estate or group of real estate that you can manage in the way you want, whether by living in it or renting it on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis and therefore there is more flexibility.


  1. Can the property be sold directly after obtaining Turkish citizenship?

According to the Turkish exceptional citizenship law, one of the basic conditions for applying for it is for the real estate owner to sign a pledge not to sell his property for 3 years, and therefore the property cannot be sold directly. In fact, this clause of the law is in the interest of the investor because it controls the market situation and balances both supply and demand, also during a period of 3 years there are many distinct investment opportunities with guaranteed profit returns, so we always advise clients not to buy a property for Turkish citizenship, but rather to make an investment. It is the primary goal and you will get Turkish citizenship for free with your investment.

The continuous decline of the Turkish lira against the dollar is normal for an emerging economy such as the Turkish economy, and therefore investing in this market needs experience and know-how to ensure the success of this process.

You can contact our specialized team and get a free consultation before purchasing your property in Turkey.


  1. What are the conditions for the appropriate property to obtain Turkish citizenship?

The property must meet the following conditions to be suitable for Turkish citizenship:

  • The property owner must be a construction company (new property) or of Turkish nationality (resale property).
  • That the title deed is a title deed if the property is ready or an easement title if it is under construction, but the property without a title deed is not suitable for Turkish citizenship, and the following conditions explain:
  • That the value of the property registered in the title deed is equal to at least $ 250.000.
  • That the property’s valuation is worth at least $ 250.000.
  • That the property is purchased through a bank transfer, and the transfer receipt must be attached to the documents of the Turkish nationality file.


  1. Do I need a lawyer to participate in the Turkish citizenship program through real estate investment?

In fact, despite the declaration of the necessary papers to participate in the Turkish citizenship program through real estate investment, one must rely on a reliable lawyer to present this transaction and follow it closely. Also, the recognized language in Turkish ministries is the Turkish language exclusively, so the foreign investor cannot follow his file himself.

Right Home provides its clients with the Turkish citizenship process free of charge in relation to the fees of a lawyer, and it is a distinct opportunity and now available that you can take advantage of.


  1. Is there a need for military service in Turkey if my children obtain Turkish citizenship?

Young people who enter the age of 21 years are called to perform military service in that year. At the beginning of the month of February every year, the first group is called, where all those who have entered the age of 21 years join the service.

Accordingly, anyone who obtains Turkish citizenship at the age of 22 years or more is exempt from military service.

Also, whoever obtains Turkish citizenship by marriage is considered exempt from military service if he obtains it after the age of 22 years.


As for those who obtain citizenship as "immigrants", the date of their entry into Turkey is considered, if this date was before they reached the age of 22; they are considered obligated to perform military service in Turkey.

In addition, those who presented a document proving their performance of service in their country may be exempted from military service.


Paying the military service allowance in Turkey - how much is the value and is instalment possible?

The value of the military service allowance was recently determined at 31.000 Turkish Lira, and the value of the allowance may change every year, and a decision is issued by the Ministry of Defence, to be circulated in the Official Gazette.


Note: The Turkish taxpayer residing outside Turkey must pay the value of this amount in euros, by bank deposit in the manner indicated by the Turkish consulate in the country in which he resides.


How and where are the procedures for paying the military service allowance in Turkey?

An application for payment of the military service allowance is submitted to residents inside Turkish territory in the military branches, and for citizens who live outside Turkish territory, the application is submitted at the Turkish Consulate in the country in which they reside.

This request is submitted personally by the person concerned, and cannot be submitted by another person by proxy, and cannot be sent by mail.

After submitting the application in the military division, the applicant is given a document containing the value of the amount to be paid (31.000 Turkish Liras), and in it, the name of the bank through which the amount must be paid is mentioned, and thus the person concerned can take this document to the required bank and make the payment, then take the original receipt (the receipt of the first payment), and copies of 3 copies of it, then deliver copies of receipts to the department in which he submitted the application.


What happens if the amount of the military service allowance is not paid on time?

If it turns out that the person applying for the payment of the allowance does not fulfil the conditions, or if the person retracts from paying the value of the allowance, or does not make the payment at the required time; It falls out of the scope of diversified military service.

Those who are removed from the scope of the changed military service can recover the amount they paid when applying, and the refund application must be submitted within six months from the date of payment. Where the application is reviewed within 90 days of its submission, and if the result is positive, the transaction is referred to as the competent ministry, and the ministry transfers the amount to a bank account to be determined.


  1. If more than one person participates in buying the property, do all partners obtain Turkish citizenship with their families?

As long as the share of each partner in the property is worth at least $ 250.000 and the property evaluation approves the value of the title deed, each partner can obtain Turkish citizenship with his family and children under the age of 18 years.


  1. What are the stages of exceptional Turkish citizenship?
  • The Turkish citizenship application passes through eight stages, as follows:
  • The first stage: Handing over papers and checking them from the state.
  • The second stage: sending papers to the capital, Ankara, to search the file and collect information.
  • The third stage: the evaluation of the file naturalization department.
  • The fourth stage: research, auditing, and investigation in several directorates and ministries in Turkey to issue the final evaluation.
  • The fifth stage: compiling several approved applications into one list, and submitting them for approval.
  • The sixth stage: issuing the final decision.
  • The seventh stage: After the approval of the decision to grant citizenship, the files are sent to the General Population Department.
  • The eighth stage: reviewing the soul department to receive the new identity.

Note that in the case of submitting an application for naturalization in return for an investment, the application is made to the naturalization office immediately after fulfilling the investment conditions, to obtain the investor's residency and start studying the Turkish citizenship file. And if the file is approved, the naturalization decision is issued for the investor and his family, and passports and national identity cards can be received from Turkey or from a Turkish representative abroad.


  1. How is the price of the purchased property evaluated to apply for Turkish citizenship?

The property value evaluation report must be obtained, provided that it is certified by the Turkish government approved evaluation institutions.


  1. Can I record the value of the property with the Tapu at a price lower than its real price to reduce taxes?

The value of the property registered with the Tapu cannot be less than the value recorded in the evaluation report, and in the event that there is a difference between the two values, the property will be refused to obtain Turkish citizenship.


  1. Can I buy a property from my non-Turkish brother or friend and apply for Turkish citizenship?

It is not possible to buy the property from a foreigner, you must buy the property from a Turkish person or from a Turkish company, and as for real estate purchased from foreigners, it will not benefit you in applying for Turkish citizenship.


  1. Can I buy a property in instalments to apply for Turkish citizenship?

The paid amounts will be calculated only from the value of the property, and in the event of instalments or mortgage payments, unpaid amounts will not be calculated. Therefore, the value of the paid instalments must exceed $ 250.000 in order to be able to apply for Turkish citizenship in exchange for a property purchased in instalments.