Why Right Home ?
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Right Home or as it was known by I Home International was established in late 2014 and the experience of founder Can Güneşoğlu dates back to 2012, when the real estate law for foreign ownership started in Turkey.


Right Home has been distinguished since its establishment by its special attention to customers, especially after completing the deal with the client, as after-sales services extend to several years, regardless of the size of the property that the customer acquired.

At a time when we daily see dozens of customers who do not find after sales services, this exists in Right Home company, regardless of the greater the deal is, that they made with other companies.


Let's start immediately with the advantages of Right Home and talk about them in detail:


  1. There is no commission to be paid by the buyer

The principle of work of real estate marketing companies in Istanbul is the well-known principle of mediation in any field of trade or services, where the broker is given a specific commission from the seller in the case that the deal is completed on the condition that the customer receives the same price without any increasing.

Thus, if the customer decides to buy the property himself or with a real estate marketing company, the price will be the same, only the customer will lose the services of the marketing company before, during and after the sale, which is very important, especially if the customer is interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship.

And to clarify the idea, most project marketing companies are responsible for several projects at the same time. Therefore, even if the project you liked is new, and if this is the first sale of our company in it, our old relationships and achievements in previous projects qualify us to obtain a high discount rate that you will not be able to obtain if you go alone to the project (regardless of the charade that the sales office official can perform to convince the customer that the price they offers to him is without any commission).

When the customer is certain that he does not pay any extra amount when dealing with a real estate brokerage company, he will feel comfortable on one hand and will benefit from the free services before, during and after sale provided by Right home.


This is for new properties that are sold for the first time, but what about properties resold directly from their owners?

Here also the distinction of Right Home stands out, as our team reaches out to the property owner directly and negotiates it to get the best price for the customer, and it is customary in the process of reselling real estate that the buyer pays a commission to the marketing company as does the original owner of the property as well, but here at Right Home we get the lowest possible price from the owner of the property and we do not take a commission from the buyer and this feature is missing by many marketing companies, even some large local companies here in Turkey, and also it is important to realize that the advisory role in resale properties is never less important than the consulting we provide in real estate, which is being sold for the first time, because the used real estate market is fraught with risks, and it is not possible to assess the feasibility of investing in a used property without a careful study of the market that will be carried out by our company thanks to the long experience in the field and thanks to staying up to date with the most important analyzes and new studies from official sources and thus evaluating this opportunity not only in the present, but also for the future, which is the most important.

Thus, dealing with our company will be profitable for the client in all cases, and he will receive all of our services completely free of charge.


  1. Less than 30% of market prices

Anyone interested in the Turkish real estate market and conducted a quick search will realize that in modern projects that are sold for the first time, the prices are consolidated in lists that are updated monthly or bi-monthly and circulated to real estate brokerage companies and thus the prices are in unified lists, so how can Right Home give you prices cheaper than market rates?

It is true that the primary price lists are standardized, but negotiating upon the completion of the deal is a skill and we are extremely professional in that. Our sales specialists can obtain a better price or a more flexible payment plan for you. Also our good and branching relationships in the real estate market have a great role during negotiations, and finally, the large number of deals we do makes the negotiation process easier and more fruitful when the project manager that our client wants to own realizes that we have achieved many deals in the same project and thus we get a high and real discount of up to 30%, Which makes this more achieved because the distinctive investment projects in Istanbul are relatively few and also the distinctive residential projects, and therefore we choose carefully the projects that we will tour with the client, and thus our sales are concentrated in the most distinguished projects, and therefore we can consider the issue as a wholesale and thus obtaining the best prices.


  1. Profit guarantee starting from 35%

If your investment goal is in Istanbul, especially if you want to obtain Turkish citizenship (this means you cannot resell your properties for 3 years), here stands the main thing for Right Home's vision, which is being a real estate investment company in Istanbul, as our role is not limited only to indicating the appropriate projects, but we have a consulting team specialized in studying the market, studying real estate projects and the history of construction companies, in addition to studying the laws of supply and demand in the present, in the past and in the future.

Make sure that all of the above is very important when choosing your investment properties because from our daily experiences we notice completely wrong investment choices that some clients make by misleading them by companies starting out in the real estate market or non-consulting real estate brokerage companies, and this is often done by tempting the customer for obtaining cheap real estate or being deluded by the fact that a certain area is an investment area without relying on real criteria in evaluating the investment.

With our previous clients, we were able to achieve 100% profits in less than 3 years through systematic and thoughtful real estate investment through our experience in the market and our studies of the basics of successful investment, you also can achieve a successful investment and achieve profits of not less than 35% through your real estate investment with Right Home.


  1. A specialized legal team without wages

In Right Home, we do not deal with an independent lawyer, but rather we have a legal team consisting of a group of lawyers with experience in the issues of foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey and obtaining Turkish citizenship and who are fluent in the English and Arabic languages, and the interested client is connected to the legal team directly to ask all legal questions related to the process of getting real estate or obtaining Turkish citizenship in its various states.

It is worth noting that this process is usually expensive, especially if the lawyer is fluent in a language other than Turkish and has experience with topics of interest to the foreign investor exclusively in Turkey, but at Right Home we do not charge any fees for legal advice.

As for the transaction of Turkish citizenship through investment, usually the costs of the lawyer who will prepare the papers and submit the application are about 4 or 5 thousand dollars, but at Right Home we have a valid offer until the date of writing this blog as we fully cover the fees of lawyers for clients who bought through our company and want to obtain Turkish citizenship. Contact us to inquire about the continued validity of this offer.

Remember that the independent lawyer, no matter how experienced he is in his profession, remains the Turkish citizenship law for foreigners and the papers required of each client depend on his original nationality and current place of residence and also for his wife and children, which is therefore not a simple issue and will not be accomplished quickly if the lawyer performs this transaction. Many times, while at Right home, our legal team receives monthly dozens of files for clients wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship from all over the world and from different nationalities, and thus obtaining Turkish citizenship with us is not only free but guaranteed without errors and in the fastest possible period of time.


  1. You can obtain Turkish citizenship while you are at home

Covid-19 has changed a lot of habits for everyone, and despite the fact that the idea of ​​buying real estate online exists and that Right Home company has been doing before, the entry of this virus into the world strengthened and developed this idea.

Today our real estate consultant can describe to you the areas of Istanbul and the projects that may interest you to own them accurately as if you are on a real tour, and when you like one of our projects, we will have a virtual real estate tour and visit the project and get to know the surrounding area and the advantages of private investment in it or housing in case your goal is a residential property.

Through the video calls, we will show you everything and carry out the negotiation processes. When we get the appropriate option, we sign the contract. This virtual process does not diminish from the real process except for the handshake that we used to do with the client when the deal was completed.

It is worth noting that today, by purchasing real estate online and by appointing one of our company's lawyers, you can not only get the best investment opportunity while you are in your home, but also apply for Turkish citizenship for you and your family, and when you visit Turkey at a convenient time for you, you can directly receive the Turkish identity.

Remember that online sales encourage the real estate developer to offer a larger discount because he is fully aware that the customer can easily move to another project and cancel the current project if he does not get an appropriate discount rate, surely our real estate consultant in the sales team will give you advice about the property that you like and how much it can be Its final price in order to ask the developer for this price.

We have always believed in Right Home that difficult circumstances carry distinct opportunities, and you too today can seize the opportunity of lower real estate prices and obtain Turkish citizenship while you are at your home sitting on a large sofa with your family.



Valid Until 20/07/2024
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Exclusive 2+1 Offer in Sariyer's Premier Real Estate Project

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Exciting 2+1 Offer in Zeytinburnu's Premier Real Estate Project

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