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The best areas to buy a property in Istanbul in 2022

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The best areas to buy a property in Istanbul in 2022
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The volume of foreign direct investments in Turkey increased by 81% in 2021, which is a record number in the Turkish market, as it reached 14.2 billion dollars, and is considered the highest foreign direct investment flow since 2016.

This came in a statement by the President of the Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic, Burak Daglioğlu, to Anadolu Agency, in which he spoke about foreign direct investments in Turkey, the expectations for the current year 2022, and Turkish promises to foreign investors for the upcoming year 2023.

Daglioğlu explained that foreign direct investment in the world witnessed a 35% decline in 2020, affected by the Corona pandemic, while Turkey recorded the most moderate decline in the world by 18%.

He explained that the geographical distribution of incoming foreign direct investment was 60% from Europe, 24% from Asia, and 16% from America.

He pointed out that the countries that occupied the top ten positions in foreign direct investment in Turkey are: the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Luxembourg, South Korea, Japan, and Ireland.

He also mentioned that 309 merger and acquisition deals took place in Turkey during 2021, and that 50 of these transactions included the purchase of local shares by international companies, with a value of 22 billion liras (about 1.6 billion dollars).

Daglioğlu explained that Turkey, with its strong, resilient, and fast-growing economy, provides access to global markets with its cross-site with Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well as investor-friendly policies through which it attracts sustainable international direct investment.

He added that Turkey always keeps its doors open to all investors who want to invest with the motto of "Profit together".

"Turkey promises investors a friendly business environment, supports this promise with the successful reforms it has implemented with its strong political leadership since 2003, and continues its reforms rapidly," he added.

 Real estate investment in Turkey 

The city of Istanbul is in a constant state of urban development and growth, where real estate projects, infrastructure projects and mega projects worldwide are increasing day by day.

This growth is considered an attractive factor for many who are looking for a solid land in which to build their investments and guarantee their profits in the long run. The longer you keep the properties, the more their value will increase, and your profit will increase when appraising and evaluating the property, and one of the biggest advantages of owning investment properties is the fixed and regular rental return.


 The best areas to buy a property in Istanbul in 2022 


Asian side of Istanbul

  1. Umraniye area

Umraniye is considered the center of Asian Istanbul, and it is an investment and residential area par excellence, its real estate projects are growing day by day, and it has gained a reputation and fame among foreign investors because of its investment importance and increasing value.

Umraniye area is characterized by the presence of the Istanbul International Financial Center, which added a great impact and contributed to transforming Umraniye area into a center of attraction for promising investments in Istanbul, making it at the forefront of the leading investment areas on the Asian side in particular and in the whole of Istanbul in general.

One of the reasons that makes Umraniye area suitable for investment as well, is the rapid increase in the population of the area, and this has caught the attention of those who invest in real estate in recent years.

Besides, the presence of Uskudar Metro and easy access to and from the area made it Istanbul's Asian center and led to the rapid rise in real estate prices and investment rates.

As for transportation, the opening of the Uskudar - Umraniye - Çekmekoy - Sancaktepe metro lines was a qualitative leap for the residents of the area and for those wishing to move and live in Umraniye neighborhoods. The transition from Umraniye to the Uskudar area takes only 12 minutes, and the access from Umraniye to the European side of Istanbul takes no more than 20 minutes, and since the start of the new metro line, the area has witnessed a great demand that was reflected in the rise in real estate prices and the increase in the investment budget significantly.

The special thing about Umraniye is the Istanbul International Financial Center project, which is set to be an international financial center with first-class commercial and office districts and aims to be the international pioneer of innovative and sustainable development. As soon as the construction work of the Istanbul International Financial Center project began, there was a significant increase in real estate investment rates in this area.


RH 321 - An investment project under construction in an urban area

  • It is a residential and commercial project with a construction area of 85.800 square meters and project area of 19.000 square meters.
  • The project consists of 5 blocks that contains 342 flats of different types 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and 4+1 duplex.
  • The project has 5000 square meters dedicated for commercial units with an independent entrance.
  • There is 1 parking spot for 2+1 units and 2 parking spots for 3+1, 4+1 units.
  • Each apartment has its own storage place which is located in the basement.
  • Household Electrical Devices: (Oven, paddle box, Cooker, and Dishwasher) TEKA, SIEMENS, FRANKE, and equivalent brands.
  • The floor of the rooms is Laminated Parquet and the kitchen’s and the Bathroom’s is ceramic.
  • The delivery date of the project is December 2022.


For more information about the project and available apartment options, please contact us.


  1. Kadikoy area 

Kadikoy is considered one of the very important areas in Istanbul, and one of the most famous and most visited tourist areas. It is also considered a residential area and a commercial center in Asian Istanbul.

The distinctive location of Kadikoy plays a major role in determining the value of the area and its investment importance. Most of the residential projects in Kadikoy overlook Marmara Sea, which gives it a competitive advantage over the rest of the Asian areas of Istanbul. The presence of recreational facilities and tourist attractions in the area has also increased the desire of foreigners to invest in Kadikoy, rather than other areas. If you prefer a life of luxury, sophistication and development, your home awaits you in Kadikoy.

Turkish real estate market experts expect that Kadikoy will witness a huge real estate investment leap in the near future, as real estate projects are growing at a tremendous speed with high-level architecture and designs.

In addition, Kadikoy is a suitable area for housing, as it is served by all the basic services that ensure residents meet all their needs, and it is very close to Sabiha International Airport.


 RH 375 - 3 towers in central location in Kadikoy

  • This project represents a functional and ideal life in the center of the city.
  • For a happy life, a very special living space project designed down to the last detail for an enjoyable life is raising.
  • The project comprising of 3 towers, each with 23 floors, built on a land of 26.000 Sqm in total.
  • An enjoyable life is waiting for you with outdoor and indoor swimming pools in each tower, as well as fitness, spa, steam rooms, walking parkour, playground and shopping facilities enabling you to meet all your needs without going away from your home.
  • Furthermore, it offers a tranquil and peaceful living space focusing on efficient and correct use of the land, energy, and water.
  • Peaceful lifestyle is waiting for you where you can see the sea from your window.


For more information about the project and available apartment options, please contact us.


European side of Istanbul

  1. Sisli area 

A central area, it is the vibrant heart of Istanbul, the center of business and luxury projects. It is one of the oldest areas of Istanbul and includes the most famous and most prestigious neighborhoods of Istanbul, such as Nisantasi neighborhood and Bomonti neighborhood. Sisli is also characterized by the presence of the most luxurious international hotels such as the Hilton and Ritz-Carlton, and it is also the choice of tourists where there are shopping centers that contain shops and boutiques of the most famous international brands, such as Zorlu Center Mall, Istinye Park Mall and Cevahir Mall.

The area is characterized by its proximity to the Bosphorus, and most of Sisli's projects and towers have a wonderful view of the Bosphorus, which is a competitive advantage as it is the only central area on the European side of Istanbul that includes apartments overlooking the Bosphorus.

Sisli is also one of the most fully serviced areas in terms of public transportation. The Metrobus line, the most important means of transportation in Istanbul, passes through it. It also has a share of infrastructure projects such as tunnels and bridges that facilitate access to and from the area, in addition to the availability of basic services. For the residents, it has a number of universities that provide the best educational services, luxurious hospitals and other basics that the residents need.

The most important factors that make Sisli a highly desirable area is that it is the best option for investment, as it includes relatively few new projects, and therefore real estate prices are constantly rising, demand is high, and supply is low.


RH 430 - Luxurious homes close to the city center in the prestigious neighborhood of Nisantasi

  • You will enjoy Istanbul's view of Nisantasi, the forests and the Bosphorus.
  • Live the luxury in Nisantasi with healthy homes, in contact with nature.
  • In this project, you will enjoy a healthy life with an indoor swimming pool, Turkish bath, spa and sauna.
  • A fitness center and a Pilates studio are waiting for you to keep fit and lead a healthy life.
  • You will experience the luxury of the future from today with the concierge services that will provide you with the comfort of a 7-star hotel in the comfort of your home.
  • The project's land area is 25.000 square meters and consists of 9 buildings.
  • The project contains 160 apartments with an area of ​​86-760 square meters.
  • Project delivery date 3/2024.


For more information about the project and available apartment options, please contact us.


  1. Kagithane area 

Kagithane area is a magnet for real estate investors, as it is very promising for real estate investment in Istanbul, as it is a newly developed area, which is being developed and reconstructed, and slums and old buildings are transformed into modern neighborhoods and high-end complexes so that they are appropriate and consistent with their neighboring areas. It is located close to the luxurious central areas such as Sisli, Levent and Maslak. The Turkish government is also working on developing the area's infrastructure and expanding the transportation network, metro lines and tunnels. In the previous year, the budget for the fiscal year of Kagithane municipality was set at 401 million and 563 thousand Turkish liras, 40% of the budget was allocated for investments and 30% for social work, so everyone asserts that the area will have a promising future.

Kagithane area is characterized by its proximity to the center of Istanbul, so it is desirable, as it is the cheapest alternative to the center of Istanbul, and the investor can achieve monthly and annual returns if the property has the elements of a profitable investment.

Kagithane area, unlike other areas, does not include many tourist attractions and is not located near the sea or the Bosphorus. As we mentioned at the beginning, it is the closest area to the city center and the real estate prices are affordable.


RH 420 - Residential and investment building near Sapphire Tower


  • The project is located Çeliktepe area on Guzeldere Street, next to the famous Sapphire Mall, which is 1.200 meters away from the project.
  • All the main offices of major companies are located in Buyukdere Street, which is a 5-minute walk from the project.
  • The project consists of one building with 15 floors and 195 apartments divided between one room and two rooms.
  • On each floor there are 13 apartments, 4 of which are one room and 9 apartments of two rooms.
  • The project area is 1.600 square meters, and it contains 970 square meters of green areas.
  • In the project, there are 4 underground floors dedicated to parking, for each apartment there is a private parking.
  • The project has 24-hour security, in addition to children's playgrounds and cafe with a gym and a sauna on the terrace of the project.
  • The project delivery date is December 2022.


For more information about the project and available apartment options, please contact us.




Valid Until 01/11/2024
Exclusive offer: 4+1 apartment at Marina City project in Beylikduzu

Exclusive offer: 4+1 apartment at Marina City project in Beylikduzu

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Exclusive Offer For a 4+1 Apartment in Bakirkoy, The Heart of Istanbul

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