Property Types in Turkey

Property Types in Turkey

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Depending on the property type, the investment's goal, and the anticipated return you can choose the most suitable kinds of real estate investments in Turkey. Right Home provides you with In-depth information on Turkey's many real estate investment opportunities.


First Type: Real estate investment in properties


1. Making residential real estate investments


Prices for apartments in Turkey have significantly increased especially last year 2021. The price increase reflects the great demand for residences in Turkey from investors, especially foreign investors.

December 2021 marked the peak of domestic market demand as a result of Turkey's general interest rate drop and the interest reduction on house loans.


  • Regarding apartment investments, the price of apartments in Turkey has changed significantly, reaching 100% in certain places.
  • Regarding villa investments, Turkey, with its natural beauty and variety of climates, provides special choices via premium villas that are contemporary and have outstanding specifications.
  • Regarding residential land investments, many investors prefer to invest in residential property rather than structures because they want to develop their projects on vacant lots in accordance with their ideas.


2. Making Agricultural Real Estate Investments 


Foreign Investors in Turkey, many of whom choose to invest in houses, offices, stores, and land. Apparently, others opt for an agricultural venture and strive to diversify their holdings by deploying their wealth in a variety of sectors.

Foreign Investors in Turkey do well with their investments in the agricultural sector. Turkey is one of the nations that encourage agricultural investment and growth. Moreover, provides a range of amenities for agricultural investors. Additionally, Turkey's economic resources include of course agriculture.

Large, diverse, and readily accessible crops are among the characteristics and components that contribute to the success of the agricultural venture. Moreover, Turkey's advantageous export position for corps makes investing in agriculture and purchasing agricultural real estate a highly encouraged option in Turkey. Not to mention, after all more than 70% of the pistachios consumed worldwide are produced in Turkey.


3. Making Commercial Real Estate Investments


Due to their diversity, Turkish commercial buildings are preferred by investors. Turkey is one of the most well-known real estate markets. It is particularly known for commercial properties meant for the travel industry. Due to the country's favorable tourism-related features and advantageous position between Europe and the Middle East.

Property prices have risen in recent years as a result of the significant demand for commercial buildings for a variety of uses. One of the most rewarding investment alternatives in Turkey is now purchasing commercial real estate.


  • Turkey has a wide variety of commercial real estate, primarily office buildings Due to the recent increase in foreign institutions and businesses choosing Turkey as their new location. 
  • Turkish commercial real estate also includes stores with a range of alternatives for individuals looking to do business, invest in shops by renting them out, or even through reselling. What consequently offers investors a satisfying and lucrative financial return.
  • As one of the nations luring real estate investment like tourism, lodging, and corporate investment, Turkey's commercial buildings are profitable pieces of real estate.
  • Due to Turkey's distinctive geographic position, gorgeous landscape, and moderate summer and winter temperature, investing in hotels there is one of the most well-known business ventures with large rewards.
  • Given the continual and constant demand for healthcare, investing in healthcare facilities, especially hospitals, is very profitable and promising with high and secure returns.


Second Type: Real Estate Investment Depending on the Goal of the Investment


  1. Purchasing real estate to become a Turkish citizen

With the decision published in the Turkish Official Gazette in 2022, you can obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate in Turkey worth at least 400,000 USD. Due to the fact that you obtain citizenship as well as make a successful long-term investment, it has become the most popular kind of citizenship in recent years.


  1. Purchasing real estate to Obtain a Residence permit

Real estate residence, a mid-term renewable residence given to foreigners who have acquired a property in Turkey, is one of the investments to gain residency in Turkey; the spouse and children under the age of 18 are eligible for this residence.

Real estate residences are comparable to those of tourists, although they are simpler to renew.

A person who owns real estate in Turkey may live there, but he is not eligible to petition for Turkish citizenship.

The TAPU document on which the residence was awarded must be present when the real estate residence is renewed.