Find out Avcilar apartments prices 2022 & the projects there

Find out Avcilar apartments prices 2022 & the projects there

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The high attention of the investors regarding the prices of the apartments in Avcilar Istanbul comes in light of the distinctive real estate options provided by Right Home Company in the Avcilar area, which is considered one of the most important areas in the European side of Istanbul, as it is characterized by its closeness to the vital places in the city, in addition to a strong infrastructure that helps in the investment process and works to make it successful, so in our article, we will talk about the prices of apartments in Avcilar Istanbul.

 Transportation routes in the Avcilar area. 

Avcilar is located in the west of the European side of Istanbul, where Küçükçekmece Lake is located to the east and the Basaksehir region to the north. It is bordered to the west by Beylikdüzü and Esenyurt, while from the south Avcilar overlooks the Sea of ​​Marmara, and the southern and western parts are considered, the two inhabited sections, while the northern side is filled with agricultural lands that overlook Kucukcekmece Lake.

At a time when the E-5 and D-100 highways pass through Avcilar borders, to be a distinguished link between the region and the city center, as well as all the surrounding places, in addition to the fact that there are many facilities for public transportation that connect Avcilar with the city Among these facilities such as The Metrobus line, which is characterized by its speed and shortening of many distances, and these features in the transportation network have always played a role in determining the prices of apartments in Avcilar.

The importance of real estate investment in Avcilar

The importance of real estate investment in Avcilar lies in many ways, especially with the region's closeness to the city center and its vital places, in addition to the reasonable prices of apartments in Avcilar compared to other places. There are several points that encourage real estate investment in the region such as:

It provides a distinctive investment environment.

The possibility of investing in apartments for student housing, given the presence of many universities in the region, in addition to a large number of education centers.

The region's supervision of the project known as the Istanbul Water Canal project makes investing in it a lucrative opportunity, especially when the project is completed.

Prices of apartments in Avcilar Istanbul 2022 and the best projects in it

There are many determinants that control the prices of apartments in the Avcilar district in Istanbul, and these factors are represented in the location of the property in the area, its size, age, internal and external finishes, etc., and Right Home Real Estate offers distinct options for housing in Avcilar, and the following are the average prices of apartments in Avcilar within These projects:

Revium Avcilar Project

The REFORM LIFE project is considered one of the most prominent projects available in Avcilar, as it consists of 124 housing units distributed over two buildings, with a lot of green spaces that reach 70% of the total project area. Besides, the project provides Private parking, in addition to a high-end swimming pool, and many other luxurious service facilities, the project prices start from 4,954.881 TL, and you can learn more about the project: here.

Colette Avcilar Project

The COLLET AVCILAR project is one of the distinguished projects in European Istanbul, specifically in Avcilar, as it consists of four buildings equipped with the latest equipment and designs and includes 296 housing units in addition to 52 units dedicated to trading, and the project extends over an area of ​​9,600 square meters and provides Multiple types of apartments, while you can find out more about the project: here.

Bizim Evlar

The bizim evler 8 project is characterized by being in an ideal place capable of providing a luxurious living environment. This project is also located in Avcilar and consists of 236 finished apartments with the latest equipment in accordance with international standards. The most important feature of this project is its location directly next to the metro station, in addition to its proximity To the TEM highway. Furthermore, it contains service and social facilities capable of giving its residents a more luxurious and distinguished life compared to other projects. 

Transportation in Avcilar District

There is a distinguished transportation network in Avcilar, which has always been an important reason for determining the prices of apartments in Avcilar, as the apartments near the transportation have a higher price than the far ones. The closeness to public transportation is one of the most important features of the apartments available in Avcilar, and below we get acquainted with the Types of transportation available in Avcilar:

The Metrobus: The Metrobus line is characterized by the presence of a large group of long and wide buses, and it also consists of two lines, one of which is dedicated to going and the other dedicated to returning, and it is considered one of the most popular transportations in Istanbul, linking Avcilar with other cities and regions in the city.

Internal buses: These buses connect Avcilar districts with each other and are usually used by the traveler when traveling short distances, but if there are long distances, it is better to use other means of transportation.

Minibus: These buses are known as Dolmus, and they are one of the small means of transportation within the region, and a large segment of students and others depend on them to reach the various areas in Avcilar.

Taxis: Taxis are a quick and unique solution within Avcilar and other areas of Istanbul, while a taxi can be quickly booked through its application, which facilitates movement and saves time and effort constantly.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Avcilar

Many investors want to know the prices of apartments in Avcilar, due to the many advantages of buying an apartment there, and the following is a set of these features that have constantly motivated investors:

  • It is located in a marine area, where there are charming marine scenes.

  • Close to the new canal, in addition to the Kucukcekmece Lake.

  • Road E-5 express passes through it, which makes it connected to the vital areas of the city, especially it's center.

  • The presence of a strong transportation network, especially the Metrobus line.

  • Many vital services are provided in the region, with the availability of many facilities and distinguished marketing centers. 

  • the high quality of educational services and health facilities in Avcilar.

At the end of our article, we have learned the prices of apartments in Avcilar, and we have reviewed the most important transportation in the region, with our talk about the importance of investing in it. You can also contact us to get the best prices for apartments in Avcilar provided to you by Right Home Company, and this is via the following number: