Apartments prices in Esenyurt with projects and regions

Apartments prices in Esenyurt with projects and regions

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Apartment’s prices in Esenyurt Istanbul

Esenyurt district that’s located in  – European Istanbul- is a neibourhood that gathered the mixture of Turkish and Arabic culture. Hence, Arab investors seek to be aware of the prices of apartments in Esenyurt, as Esenyurt has been able to attract Arabs and they currently live there in large numbers, in addition Esenyurt considered one of the new and distinctive areas in Istanbul. It is one of the distinguished options in Housing as well as investment, so in our article we will talk about the prices of apartments in Esenyurt Istanbul.

Where is the Esenyurt area and transportation located?

Esenyurt is one of the ideal areas located in the European side of Istanbul. It is bordered on the east by Lake and Kucukcekmece, on the south by the E-5 highway, and on the west by Lake Buyukcekmece, so that Esenyurt has a strategic location on the European side of Istanbul, as it is located near the Sea of ​​Marmara, where it is only three kilometres away from it, in addition to being 45 kilometres away from the new Istanbul Airport, and what distinguishes Esenyurt from other areas is the availability of a wide range of transportation network in it, and this has a permanent impact on the prices of apartments in Esenyurt.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Esenyurt

There are many advantages that can be obtained when buying an apartment in Esenyurt, and the following are the most important features that have always been important factors in determining the prices of apartments in Esenyurt:

  • The spread of modern residential complexes inside it.

  •  The prices of apartments in Esenyurt are relatively reasonable compared to prices in other areas.

  •  It is located near the Basaksehir area, which is considered one of the distinctive and active real estate areas.

  •  It is located on the E-5 and E-80 road, which are considered the most important roads in Istanbul, which makes the area connected to the rest of the city.


Esenyurt apartments Prices in Istanbul 2022 & best areas to live in

Esenyurt is known for its reasonable real estate prices compared to other regions, especially since it is located in an active area in the field of real estate west of the European section of Istanbul. Likewise, there are a wide range of distinctive facilities in the area, and the average price of apartments in Esenyurt ranges between 28,459 USD and 47432 USD, for apartments of 100 meters squared area. Here are the best areas to live in Esenyurt:

Saadetdere Mahallesi in Esenyurt

Saadetdere is one of the distinguished neighborhoods of Esenyurt, where there are many service places that make life comfortable for all who want to get away from the noise of the city center, and the area has witnessed a noticeable turnout by investors in recent years.

 Güzelyurt Mahallesi in Esenyurt

Güzelyurt is one of the high-end areas in Istanbul, specifically in Esenyurt, and what distinguishes it from other neighbourhoods in the region is the various housing options, in addition to the transportation network that makes it close to various parts of Istanbul.

Ardashli district

The Ardasli district in Esenyurt is distinguished by its integrated residential complexes, in which all the services that help to enjoy a luxurious life in Istanbul are available, and Ardesli is one of the vital places in Istanbul, where there are schools and universities at the highest level, which made it a safe haven for those wishing to make a safe and fruitful investment. In the short and long term.

Namiq Kamal Mahlasi area

What makes the Namia Kemal Mahlasi area is one of the special places in Esenyurt is that it contains distinctive entertainment venues, especially Recep Tayyip Erdogan Park, which is one of the most luxurious parks in Istanbul, and the availability of many housing options in the neighborhood made it a target for investors, especially Arabs.

public services in Esenyurt

In addition to the many residential complexes in Esenyurt, there are many shopping centers that number up to 21 shopping centers, in addition to lush gardens in which you can spend the most beautiful times, as well as the connection of the region with the rest of the city through a distinguished and diverse transportation network, and it includes a distinguished group of the hospitals that provide excellent health services.

Transportation in the Esenyurt Istanbul

The presence of the E-5 highway and the E-80 highway, makes Esenyurt an area close to various places in Istanbul, as the two roads pass in the northern and southern sides of Esenyurt, and this has always had an impact on the prices of apartments in Esenyurt, which is rising over time The matter of transportation in the region does not stop there, but extends to include the Metrobus line that passes through the E-5 road, where the metrobus is one of the most prominent and fastest means of transportation in the city, and it connects the European and Asian side of the city.

In the meanwhile, Esenyurt is close to the D100 and TEM road, which made it easy to reach from all areas in Istanbul. Also, there is a metro line is being built that will be available in Esenyurt, which will facilitate the movement of transportation..

Educational and health facilities in Esenyurt

Esenyurt includes a large group of shopping centers, in addition to many schools and wonderful gardens, in addition to various educational institutions, including Esenyurt University, which made housing in Esenyurt a popular option for families, especially Arab families, and Esenyurt has many hospitals that offer Distinguished health services, and all this has contributed to raising the prices of apartments in Esenyurt, which means more investment returns on a continuous basis.

Why to invest in real estate in Esenyurt?

The importance of real estate investment in the Esenyurt area lies in the presence of many advantages due to the complexes. Furthermore, Esenyurt has become a target for all investors and those wishing to own real estate, whether this is to obtain a residence or for investment, in addition to the fact that the prices of apartments in Esenyurt are considered reasonable, and are constantly increasing in light of the continuous development witnessed by the region, which Making it one of the areas in which a distinguished investment return is obtained when buying apartments, so we find a lot of interest in the prices of apartments in Esenyurt.

Real estate projects provided by Right Home in the Esenyurt

Right Home Real Estate offers distinctive options through a group of modern real estate projects in Esenyurt, and the following is a group of these projects:

Family apartments suitable for investment and housing

It is one of the distinctive projects, as it consists of 217 apartments in addition to six shops, divided into four main buildings in the project, and the project provides apartments with various options 1 + 1 / 2 + 1 / 3 + 1, and each apartment has a balcony Distinctive, in addition to the distinctive views, where there are wide green spaces in the project.

You can learn more about the project: here.

Investment towers in a strategic location

The construction area of ​​this project is 140,000 square meters, while the project extends over an area of ​​14,700 square meters, with landscapes that make up 70% of the project area, while the project consists of Building A and Building B, as the first is dedicated to the concept of Hotel, while the second is for residential apartments, and the number of floors in the project: 55 in the first building and 51 in the second building.

You can learn more about the project: here.

Apartments in a lively area of ​​Istanbul

This project is in the best residential neighborhoods of Esenyurt, and is close to distinctive schools and hospitals, in addition to its closeness to all the services needed by the residents, and the proximity of the project to the Metrobus line and public parks, made it a distinguished option for investment, in addition to providing a group of offices equipped with a professional style. With or without a terrace, with different sizes.

You can learn more about the project: here.

In conclusion, we have known the average prices of apartments in Esenyurt, and we talked about the importance of investing in this region and its neighborhoods. In addition, Right Home offers distinguished investment opportunities in Esenyurt and other important areas in Istanbul