apartments Prices in Bakirkoy Istanbul 2022 projects with sea view

apartments Prices in Bakirkoy Istanbul 2022 projects with sea view

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As it’s known there are many factors that control the prices of apartments in Istanbul, and Bakirkoy is one of the most beautiful and prestigious areas in the European side of Istanbul in addition this region has witnessed a significant high demand from investors in light of the attractive investment return that can be obtained from its real estate, that is why in our article we will talk about the prices of apartments in Bakirkoy area.

Bakirkoy district, the heart of European Istanbul

Bakirkoy is located in the heart of the European part of Istanbul, and it also has beaches on the Sea of ​​Marmara, which contributed to having a distinctive and mild climate in addition to possessing a charming natural beauty. This was a main reason for making it a destination for everyone who wants to spend happy times, whether within its vital facilities or its complexes that provide exceptional integrated services.

The strategic location of Bakirkoy and its wonderful views made it a destination for many investors, especially in light of the many projects in it, providing integrated services for those wishing to live and invest in it as well as luxurious living in the European side of Istanbul.

Why invest in real estate in Bakirkoy Istanbul?

In short, because real estate investment in Bakirkoy achieves high financial returns continuously, and this is due to the strategic location in which the region is located, and the high quality of the services provided there, whether educational, health or other services.

In addition to the fact that there are many options in a large number of real estate projects, this has made it easier for investors who come from all over the world to invest in Bakirkoy due to the unique architectural designs that combine modernity and history. Furthermore, there are many services that help residents enjoy a totally different life than anywhere in Turkey.

Prices of apartments in the Bakirkoy Istanbul 2022

Due to the high quality of the buildings and apartments, the prices of apartments in Bakirkoy district are among the highest in the European part of the city, as the city is located in the heart of this section, and it provides many advantages for those wishing to live and invest in them. As the high quality of residential buildings and apartments and their diversity in terms of designs, the demand for real estate there has drastically increased in the recent years and helped many investors to obtain excellent investment returns.

Consequently, it can be said that the prices of apartments in the Bakirkoy area often exceed 400,000 US dollars, with various options available according to the real estate space and the quality of finishes, taking into account the quality of services provided in the location of the apartment.

Transportation in Bakirkoy

What distinguishes the Bakirkoy region is its possession of a transportation network that makes it close to all areas of Istanbul. This network has contributed to encouraging real estate investment and always raising the prices of apartments in Bakirkoy, and the following are the means of transportation in it:

The Metrobus: The Metrobus line is one of the fastest and most important transportation in Istanbul, as it constitutes an important link between the European and Asian parts of the city, and always contributes to reducing traffic congestion while shortening long courses and time.

Subway: The metro is one of the most important means of transportation in Istanbul, due to its speed and the ability to travel through it to many places in the city.

Public buses: In Istanbul in general and Bakirkoy in particular, there is a large group of public buses that facilitate transportation from one place to another in the region and makes Bakirkoy one block always.

Taxi: It is possible to rely on applications dedicated to booking taxis or taking any of the cars that cross the road, and perhaps this means of transportation is one of the most used means by residents who do not own a car.

There are many other means of transportation, whether in or near Bakirkoy, and these means: sea ferries, trams.

Infrastructure in Bakirkoy Istanbul

Bakirkoy has witnessed wide interest from the Turkish government in addition to the Istanbul municipality, and this has contributed to raising the quality of services provided in the region, whether for public service facilities, or huge projects that have a strong infrastructure, as the infrastructure in Bakirkoy had a prominent role in Attracting investors to it, as it helps access to a luxurious living that is hoped for by many, and helps raise the prices of apartments in the Bakirkoy area, which means more profits and high returns.


Advantages of buying an apartment in Bakirkoy

There are many advantages that can be taken when buying an apartment in the Bakirkoy area, especially with the strategic location of the area in the European section of the city, and its vital and touristic centers and areas that attract tourists as well as investors to it permanently. The following is a set of these advantages:

  •  The distinctive apartments have views of the seaside and the marina, with views of the expansive green spaces.

  •  The smart apartment system is available in the majority of the apartments in the region, with the latest technologies and international equipment, which gives the residents permanent stability and security.

  •  The apartments are located in a lively area and are close to the main roads in Istanbul, with an ideal and diverse transportation network.

  • The distinctive planning of the apartments takes into account different tastes, as there is an optimum use of the spaces, with large balconies and charming views in each apartment.

  •  Living in a quiet and comfortable environment in which various services and recreational and social centers are available, and this has always been the reason for the high prices of apartments in the Bakirkoy area from time to time.

  • It suits the service facilities available in the area Due to its beauty and strategic location, we find green spaces represented in natural gardens, in addition to the presence of shopping centers containing the most famous international brands, with a variety of cafes and restaurants serving the most delicious Arab and Western food.

In conclusion, we have talked about the prices of apartments in the Bakirkoy area, and we have listed a set of advantages of buying apartments in this region as well as its distinguished public transportation and its infrastructure, when the best real estate prices in Bakirkoy can be obtained through Right Home Real Estate Company.