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10 advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship 2023

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10 advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship 2023
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Since late 2018, we have found a large turnout of foreign investors from various countries of the world with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship, especially by owning real estate for $250.000 (today, the minimum amount required is $400.000).


So, what are the reasons that make this nationality a target for many investors around the world of different nationalities?

There must be various advantages that make obtaining Turkish citizenship attractive to countries with a lower level than Turkey. It is also surprising that developed countries than Turkey is more interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship. In today's article, we will review the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship that many people do not know, who want to obtain it or even who already have obtained it.


Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

1- Enjoy the full rights of the Turkish citizen

We notice daily from our real estate investors who have obtained Turkish citizenship that they do not know that:

+ Free medical care for Turkish citizens: Public sector hospitals in the Turkish state are distinguished for being so advanced as private hospitals themselves, and at the same time, citizens can obtain medical services completely free of charge for all family members without a specific limit or any type of insurance or subscription.

+ Schools are free, and the level of education is good. Also, Turkish public universities are enrolled in very small fees and offer an advanced level of theoretical education supported by practical experience. Students are offered a lot of discounts when using transportation and various entertainment.

+ The Turkish citizen has the right to open bank accounts in various international and local banks located in Turkey, and he can benefit from loans to serve his commercial activity or to pay instalments for buying a house or a car. You can also benefit from loans provided to support agriculture and small projects.

+ The Turkish citizen enjoys a retirement salary upon completion of a certain number of years of work, and the Turkish citizen does not need to obtain a work permit in the place where he works. It is sufficient for the employer to register it in the social insurance system.

+ The holder of Turkish citizenship has the right to use his political rights in Turkey, such as voting in parliamentary and presidential elections, in addition to the possibility of running for participation in any political membership.

+ Get full access to the electronic portal through which many tasks can be accomplished without the need to visit service centres.


2- Real estate investment is profitable

This is one of the most important advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, which distinguishes Turkey from the rest of the countries that grant its passport by donating a certain amount to the state or buying real estate with unattractive investment returns.

Some investors who obtained Turkish citizenship in 2018 today have achieved profits of up to 300% on the basis of the dollar, for those who chose the right investment properties from them with the help of expert real estate consultants.

Even those who bought real estate without an in-depth study obtained at least a 100% return on the basis of the dollar within five years, and this in itself is considered very attractive when thinking about real estate investment.

Distinctive opportunities are still available in the market, in which the local population invests by at least 96%, and this makes it a safe place in which foreign investors can participate in achieving profits easily if they want.

We previously discussed in detail, Is real estate investment in Istanbul profitable? Turkish Citizenship by Investment


3- Obtaining Turkish citizenship is for life

Without imposing any restriction on those who obtain Turkish citizenship, whether by owning a property, that the property or citizenship be recovered after a period of time, as in some countries, Turkey provides citizenship permanently to the holder and preserves his rights for life.


4- Obtaining Turkish citizenship for the whole family together

In contrast to many countries that offer their nationality to the investor only, Turkey offers its nationality to the investor's wife and children (without specifying a specific number) up to the age of 18.


5- A new name and surname upon obtaining Turkish citizenship

Turkey allows dual citizenship on the one hand, and on the other hand, it gives the right to holders of it in case they wish to change or keep their names.

This feature is very important for all those who want to start a new life without the traces of the past.

We wrote before about this point more extensively: A new name and surname with obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment


6- The strength of the Turkish passport

The Turkish passport allows its holder to reach 62% of the countries of the world without a visa (67 countries), or by obtaining a visa upon arrival (50 countries) or through an electronic visa (6 countries).

The Turkish passport ranks 39th in the world, and a Turkish citizen can apply for the passport and obtain it with a validity of 10 years for an amount not exceeding $100 per person.


7- The diverse culture of the country

This charming country in which the tourist and resident finds something that simulates its culture and customs from any country.

The fact that Turkey is an attractive country for tourism is undoubtedly an attractive country for living, and the resident can choose the style that suits him and the environment that simulates what he desires, especially in Istanbul, which is the center of trade and business in Turkey.

We have seen a lot of businesses that foreign investors establish in Turkey and achieve great success that you may not achieve if they were done in the home country.


8- Constantly evolving infrastructure

The presence of a developed infrastructure in Istanbul is very much loved by foreign investors, and the most beautiful thing is the government's plans to constantly expand and achieve more development to easily connect the regions to each other.

The presence of giant projects such as the new Istanbul Airport, the largest in the world, the medical city in Basaksehir, the newest and largest in the world, the People’s Park that will be established on the site of the old Ataturk Airport, which is 4 times the area of ​​the central park in New York, the advanced bridges and tunnels that are being implemented periodically, and more that is difficult to enumerate here.


9- The geographical and political position of Turkey

The distinguished geographical location of Turkey, which connects Europe with Asia, and its proximity to the Middle East, makes the political role it plays in the region the most important of all, in the present and the future.

This means that the development that the country is witnessing is not an accidental event, but rather a multi-stage approach that will continue in the future.


10- The future of Turkey

There is no doubt that obtaining the citizenship of a country like Turkey that has a great future is a very important advantage for those wishing to obtain a second citizenship.

The year 2023 is the year in which the Turkish Republic will complete 100 years, and Turkey will be able to extract and benefit from the underground wealth that alone constitutes a third of the imports (which caused the trade balance deficit today), and then progress will become accelerated, and the phrase of the emerging Turkish economy will end in the coming years.

As a result, the Turkish government has reduced the interest on bank loans to 9%, after it was 24% in 2018, at a time when countries around the world are raising interest dramatically to counter inflation.


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