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Obtain Turkish Citizenship by Buying a Property In 2023

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Obtain Turkish Citizenship by Buying a Property In 2023
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Would you like to explore the possibility of acquiring Turkish Citizenship through property investment in 2023? This article provides detailed information on the eligibility criteria and requirements for obtaining citizenship through investment.




Turkish Citizenship in 2023 is Privilege...!

According to the Henley Global Passport Index, the Turkish passport is ranked 52nd globally. Holders of a Turkish passport can enjoy visa-free travel to 110 destinations worldwide.

Istanbul, Ankara, and Antalya are the top choices for foreigners looking to purchase property in Turkey, accounting for 73% of all transactions in 2021. These cities offer well-developed infrastructure, a vibrant cultural scene, and a consistent flow of tourists.

The increasing demand for rental properties in these cities makes them attractive investment opportunities.

 However, it's not just these cities that are experiencing a surge in foreign property buyers, the trend is evident throughout Turkey.

Besides, in 2021, foreigners purchased 34.5% more houses and apartments compared to the previous year, according to Immigrant Invest statistics.

Over the past decade, nearly 20,000 foreigners have obtained Turkish citizenship through real estate investments.

The question that arises now is:

 what are the benefits that Turkey provides to foreign investors once they obtain the citizenship?


The benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship through property.

1* Turkish citizenship offers numerous advantages to investors and their families, providing them with a fulfilling social life, abundant financial opportunities, and convenient travel options. Turkey ensures the well-being and future of its citizens by offering free healthcare and education services.


2* Additionally, the program offers expedited pathways for relocation to the UK and the USA through specific visa categories designed for Turkish citizens. Foreign investors can explore the opportunity of becoming British citizens by relocating to the UK, benefiting from the agreements between the two nations. Moreover, Turkish citizens also have the option to reside in the USA by obtaining an E-2 investment visa.


3* The country offers a wide range of comfortable residences and luxurious seaside villas at various price points to suit different budgets. Investors can generate rental income from their real estate investments or choose to sell them after a mandatory 3-year holding period.


It really is a good idea to think about obtaining the Turkish citizenship, especially as investor.

Once you decided so, you will think of the requirements to obtain it!

 Here we are.


The criteria for acquiring Turkish citizenship through property.

the following criteria must be met:

1* The property value or the total amount of purchased properties should be a minimum of 400,000 US dollars or the equivalent in Turkish currency, based on the prevailing exchange rate at the time of sale.

2* You should be a citizen of one of the nationalities eligible for citizenship through property ownership, as per the nationality regulations. It's important to note that Turkey's naturalization law includes all nationalities except for a few specific ones, such as North Korea…

3* You are required to abide by a non-selling obligation for a duration of three years starting from the date of purchase.

4* You are required to obtain a real estate appraisal report from a reputable company specializing in real estate appraisal. It is essential that the appraisal report is approved by the Turkish government.

5* To ensure legal ownership, it is important to complete the registration process of the property in Turkey through the Land Registry Department in a timely and regular manner.

6* To complete the purchase of the property, it is necessary to make the payment for the property's value through a standard bank transfer method.

7* Buying a property from a Turkish person or a Turkish construction company only.


Steps and Tips

To ensure a smooth process in obtaining Turkish citizenship through the purchase of real estate, we, at Right Home, provide comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the various stages to help you overcome any potential obstacles.

1* Search the market.

Begin your research by exploring the available options in Turkey's real estate market.

Take advantage of numerous online platforms dedicated to listing properties for sale.

Browse through these websites to find properties that align with your preferences and take note of relevant details and contact information of the sellers or real estate agents.


2* Seek Real Estate Agency.

 Consider engaging the services of a local real estate agent or property consultant to assist you in your search.

Right Home can offer valuable insights into the local market. Our expertise can enhance your understanding and facilitate a smoother buying process.


3* Visit the property and negotiate.

If feasible, arrange a visit to Turkey to personally explore the properties you have shortlisted, and engage in negotiations with the real estate agents. It is essential to confirm that the property is eligible for citizenship, meeting the minimum value requirement of $400,000 and duly registered with the land registry office.

Remember to engage in price negotiations prior to finalizing the transaction.


4*Investment agreed.

 Upon reaching an agreement on the sales terms, it is time to proceed with the investment. To secure the property, you will be required to make a deposit, which usually amounts to 10-20% of the total purchase price. This deposit is to be paid to either the seller or the real estate agent involved in the transaction.


5*Documents needed.

 Before commencing the process, it is crucial to ensure that you have all the required documentation readily available. This includes:

-Notarized translation of the passport

-Health certificate

-Birth certificate

-Certificate of no criminal record

-Income statement

All documents should be translated to Turkish and apostilled.


6* Government approval.

 After successfully purchasing the property, the next step is to wait for government approval. apply for Turkish citizenship and submit your application. It's important to note that the application process may take a few months to complete. Once your application is approved, you will be granted Turkish citizenship.


Right Home Services.


Right Home Company offers a guarantee to individuals interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship through property purchase. We ensure that investors receive the best prices in the market by focusing on selecting properties in prime locations with promising investment potential. Our team of experts and consultants provide personalized guidance, assisting investors throughout the entire process, from property acquisition to monitoring the naturalization file until the issuance of the personal ID.

When seeking credibility and reliability, Right Home Company stands out as the top choice.


Put you on the road!

Here we provide you some offers compatible with the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

1* Rh 526 - Elegant apartments and a life full of luxury in Zeytinburnu

The project is for investment opportunity since it is currently under construction. It is located in Zeytinburnu, on the European side of Istanbul, which is close to the city center and one of the most important main areas in the city.


2* Rh 518 is a luxury project in the Asian side of Istanbul overlooking the forests

The project is located in Beykoz one of the prestigious areas of the Asian side of Istanbul, next to the historic Bosporus Bridge plus it is overlooking the forests.


3* RH 459 - Luxurious Topkapi project in a prime location suitable for investment

What distinguishes this project is the location. It comes to life in Topkapı, the historical heart of Istanbul, with rapidly increasing values.


4* RH 393 - Ready luxury project in Bakirkoy with direct sea view

The distinguishing feature of this project is that it is the only and exceptional project located directly on the shore of Istanbul Sea with a coastline of 1.200 meters in length.




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