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Buyukcekmece Marina Project and its impact on real estate investment

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Buyukcekmece Marina Project and its impact on real estate investment
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In a strategic location between the Sea of ​​Marmara and Lake Buyukcekmece, the civilizational transformation project Büyükçekmece kiyi marina is being established. What is this project? What is the extent of the qualitative shift it will bring to the region? What is the impact of all of this on real estate investment in the municipality of Buyukcekmece, which is known to be a municipality about 45 km away from the center of Istanbul?


What is the Büyükçekmece kiyi marina project?

On an area of ​​88 thousand square meters, this project is being constructed, which consists of a commercial market that includes 200 various shops, in addition to a coastal strip with a length of 1,200 meters, a yacht club, a sports club, a hotel, upscale housing, and various services. The project combines the designs of 7 cities, namely: Budapest, Milan, and Paris., Berlin, Bosna Saray, Amsterdam and Istanbul.

Each of these cities will give its character to this place according to the culture of architecture in it, and this project is considered the first of its kind in Turkey of this size.

The project is still under construction. Parts of it have been opened, such as the commercial market, some restaurants and cafes that make up the Saraybosna city section, and the seaport. The remaining sections are still under construction, and the entire project will be delivered at the end of 2024.

Despite the lack of ready-made parts, we can feel luxurious when visiting it, and we are sure from now that this project will have a significant impact on the entire region in terms of investment.


We can notice the beauty of urban design in restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea:


We will go into more detail about this huge project, but before that, we will answer the most important question today.


What is the impact of the Büyükçekmece kiyi marina project on real estate investment in the region?

There is no doubt that the impact will be great because we are never talking about an ordinary marina. It is more distinctive than Beylikduzu Marina, which is always promoted for any project in Beylikduzu or even Esenyurt on the E5 road (it is only 10 minutes away from Beylikduzu Marina). Here is a project. A complete cultural transformation because the neighborhoods surrounding this project are very modest, and this is what reminds us of the Galata port project, which has become a center of attraction for the entire region and an indispensable tourist attraction for anyone visiting Istanbul. Real estate prices near Galata port have risen and demand has risen in general in the region, even for real estate. This is expected as it is an open shopping street with views of the Bosphorus and includes international brands of clothing, cafes and restaurants.


Here we are talking about something completely similar, but in an area of about 45 km from the center of Istanbul. The Buyukcekmece area is mainly considered an area of ​​villas and summer homes, and the presence of a project like this will save its residents from traveling a long distance to reach the center of Istanbul and obtain high-end services from international brands.

The impact of this project on real estate investment is not only in Buyukcekmece, but also in Beylikdüzü, Bahçeşehir, and the properties near the E5 highway. You will find from now on when you enter any sales office for a real estate project in these areas that this marina will be mentioned as a positive point because access to it is very easy from All these areas.

Buyukcekmece municipality is characterized by being a quiet municipality and not crowded, and this is what makes it the favorite place for many who want to have a quiet vacation or are disturbed by the narrow neighborhoods and crowding of the city center.

Even if the delivery of the project takes a year or a little more from today, you can benefit from real estate investment in projects with easy access to this wonderful port. You can also invest in the project itself when opening the residential and hotel apartments section, but this will be for high budgets only.

Now we will return to provide more details about the Büyükçekmece kiyi marina project for those who want to know more.

In the Kıyı Istanbul project built by Yeditepe Marina on the coast of Büyükçekmece; There will be a marina, a hotel and a special market section inspired by the seven most popular cities in Europe.

The Istanbul coastal project, which will be built on an area of ​​146 acres and will provide job opportunities for more than 4,000 people, including a marina, a market and hotel units, is being implemented with a record investment of half a billion euros. The giant project, which is located along a total length of 1,200 meters of coast parallel to the E5 highway, starting from the meeting point of the lake and the sea in Buyukcekmece, where the historic Mimar Sinan Bridge is located, includes a 152-room hotel, a marina with a capacity of 1,000 yachts, and a two-story market, which is a ferry. About the open-air museum. The bazaar section of the project, which bears the signature of architect Baran Uyan from BRN Architecture, consists of 32 separate buildings that are symbols of 7 famous European cities. Sarajevo Street, one of the most beautiful examples of Turkish culture in Europe, will also be included as a special section decorating the bazaar, which is an open-air museum.


The spirit of European cities is present in coastal Istanbul.

Reflecting the architectural and cultural heritage of Europe and creating a bridge for common Turkish-European ideas, the bazaar section of the project, which resembles an open-air museum, was designed with inspiration from the leading cities of culture and art in Europe: Budapest and Milan. Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, London, and Vienna. Sarajevo is included in the project as a cultural bridge between these cities and Istanbul.

Noting that it will open its doors to visitors in the third quarter of 2024, Overvest CEO Prof. doctor. Yunus Swelt emphasized that the most important feature of the bazaar is its architecture. Swelt said: “In the bazaar, which was built inspired by important buildings in Europe, visitors will sometimes feel as if they are in the Rodin Museum in Paris, sometimes in the Vienna Opera House, and sometimes in the Palazzo Marino in Milan. He said: "The bazaar is being built inspired by places belonging to famous poets and writers who lived in these seven cities or original buildings that reflect the character of the city."

In the bazaar where there are two-storey buildings; From vanity bathrooms to urban furniture, from outdoor covering materials to lighting, every detail is meticulously examined and brought to the fore. There will be more than 200 stores in the bazaar section, which is being built on a total area of ​​88,000 square metres, 81,000 of which will be closed and 7,000 will be open. The project, which will offer distinctive models of international cuisine with its distinguished restaurants positioned on open terraces with uninterrupted views of the Sea of ​​Marmara, will include an entertainment area with an area of ​​20,000 square meters, conference centers, and an organization area with a capacity of 20,000 square meters. 1000 people for the special day celebrations.


Multifunctional marina

The marina, built in Buyukcekmece Bay, the most protected area on Istanbul's coast, will contain two semi-Olympic swimming pools, a maritime museum and a yachtsmen's library, as well as the opportunity to practice water sports and windsurfing. A yacht club will also be established, which will be built on a total area of ​​4,750 square meters, including 3,000 square meters open and 1,750 square meters closed, and a marina that can accommodate 1,000 yachts. Including the IDO berth, which targets 10,000 passengers daily. In the marina section, where free parking is available, a 750 square meter shop section will be provided for yacht owners and sea lovers. It is planned to develop a marina, which will be among the world's leading clubs that include all these functions and services.


The first hotel in Türkiye on the sea

The Istanbul coastal project will include Turkey's first 5-star hotel built on the sea. The hotel, located directly on the sea, will serve its guests as one of the best examples of horizontal architecture. Pointing out that negotiations with international hotel chains are continuing regarding the hotel, which has a total number of 152 rooms, 55 of which are 43 square metres, 55 of which are 80 square metres, and 42 of which are 130 square metres, on two floors, in the Sweilette area. "The hotel also has a sun terrace that can accommodate 150 people, a beach that can accommodate 400 people, and a restaurant. It will serve its guests," he said.


We have complete confidence in Turkey

Ulrich Pilz, CEO of Iresi International, thanked all Turkish officials for their contributions to Kıyı Istanbul. Noting that many international investors are closely following Turkey due to Turkey's dynamic structure and geopolitical position, Ulrich Pilz said: I am constantly asked why we are building such a project in Turkey in these times when tourism is affected. Türkiye has many positive aspects. The most important of these factors are the growing young and dynamic population and the country's unique location. Türkiye has great development potential. For this reason, I would like to say that we have full confidence in Türkiye. At the same time, Istanbul is a unique metropolis that attracts the whole world like a magnet. As a result of these factors, I can say that the Key Istanbul project is the project that will be a center of attraction for Turkey, especially for the Turkish people and foreign guests who will visit Turkey. Kıyı Istanbul, an investment of 500 million euros; It will provide job opportunities for more than 4,000 people through the marina, market and hotel. Coastal Istanbul may be beneficial for all sea and Istanbul lovers.






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