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Investing in Piyalipaşa premium project

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Investing in Piyalipaşa premium project
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The Piyalipaşa project is considered one of the largest urban renewal projects in the ancient municipality of Beyoğlu, which includes Taksim Square and overlooks the Golden Horn Bay. At the same time, it is adjacent to Sisli, Besiktas, and Fatih. It is the best municipality ever in Istanbul because it combines the authenticity of the city with its ancient monuments. It also  includes many important landmarks such as Istiklal Street, the ancient Galata Tower, and the open-air Galata Port Mall with a view of the Bosphorus, this is what made many describe it as the heart of European Istanbul.

In the drawing below, we notice the presence of 33 archaeological monuments, which is a small section of what it contains.

When you find a completely new residential investment project in the municipality of Beyoglu, it means that you have a unique opportunity to blend the past with the present and you have obtained a property that locals and foreigners’ alike desire. Therefore, investing in a project that includes these specifications provides a high rental return and, most importantly, the opportunity to resell later with double the price. The capital is realistically calculated in foreign currencies and not only in the Turkish lira.

The project consists of two phases. The first phase consists of 10 residential buildings with floors ranging from 8 to a maximum of 17 floors. This phase has been fully delivered and housing has begun since the beginning of 2023, but today we are talking about the second phase, which consists of 3 residential buildings and a fourth building. It will be a five-star hotel (mostly Marriott), and therefore the investment today is focused on only 3 buildings. This is what makes this a great opportunity because the demand is very high in this area and the available options are few. Polat Company (the real estate developer of the project) has completed the sale of all units of the first phase, which consists of 950.

An apartment distributed over 10 blocks in less than one year.

The Piyalipaşa Premium project offers a completely new lifestyle experience because Beyoğlu municipality is an archaeological municipality par excellence and therefore the number of new projects there is limited. Besides an integrated project that offers a unique life experience while providing all the basics that you need nearby, in addition to many international cafes and restaurants that will be near you.

Why invest in the Piyalipaşa project?

1- A distinctive strategic location in the municipality of Beyoglu, close to all the central regions and landmarks, in addition to its connection to all the important main roads in the country. Therefore, going to any area in the center of Istanbul from this project will be very easy.

2- A commercial market for the project that includes 230 commercial stores. The tenants are selected exclusively by the complex’s management to ensure a certain level of quality, and this in itself constituted a distinctive attraction in the area. At the same time, the entrance to the residential buildings is completely separate from the market to ensure privacy and tranquility.

3- Polat is a well-known real estate development that specializes in delivering high-end and luxurious projects. It is known for the quality of the cladding it provides, and this is attested to by the first phase of this project, which has already been delivered since the beginning of 2022.

4- The distinction and uniqueness of this project is that there is absolutely no competitor nearby, and therefore when you want to live in your apartment, you will feel this distinction. Also, if you want to rent the apartment, the tenant is fully aware of the importance of this project, and if you want to resell your property later, the matter will be easy with the high demand and supply in this area. This is what makes a successful investment combined in this project.

5- Urban renewal began in the Piyali Pasha neighborhood, and since you own the first project there, you have priority and every development that occurs in the neighborhood will give your property greater investment importance.

6- The different choices and options that meet all requests, in addition to the high ceilings and additional storage spaces for each apartment, make this project meet the needs of a wide spectrum of the elite.

By contacting us, you can get a free consultation and a special offer for you because you are one of the clients of our company, which achieved a lot of sales in this project during the first phase.

The first phase included building in the form of small-space apartments to separate them from large-space apartments.

Residence building:

Polat Residence contains 190 apartments designed as 1+0 (furnished studio), 1+1 and 2+1. Ceilings are kept high to provide a wider view, and French balcony designs are available to take advantage of daylight into the residence, with openable windows and floor-to-ceiling aluminum joinery.

Designed to make your life easier, imported kitchens include the finest designs of distinguished brands and the most popular products, while the special design provides an attractive view of the marble and wooden elegance in the spacious bathrooms.


Polat Residence also includes many distinctive services that make the daily life of modern people more comfortable and practical, and it also includes special areas that can be used for various activities. Among the privileges that Pyalıpaşa Istanbul offers to Polat Residence residents.



7/24 security system

Direct connection to the sports center

A private storage area for each apartment

Concierge services 7/24

Guest acceptance

Wake-up service

House cleaning

car wash


Ironing, sewing services and more.

Private areas are for shared use.


Entertainment spaces:

Reception room

Karaoke room

Cinema room

Game room

Stimulation chamber

Gym room

Meeting Room

Entertainment room

Offices Department:

Istanbul's Piyalepasa business district offers a new perspective on the corporate world. With a total area of ​​45,000 square meters in 4 buildings, office spaces range from 100 square meters to 1,200 square meters. High ceilings and large, openable windows, the doors open to a pleasant and productive work environment.

Enjoy the opportunity to be close to business centers and quick communication routes in your office, providing the quality expected from an A+ office. Exclusive cafés and restaurants are located just a short elevator ride away when you want to socialize, take a break, and sample different flavors during your lunch breaks. Also enjoy access to the fitness center in minutes instead of commuting several kilometers. You will also have no problem parking thanks to the parking garage. In short, you will love working here.


You can also expand your business while having fun in the co-working offices at HAN Spaces Piyalepasa, a new generation business hostel located in Piyalepasa Istanbul. The sociable atmosphere provided by co-working will allow you to meet a lot of people who will add value to your business.

the hotel:

Located in a bustling neighborhood, Piyalepasa Istanbul Hotel welcomes visitors and locals alike to take part in the colorful world of the area.

The hotel's windows open onto the courtyard and streets, welcoming the beauty of the city into your room. The hotel's 250 rooms and meeting rooms of various sizes provide its guests with high-quality service and quick access to all areas of the city. It also offers extended stays for those who want to become part of the community. In the rooms that have their own kitchen, you will enjoy the comfort of your home in a luxury hotel.



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