Apartments for sale in the Basin Express area
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The Basin Express Street is located in European Istanbul in a moderate area. It is neither in the center of Istanbul nor in the distant suburbs. It extends across several municipalities, bordered by Basaksehir to the north, Bakirkoy to the south, Bagcilar and Bahcelievler to the east, and Kucukcekmece to the west.


Basin Express Street is also distinguished by being a connection between the two main roads in European Istanbul, namely E5 and the international road E80. This gives it a strategic location, especially considering that it connects to the O7 Marmara Highway, which leads to the new Istanbul Airport in the north of Istanbul, specifically Arnavutkoy. It is possible to reach the new Istanbul Airport from the Mall of Istanbul area on Basin Express Street in less than 20 minutes.


Even in the past, when Ataturk Airport was in service, the easiest route to reach it was through Basin Express Street.


From all of the above, we can easily conclude that the strategic location of Basin Express Street gives it great importance in terms of concentrating new projects. Here, we differentiate between those interested in investment and those interested in residence. We will now clarify the advantages and disadvantages of each:


Advantages of investment in Basin Express projects:


  • Strategic location: The strategic location of Basin Express Street, being close to major highways in Istanbul, allows easy access to both Istanbul's suburbs and its city center.
  • Presence of 4 and 5-star hotels: The presence of numerous 4 and 5-star hotels along the street attracts businessmen and important corporate centers. This results in relatively high expected rental returns.
  • Renewal and development: The area itself is a major attraction as it is undergoing complete renovation and is home to over 40 new real estate projects.
  • Mall of Istanbul: The street is home to the largest mall in Europe, Mall of Istanbul, which is a significant tourist landmark in the area. Additionally, the area promises a new transportation network.
  • Diverse options: There is a wide range of options available, including high-rise towers, residential complexes, investment hotels, and even small boutique projects.


Disadvantages of investing in Basin Express projects:

  • Difficulty in resale: The most profitable investment in Istanbul is buying a property under construction and selling it upon delivery to achieve profits of at least 25% in USD, compared to rental returns that can reach a maximum of 8% annually and decrease over time. However, the abundance of supply in Basin Express projects makes the possibility of resale almost impossible. Many investors have experienced this and are now offering their apartments for sale at half the price in some cases.


  • Long-term investment: Since the only suitable type of investment in Basin Express Street is renting, it means that the investment will inevitably be long-term in order to accumulate a good rental yield and have the possibility of resale later, even if the apartment remains on the market for more than 5 years.


  • High competition: The abundance of new projects has both positive and negative aspects. While the area is being organized and factories are being removed, the high competition has made it difficult for properties in Basin Express to stand out based on factors such as luxurious furnishings or being designed for hotel rentals.


  • Delays in project delivery: Investing in projects under construction often faces delays in delivery due to intense competition and weak demand. Therefore, if you own a property under construction in this area, you should be prepared for the possibility of delayed delivery, which can sometimes extend up to two years.


  • Slow infrastructure development: Despite promises of new metro stations and infrastructure development in the area since 2020 until the end of 2023, most of these developments have not been realized yet. As a result, the infrastructure development in the area has been slow.


Advantages of Living in the Basin Express Area

The Basin Express area offers several advantages for residents. Here are some of the key benefits:


  • Convenient Access: The Basin Express area is located in a central location that allows easy access to all areas of Istanbul within a reasonable timeframe. Major roads and highways provide smooth connectivity to different parts of the city.


  • Strong Public Transportation: The area is well-served by public transportation, including metro lines and buses that connect to various areas of Istanbul. This ensures convenient and efficient commuting options for residents.


  • Educational Institutions: The Basin Express area is home to numerous universities such as Istanbul Technical University and Sabahattin Zaim University. It also boasts a wide range of government and private schools, including the prestigious Al-Fayez International Schools. This makes it an attractive location for families with children.


  • Prominent Commercial Centers: The area is known for its renowned commercial centers, including Mall of Istanbul and Outlet 212. These centers offer a diverse range of shopping, entertainment, and dining options, enhancing the overall quality of life in the vicinity.


  • Affordable Property Prices: For those interested in purchasing properties in the Basin Express area, both used and new properties are available at significantly lower prices compared to new properties in other areas of Istanbul. This affordability attracts buyers and investors looking for attractive real estate opportunities.


  • New Projects and Services: The Basin Express area is experiencing significant development with numerous new projects underway. This results in the availability of modern amenities, services, and facilities, further enhancing the overall living experience. Additionally, the presence of factories in the area is steadily decreasing, contributing to an improved environment and air quality.


Negatives of Living in the Basin Express Area

While the Basin Express area offers many advantages, there are also some drawbacks to consider. Here are some of the potential negatives:


  • Pollution: The area experiences heavy congestion most of the time, leading to increased pollution levels. Additionally, there may still be residual emissions from remaining factories, although efforts are being made to mitigate this issue over time.


  • Relatively High Rent: If you are a renter, you may find that the rental prices in the Basin Express area are relatively high. This could impact your monthly expenses and affordability. Furthermore, if you are a property owner, you may face challenges when selling your property in the future, depending on market conditions.


  • Limited and Delayed Metro Stations: The metro stations in the area may be limited in number and may not serve the majority of the projects in the Basin Express area. This could result in longer commutes and limited accessibility to public transportation for residents.


  • Presence of Lower-Income Neighborhoods: Behind the newer developments along the edges of the Basin Express area, there may be lower-income neighborhoods. This can lead to socioeconomic disparities and potential differences in the quality of living standards.


  • Commercial Truck Traffic: The Basin Express area experiences significant commercial truck traffic throughout the day and night, which can contribute to noise pollution and potential traffic congestion.



And now, after discussing both residential and investment aspects, including the advantages and disadvantages, we will mention some of the important projects in the Basin Express area for those interested in property ownership


1-loft valentine project


This is a project located on the Basin Express Road, offering distinctive views, high quality, and a luxurious concept. The project consists of two phases, each covering an area of 12,000 square meters.


The first phase comprises 11 floors and a total of 407 units. Each floor has 37 residential units, while the ground floor is designated for commercial purposes and includes 8 units. The project offers home-office options in 1+1 and 2+1 configurations.


This project promises a high return on investment and is suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship. It is well-suited for both investment and residential purposes. The project is scheduled for completion in December 2023.


If you have any further questions or require additional information, please let me know.


2-flat 24 project


This is a residential and investment project with direct views of the vibrant Basin Express Street. The project's land area is 9,281 square meters, with a total construction area of 64,755 square meters.


It is a luxurious family residential complex consisting of two buildings: Building A and Building B, each with 18 floors.


Building A offers the following apartment configurations: 1+1/2, 1+1, and 2+1. Each floor in this building contains only 12 apartments.

Building B offers 1+1 and 2+1 apartment configurations, with 8 apartments per floor.

In total, there are 352 apartments in both buildings.

The project also includes 12 commercial units located on the lower level.

The estimated completion date for the project is December 30, 2024.


3-Nivo istanbul project


The project is located in the Güneşli area on the Basin Express Highway, which connects two major roads: the international TEM highway and the E5 highway, which includes the Metrobus line, the most important public transportation mode in Istanbul.

In addition, the Basin Express Road is considered the first choice for investors in Istanbul because it is very promising in terms of real estate investment, especially in the coming years.

The project offers a 3-year rental guarantee with a fixed profit return of 10%. After that, the rental guarantee contract can be extended for up to 20 years with a variable profit return.

A metro station will be constructed near the project, providing convenience for transportation in Istanbul, especially during rush hours.

Luxurious designs and well-maintained facilities have been carefully incorporated into the project to add a new style of lavish living for you.


4-batisehir project


The project has been developed by a well-known construction company in Turkey. It is a hotel concept project operated by the international Radisson Blu Hotels.

The project is ready for occupancy, and the title deed (Tapu) is ready. It is suitable for Turkish citizenship and obtaining a residence permit.

There are investment opportunities in this project with a long-term high rental income through the rental management department (income is paid in US dollars).

It is a prestigious branded residence with well-designed serviced apartments and hotel-like services.

The project consists of a single block of 15 floors, with 171 apartments featuring balconies in many of the units.

The apartment types in the project range from 0+1 (studio) to 3+1.

Istanbul Residences is a unique brand built on Radisson Blu's expertise in creating stylish living spaces for work and leisure.

The modernly designed apartments meet all the guests' needs, ensuring maximum comfort and luxury.

All apartments offer either city or interior views and are fully equipped with at least one kitchen and bathroom, one master bedroom, a wardrobe, and a balcony.

Get the best investment opportunities in Istanbul with Radisson Blu Residence.

We can assist you in making the best possible investment decisions based on available rental systems (rental pool or guaranteed rental) and long-term massive growth opportunities.


5-vaat express project

A new life awaits you, built with high-quality materials and high standards in the Güneşli area of European Istanbul, which has rapidly increased in value in recent years.

The project, with its unique location and modern architecture, offers a rapidly growing investment opportunity.

With apartment types of 1+1 and 2+1, you will feel comfortable in this project, with its high ceilings that provide a spacious feel, full-length windows allowing daylight into your home, and practical interior designs.

The project consists of a single residential building with 14 floors.

There are 3 floors below the project for closed and open parking spaces.

The project's land area is 3,500 square meters.

The project includes 4 shops, making the area highly serviced.

The project features a residential concept where all apartments range from 1+1 and 2+1.

The project is ready for occupancy.

We have many other projects and even offers for used apartments available. All you need to do is contact us to get them.



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