Real Estate Investment in Turkey

I want to sell my property in Türkiye through Right Home

I want to sell my property in Türkiye through Right Home
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The basis of successful real estate investment is the ability to resell the property after the planned period of time, and the easier the possibility of resale is and compatible with the expected profits from the start of the investment, the more this indicates the quality of the investment study that was presented to the investor before purchasing the property.


It is worth noting that the average annual profits for investment properties vary from year to year, but they should never be less than 20% annually, and may reach 70% on an annual basis in relation to the dollar, and this is what we saw clearly for investors who started their investments immediately after the end of the Corona virus at the time when Everyone was trying to sell their properties at any price!


The economic situation during the resale process plays an important role in determining the percentage of profits from this investment. In times of economic prosperity, it is better to sell real estate, but in times of economic recession, real estate prices are low, and the best solution in these times is to buy more cheap real estate and avoid selling real estate. available to the investor.


Unfortunately, not every investor realizes this essential point, and therefore he wants to sell his real estate during times of recession because he feels a lack of liquidity, and in the end the investment that is supposed to be profitable will turn into an investment with limited profit or a losing investment, especially if he did not obtain the correct investment study from the beginning, but instead bought. Through friends and acquaintances and through the word trust me, and in the end we find that he, without realizing it, paid a series of hidden commissions that turned his promising investment into a dark nightmare.


In this article, we will discuss how to sell real estate in Turkey through Right Home Company, what methods are available and what documents are required.


What are the papers and information required to sell real estate in Türkiye?

When you contact us with the aim of selling your property in Istanbul, Turkey, we will ask you to send the following information:

+ Copies of the title deed for the properties to be sold bear the name of the owner, who is the same person who contacts us.

+ Pictures and video showing the property completely in terms of area, view and finishes.

+ Clarifying the condition of the property whether it is used or not.

+ Clarifying the condition of the property if there is a tenant or if the property is currently vacant.

+ Is the property furnished or not, and if there is furniture, what is the condition and type of this furniture?

+ What is the expected selling price if you have the ability to evaluate correctly.


This is in general. Now, if you want to choose Right Home exclusively to sell your property, you must add the following to the information above:

+ Selling agency from the property owner to Right Home Company.

+ Handing over the keys to the property to Right Home Company in order to present it to potential customers at any time if the apartment is vacant, and if the apartment has a tenant, the tenant must be informed that Right Home Company is responsible for selling this property.


Why do I choose Right Home exclusively to sell my properties?


+ Right Home has been present in the Turkish real estate market since 2012 and has a wide segment of local and foreign investors.

+ Right Home offers sellers higher than average market prices.

+ Right Home Company carries out funded marketing activities to promote its exclusive properties.

What if I don't choose Right Home exclusively to sell my properties?


You certainly have the right not to hand over your property exclusively to Right Home Company. Therefore, the company will retain the property information in the event that a new investor comes exclusively with a request that suits your property. Then we will show your property to this investor, and if there is acceptance, we will inform you to arrange a visit to the property on the ground.


What are Right Home's other services?


We provide all after-sales services completely and free of charge to our customers and for a small fee to non-customers, including:


+ Interior design and decoration service.

+ The service of selecting, purchasing, and receiving furniture in the apartment, according to the client’s desire.

+ Apartment rental service with a guarantee of high rental returns.

+ Legal services related to the affairs of old tenants and Turkish citizenship files through investment.

+ Specialized real estate investment consulting services with the aim of expanding investments in Türkiye or planning your first investment.




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