Investing in Istanbul

Why Yedi Mavi? Why Zeytinburnu? Thousands Tones of progress.

Why Yedi Mavi? Why Zeytinburnu? Thousands Tones of progress.
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Welcome to Istanbul, the front destination for real estate investment. Where opportunities are infinite and the market is everyday a hard-ball play. 

Today we will talk about the awe-inspiring Yedi Mavi project which rises in the focus of Zeytinburnu and stands as a symbol of leisure and perfection. 




1-Why Yedi Mavi? 


Before all else, meaning "Seven Blue" in English, Yedi Mavi project was built on an area of 63,500 square metres, this elegant complex consisting of 6 residence blocks and 1 hotel block, has a total green area of 51,500 square metres with 130-metre block spacing. 


As well as, this stunning project offers apartment options ranging from 1+1 to 5+1 in addition to garden duplex and penthouse just like never been. Not to mention that all apartments in this project are equipped with a smart home system. 

What else one should find to buy such property! 



2-Why live in Yedi Mavi?


On top of everything, this project offers social and living spaces where every detail is considered to raise your living standards. Facilities such as terraces with panoramic sea views, the use of "70-41 Guardian Extra Clear Glass" glass produced with world-class technology, just till this point you get to conclude that this project has nothing left behind everything you could imagine is right there.


Exclusive, At Yedi Mavi, which combines the far-out affinity of blue and green with a design award-winning project, meanwhile all projects in the area even the new ones, are designed in different architecture but Yedi Navi is recognized as a masterpiece of construction which a shed light on modernity and innovation. and most importantly you can receive your title deeds immediately.


In Spite of all,, Yedi Mavi redefines social facilities in which it indicates a life full of activities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, walking tracks, tennis courts, football and basketball courts... plus, SPA, steam room, Turkish bath, sauna and massage rooms. Yes it's exactly like the golden dream. Adding to the marmara coast which is right away your door, you will get to know how lovely and peaceful to walk  through all the coastline at sunsets.

Accordingly, if you live in Yedi MAvi, for sure your lifestyle would shift. 


What’s more?


Your home will be in the very core of Europe Istanbul and you will have easy and quick access to literally everywhere. You will be close to the Eurasia Tunnel that connects the European side of Istanbul with the Asian side. Your apartment will be within a walking distance to Marmaray metro, where you can reach Uskudar and other areas in Asian Istanbul in a record time.

Either by having a car or using public transport, both ways you won't be bothered by traffic nor by crowdedness. It is like your house will be in a parallel world but when you go out from the door you teleport to wherever you want.


3-Why invest in Yedi Mavi?


We can say that the Yedi Mavi project is just like the gold coast of Istanbul. 

With its unique structure and shape plus to its facilities and services in addition to the luxurious lifestyle that it brings, all of this together makes the project a successful investment as a high rental income and as well an immense demand. 


If you are aware of the location's importance and you are seeking a beneficial real estate investment then, Yedi Mavi project is the one for you. 





4- Why Zeytinburnu?


In the first place, Zeytinburnu is strategically located at the crossroads of historical vibes and modern manners. We are talking about a territory in the European side of Istanbul which is experiencing quite evident real estate development. 


It is a district surrounded by Fatih, Eyupsultan, Bayrampasa and Bakirkoy districts which are focal points in the city. Along with the excellent 30Km long beach right next to the sea of Marmara. So you can imagine walking with the sunset all along the overwhelming coast.


On the far side, going back in time, Zeytinburnu was the gate of Istanbul opening to the west, for that it used to be a highlighted crossway. Up to today we can still consider it the most developed region when it comes to transportation. I will tell you why. 

In some places in Istanbul you may find the metro but not the metrobus, in other places you have the train but not the marmaray. Yet here you have access to buses, metrobus, marmaray, train, tramway.. Literally all means of transportation intersect and that is just incredible. 


Apart from all, Zeytinburnu is considered a 5-star dynamic region because 89% of the population is young and in middle age. And that is what makes this neighbourhood forever alive and in constant upbeat. 


All that said above conveys the sense of development and rising of this district.

Besides, Zeytinburnu is going up in terms of socio-economic status, and in the past 5 years many projects have developed here. 


Furthermore, in this region you find: 

-8 University campus

-A large number of private and public schools

-4 private hospitals

-2 state hospitals

-one university hospital

Indeed, all of these are available in one district.


Now you would be asking what about shopping and fun! Well here we go.


Since Zeytinburnu is one of the most central districts of Istanbul, the alternatives of shopping and daily needs are endless. Everything from clothes to food, to banks, to household products is available here. At any time of the day you will find coffees and restaurants in almost every corner. Yes it is just like heaven on earth. 


Last but not least, Marmara Forum with over 300 brands inside of it, it is the third largest shopping mall on the European side. Plus Zeruj Port, which offers Turkish designers products for women only. And Olivium shopping centre, where you can buy world famous brands at affordable prices. 


5- Why is Zeytinburnu just a perfect place for a good investment?



Again, this district is experiencing a real estate revolution. It has become one of the most valuable districts of Istanbul, especially in the 5 past years, it has undergone an urban transformation, doubled its value and is still coming with new projects while you are reading this blog. Actually, in the last 3 years the properties’ value has increased by 163% in Istanbul. Likewise, its total return increased by 192%. 


For instance, if you had invested here last year, your property value would have doubled by now.


In particular, the prestigious projects that have been made recently have increased the value of this area and offered many good standards for living. 



As conclusion, what Yedi Mavi residences offers as high quality of living and its location which is Zeytinburnu, the place that we can consider as old Istanbul with new modern soul, offers a wonderful sea view to its inhabitants thanks to its wide coastline and its central  location and transport networking plus to the young population and the health opportunities with education centres provided make it as a primo investment opportunity. 



Valid Until 01/11/2024
Exclusive offer: 4+1 apartment at Marina City project in Beylikduzu

Exclusive offer: 4+1 apartment at Marina City project in Beylikduzu

Istanbul| Beylikduzu district
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Special offer 1+1 apartment in Sarayier: Elevated Living at Skyland Istanbul

Special offer 1+1 apartment in Sarayier: Elevated Living at Skyland Istanbul

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Exclusive Offer For a 4+1 Apartment in Bakirkoy, The Heart of Istanbul

Exclusive Offer For a 4+1 Apartment in Bakirkoy, The Heart of Istanbul

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