Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship by Investment for Afghan Citizens

 Turkish Citizenship by  Investment for Afghan Citizens
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In an era defined by global mobility and economic uncertainty, securing a second citizenship has become more than a privilege, it is a crucial decision that opens doors to world class opportunities. Among the list of choices available to those seeking a new nationality, Turkish citizenship stands out as a radar of stability, economic promise, and cultural richness. Besides, Turkey facilitates obtaining the citizenship program by property ownership. 

And here it is our job to make this shot more clear.

This article explores the all-round advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship, focusing on its appeal to Afghan citizens and international investors alike. 

From the inherent benefits of Turkish nationality to the specific criteria for property investments that qualify for citizenship, each aspect features Turkey's position as a focal point of opportunity in the modern world.


1- Why should Afghan citizens consider securing Turkish citizenship?


Afghanistan's socio-political scene presents considerable challenges for individuals and investors alike. 

Persistent political instability, governance issues, and security concerns, including terrorism and regional instability, significantly weaken confidence in the country's economic capital. 

Economic crises, compounded by inflationary pressures and currency depreciation, further complicates business operations and investment returns. Moreover, infrastructure dues and bureaucratic inefficiencies pose substantial barriers to economic development and operational efficiency.


In contrast, Turkey stands as a flashlight of stability and opportunity in the region. Nailed by a powerful democratic system, Turkey offers a secure environment conducive to business and investment. 

Its strategic geographic position connects Europe and Asia, facilitating access to diverse markets and global trade routes. 

Besides, the Turkish economy, characterised by dynamic sectors such as manufacturing, tourism, and technology, demonstrates resilience and growth potential. 

Strategic investments in infrastructure enhance connectivity, energy efficiency, and urban development, supporting sustainable economic expansion. 

Finally, Turkey's proactive measures, including the Citizenship by Investment program through real estate acquisition, further inspires foreign investment and economic activity.


2- Benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship?


  • Visa-free entry to 77 countries, along with easy access to 26 Schengen area countries.
  • Automatic visa issuance upon arrival in 33 countries.
  • Online electronic visa access to over 8 countries.
  • Ranked among the top 30 passports globally.
  • Turkish universities offer free tuition and flexible payment plans.
  • No minimum residency requirement for citizenship.
  • Expedited processing time for Turkish passport issuance, typically within 30 days.
  • Full access to healthcare services available to Turkish citizens.
  • Eligibility for retirement benefits as a Turkish citizen.
  • Voting rights in all Turkish elections.
  • Dual citizenship permitted, allowing retention of original nationality.
  • Validity of the Turkish passport extended for 10 years, with lifelong renewal.
  • Direct issuance of Turkish passport upon obtaining citizenship.


3- why do investors choose Turkey particularly?


  • Turkey is currently setting up a significant economic awakening, characterised by substantial infrastructure projects that are attracting considerable investments and capital to the country.
  • The development of diverse industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors is promoting strong growth in the Turkish real estate market.
  • Turkey has transitioned from being primarily an importer to becoming a competitive exporter of manufactured goods globally, driven by proactive government policies.
  • The Turkish government has implemented comprehensive advancements in electronic transactions across state institutions, enhancing efficiency and accessibility across various sectors.
  • Efforts to integrate service delivery include the establishment of secure online platforms and improved communication channels, ensuring consistent access to public services for all citizens.
  • Turkey remains committed to establish economic stability through strategic initiatives, proved by ongoing and completed mega-projects such as Istanbul New Airport, Europe's largest medical city, and Başakşehir Medical City.
  • Situated at a strategic crossroads between continents, Turkey's geographical location serves as a key bridge for land, sea, and air trade routes between Asia and Europe.
  • Istanbul, known for its rich historical curtain and cultural roots, stands as a global focus-point for industry, commerce, and tourism, hosting some of the world's largest and most impactful development projects.
  • The availability of education in Arabic or English at numerous Turkish schools and universities enhances the attractiveness of Turkish citizenship, eliminating language barriers and facilitating international education.
  • The Turkish government offers extensive support and incentives for real estate ownership and investment, creating a favourable environment for both local and international investors.


4- What are the requirements for properties to be eligible for Turkish citizenship?

For individuals seeking to invest in property or secure real estate residency, presenting a valid passport is typically adequate to facilitate the property acquisition and transfer of ownership directly.

However, those aiming to acquire property with the goal of obtaining Turkish citizenship must fulfil specific conditions established by the Turkish government which are the following:


  • The property must have a minimum price of $400,000.
  • A property valuation conducted by a government-approved entity must verify that the property's value meets or exceeds the minimum requirement of $400,000.
  • Proof of a bank transfer totaling $400,000, even if paid in instalments, is mandatory. Many investors are deceived by properties priced below $400,000, falsely claiming eligibility for Turkish citizenship. Some attempt to mislead this by temporarily transferring funds to the seller's account and then reversing the transaction. However, such fraudulent activities are swiftly identified by the Turkish government, resulting in immediate cancellation of citizenship applications.
  • The title deed (ownership document) must be available. It is not necessary for the property itself to be completed; the title deed can be obtained during early stages of construction.
  • This basis is crucial as some investors, believing that properties under construction offer higher returns, mistakenly opt for completed properties to qualify for Turkish citizenship. However, this preference is not a requirement, as previously stated. 
  • A commitment not to sell the property for a minimum period of 3 years from the date of purchase is required.
  • While it is allowable to combine two completed properties from different projects to meet the $400,000 threshold, properties under construction must be purchased within the same development project. This means investors can buy one or more units within a single project, provided their combined value meets or exceeds $400,000. 


In conclusion, the Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment represents a strategic avenue for Afghan citizens among challenging socio-political and economic circumstances in their homeland. 

Through substantial investment in Turkish real estate, involving a minimum outlay of $400,000 and a commitment to maintain ownership for at least three years, Afghan investors not only acquire an actual asset but also tap into the stability and economic high spirit of Turkey. 

This initiative positions investors to benefit from Turkey's economic growth and infrastructure development, offering a secure channel towards long-term financial security and prosperity.








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