Sisli district

Sisli municipality is not only a central municipality in Istanbul, it is actually the center of Istanbul, as it is bordered to the south by Beyoglu municipality, to the east by the municipality of Besiktas, and to the north and west by Kagithane municipality.

Sisli spans an area of ​​35 square kilometers, and it has a population of approximately 340.000 people.

Sisli municipality is distinguished by its high towers overlooking the Bosphorus, and also by its middle location linking the area of ​​Besiktas with palaces and hotels directly overlooking the Bosphorus and between the western region in the center of Istanbul, which includes Kagithane and Taksim.

Investing in Sisli District

Sisli district includes a number of beautiful and upscale neighborhoods, including Nisantasi district, which includes many luxury cafes and famous restaurants such as Nusr-et Restaurant, and also includes the most luxurious international brands, so it is considered the most expensive street in Turkey in terms of real estate rental prices.


Sisli is an investment area par excellence, as the number of new real estate projects in it is very few and therefore the demand is high, and this keeps prices high and facilitates the rental and sale of the property in the future.


Also, Sisli is the business center of Istanbul, as it includes more than 15 high-rise towers, most of them with views of the Bosphorus, some of them residential and others are business centers for medium and large companies.

Transportation in Sisli, Istanbul

As for public transportation, Sisli area includes a number of very important metro stations, which are:

Osmanbey Station near Nisantasi Street, the most luxurious in all of Turkey, which houses the most famous international luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, and many more.


Sisli station at Cevahir Mall, which is well known to everyone who has visited Istanbul.

Mecidiyekoy Station near Trump Tower and the E5 highway that includes the Metrobus transportation line, which connects the European and Asian sides of Istanbul to each other.


Gayrettepe Station, which connects to Zorlu Center, which is the best mall in Istanbul that includes important brands and includes 4 residential buildings with direct views of the Bosphorus, and is located at the most important transportation node in all of Istanbul that connects between Istanbul First Bridge and the crossroads of roads that branch into Levent, Besiktas, and Sisli.


In addition to the Metro and Metrobus, Sisli also includes a cable car line and a tunnel that connects Sisli Bomonti area with Besiktas area, which means reaching the Bosphorus from Sisli area in just 5 minutes.


Sisli includes 11 hospitals, 27 hotels, 11 educational centers, and 9 shopping centers, so Sisli is one of Istanbul's favorite areas for many tourists.


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