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Istanbul International Financial Center 2022

Istanbul International Financial Center 2022

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In line with Turkey's 2023 vision to ensure the country's economic and financial rise, Turkey has unveiled the opening date of Istanbul International Financial Center, which is expected to make Istanbul, a financial hub on a global scale.

This was stated by the head of the Office of Finance Turkish Presidency Goksel Asan, indicating that the opening of this project was one of the main objectives of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He added that Istanbul is one of the world's most worthy cities to be the center of money in the world.

He pointed out that Istanbul Financial Center will include major financial institutions and banking offices of the main players in the financial markets in Turkey. It also includes all state banks as well as private sector banks.

The new financial center also includes large number of hotels, a parking garage and a conference hall, as well as 45 million square feet of offices and residential units.

Istanbul International Financial Center, with its modern architectural design, will be located on the Asian side of Istanbul, specifically between Atasehir and Umranyie districts, which known for its continuous growth and investor appetite, a strategic location that is easily accessible to everyone.