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Is the law to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment will include Syrian citizens?

Is the law to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment will include Syrian citizens?

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The facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreign investors in real estate sector have reduced the amount required for investment in order to obtain Turkish citizenship from $1 million to $250.000, a major turning point in the Turkish real estate market.

But this decision didn't include Syrians, not because of the current political situation between the two countries, but because of the old history where Syrian government seized the properties of Turks in Syria and in return Turkey prevent Syrians in addition to both the Greek Cypriot and North Korean to own properties in Turkey.

Today, the number of Syrians in Turkey exceeds 4 million, including businessmen who engage in their own business activities. They constitute a proportion of Turkish economy, including a few who want to buy real estate in Turkey and obtain Turkish citizenship in order to settle with Turkish society.

Here we refer to the doctor and writer Mohamed Iqbal al-Nuaimi, who is in contact with Turkish government, where he said: "Turkish government is considering the decision to grant Syrians the right to own properties and thus can get Turkish citizenship through real estate investment."

The rest of the statement made by Mr. Mohammed Iqbal al-Nuaimi: "Al-Naimi confirmed that the government intends to implement the resolution until the end of 2019," adding: "very soon will be the official announcement of this resolution, which will benefit Turks as well as Syrians, especially that Syrians today in large numbers cannot own only by quotas or limited company, the situation is related to the commercial aspect for Turkey."

Al-Naimi pointed to the stagnation of real estate market in Turkey, explaining that the implementation of such a decision will be in their favour, especially since many financially able Syrians, and residents of Turkey in homes for rent, with the issuance of such a decision they will seek to buy a property in Turkey.