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Beautiful Fethiye area in Turkey

Beautiful Fethiye area in Turkey

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Turkey is the magic , the beauty , the rich nature and the great civilization . Turkey is one of the richest countries in the world culturally , historically and geographically in the world , making it ranks sixth among the best tourist destinations in the world , and has been able to attract millions of tourists to it ; based on statistics and figures for 2011 , has chosen nearly thirty-two million foreign tourists Turkey to be their tourist destination that year . Turkey has a wonderful climate all year round , and Turkey has many important landmarks such as the Bosphorus Bridge , Sultanahmet Mosque , Galata Tower , Taksim Square , Hagia Sophia and many places that are unique to other cities of the world .

Turkey , the modern and developed country , with its history and ancient civilization , which is located in the middle of the world and is divided widely on the continents of Asia and Europe , and combines the originality of the East and the modernity of the West . The Republic of Turkey is divided into 81 provinces , and Ankara is the capital of the country , and Istanbul is the financial capital and cultural and economic heart of the country , and the Republic of Turkey includes major and famous cities such as : Izmir , Antalya , Gaziantep , Diyarbakir , Konya , Bursa and others lots .

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The city of Fethiye is one of the most famous and beautiful coastal cities in Turkey , and it is located on the Aegean Sea , which separates Turkey and Greece , and the most important characteristic of Fethiye is that it is located on the ruins of Telmisos , the historical archaeological city , where there are many traces that go back to the past . The city was named after the Ottoman pilot Yuzbashi Fethi , the pilot who went out on the third Turkish flight in World War I , and his plane crashed over the Golan , and the city was named after his name in honor of him and his sacrifice .

The city of Fethiye is characterized by a natural fence of pine trees , which gives it a breathtaking landscape , and one of the most beautiful sites of the city Dead Sea Bay , and extends the shores of the Dead Sea to a length of three kilometers , and its beaches have been chosen as the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world , because of the gradation of water colors near the shore , the Dead Sea has been named because of its calmness and purity , and the legends say he was named after a young man drowned , prompting his beloved to throw herself after him to hug them together .

Fethiye is located in Muğla Province , on the Aegean coast , in southern Turkey . Fethiye has a unique location , where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean Sea , giving it more beauty .

The city of Muğla is one of Turkey's most famous cities , known for its ancient history , has been known as Karya , and it is the owner of the longest coast among the cities of Turkey , and the city of Muğla rises above sea level by about one thousend and one hundred kilometers , and it is bordered to the east by the city of Antalya , and from South Mediterranean , and west Aegean Sea .

The city of Muğla is very similar to the city of Antalya , which features some tourist and recreational places similar to those in the city of Muğla .

Antalya is the second most visited city in Turkey . Antalya , the bride of the Turkish coast , is one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey . It is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the southwestern part of the State of Turkey , so it is located on the coastal slopes and surrounded by mountains on all sides . Antalya is known as a center for development and investment and it is one of the most popular destinations for foreign tourists from all over the world , especially Europeans and Russians .

One of the most important tourist activities in the Turkish city of Antalya visit its beautiful waterfalls , which flow from the top of the mountains to impress tourists with its magnificence and beauty , in addition to the charming nature that includes unique trees and plants such as willow , figs and wild olives .

The city of Muğlais a tourist destination for many Turkish and foreign celebrities . Muğla receives annually 8.52% of the total number of tourists coming to Turkey , that's an estimated 2-3 million tourists a year .

The city of Muğla attracts many tourists from all over the world , because of the presence of many places and beautiful tourist attractions , and examples of them : Marmaris , Fethiye , Milas , and Dalaman .

Overlooking the Aegean Sea in western Turkey , Fethiye surprises everyone with its magnificent beauty , diversity of climatic and geographic nature , making it a tourist-friendly destination all year round , for various activities , from swimming , diving , boat touring , climbing and walking in the valleys and plains and rivers , and exploring the most beautiful and the oldest monuments that spread throughout the city of Fethiye .

Fethiye , which is located in the Turkish state of Muğla , overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in the Aegean region , is characterized by its picturesque nature , and ancient archaeological historical sites , and it is one of the most important tourist attractions on the Turkish tourist map , and even around the world , as well as being an important commercial center , making it one of the most popular areas for tourists .

Fethiye is one of the most popular and famous resorts in Turkey , with its splendid beaches , spectacular water sports , and unique Roman heritage . It is like an open book for the most beautiful fiction stories , making it at the forefront of Turkish cities worth visiting .

Fethiye is located in the Aegean region on the ruins of the ancient city of Telmessos , which can be seen when wandering around the beautiful city .

When visiting Fethiye , you must visit the famous shrines and stone sarcophagi carved in the mountains , and do not miss the Mausoleum of Amintas , which became a symbol of the city , dating back to the eighth century BC . Fethiye, known in ancient times as the city of priests , stretched from the hills at the foothills of the Taurus Mountains that shade the city down to the bay where the ancient city was .

With its prime location on the Turkish coast , Fethiye has an abundance of beautiful and charming beaches , the most popular is Calis Beach and the beaches of Oludeniz , one of the most beautiful and famous wonders of the world , where you will enjoy the crystal clear waters ideal for swimming and water sports of all kinds , and the beaches of Fethiye have relatively warm waters , making them one of the favorite areas for relaxing lovers . This area is also known for riding the air balloon for nature lovers , and exploring it from above . It is worth mentioning that the main tourist season in the Turkish city of Fethiye runs from April to October .

In the Turkish city of Fethiye , boats and yachts leave the city's harbor each morning , taking tourists and locals on an entertaining tour to explore the Mediterranean , amid the open air and turquoise waters , and then return to the beautiful city land in the evening , an activity that is often He has been very popular with sailing fans .

Fethiye is also a popular point of interest in Saklikent Pass . Saklikent Fethiye is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Fethiye , one of the largest and longest waterways in Europe , with a length of more than 20 km .

Saklikent Gorge is located in Fethiye , specifically in Kas , one of the most popular tourist destinations . Saklikent groove consists of a group of springs running in the place of the groove , ending in the form of beautiful waterfalls pouring in the place , and what is more beautiful place is also the trees and natural surroundings , which make it one of the most beautiful natural places in Turkey .

Saklikent Fethiye visitors , especially adventure enthusiasts , can practice many water sports , such as kayaking and scuba diving , mountaineering , or simply sit and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the place .

Saklikent Fethiye also has many restaurants serving the best of traditional Turkish meals , as well as fresh fish meals , there are also many cafes that offer great atmospher by the streams .

Located 20 minutes away from Fethiye , Oludeniz is one of the most beautiful cities and beaches in Turkey . It has been selected as one of the best beaches in the world by The Times , and appeared on the screens of many channels interested in tourism and travel . Thus , Fethiye has been placed at the top of the list of the most important cities for tourism and investment in Turkey .

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  • RH 158 - Zircon villas in Fethiye , Antalya

Those villas located on a hillside in the charming city of Fethiye , Bride of the Mediterranean .

These magnificent four bedroom villas have been designed to give you a luxurious life ,  and the best tourism experience in Turkey .

The total area of the villa is 500 square meters , and the interior area is 165 square meters .

It has 4 bedrooms , 4 bathrooms and a swimming pool of 45 square meters .

Each villa consists of three floors and a private garden :

Ground floor : has open plan lounge , dining , kitchen area , and a large sun terrace .

First floor : two bedrooms both en-suite , with two large balconies .

Attic floor : two bedrooms both en-suite , with large roof terrace .

Garden : private pool , landscaped garden , gazebo with BBQ , driveway and shower .

Those villas located in Hisaronu , and it is within a short walking distance to the main street , and it is very easy to reach the beautiful beaches of Oludeniz and the Blue Lagoon .

Those villas are close to the city center and many cafes , restaurants and shops .

It is just five minutes away from the sea shore and the center of Fethiye city , full of beauty and splendor .

The beach is 1 kilometre

Shopping Mall is 700 meters

Dalaman International Airport is 45 kilometre

Fethiye Hospital is 6 kilometre

Schools is 800 meters

For more details , here are the link of the project : RH 158


  • RH 157 - White villas solit in Fethiye , Antalya

It is a luxury residential and investment villas project , located in the city of Antalya .

The total area of the villa is 500 square meters , and the interior area is 230 square meters .

It has 5 bedrooms , 5 bathrooms , and 50 square meters private swimming pool .

The project consists of four-storey villas that are like palaces , suitable for housing and investment :

Lower ground floor : has open plan lounge , dining , kitchen area , and a large sun terrace .

Ground floor : second living area with balcony , and 1 bedroom with ensuite bathroom , and balcony .

First floor : two bedrooms both en-suite , with two large balconies .

Attic floor : master bedroom with Jacuzzi bath , dressing room and large roof terrace .

Garden : private pool , landscaped garden with driveway and shower .

The project located on a hillside near the mountain of Babadag , in the city of Antalya , near Fethiye , Bride of the Mediterranean .

Those larger than average spacious villas are built over 4 floors , and it offers a great value for invetment . It is very suitable for both housing and summer holidays .

For more details about this project , click on the link : RH 157


  • RH 156 - Silver villas in Fethiye , Antalya

This project of 3 villas is located in a quiet spot in Hisaronu , but within a short walking distance to the main high street and within easy reach of Oludeniz , Fethiye town and Calis beach .

Set in a peaceful location in Hisaronu , with panoramic views over the local countryside , and with great views of Mount Babadag , these spacious villas offer fantastic value for money , and are ideal for family holidays , for housing and living , or to own it as a rental investment property .

They are located close to the restaurants , cafes , shops and bars of the very lively Hisaronu town centre , and are within easy access to the local Dolmus , that runs every 5 minutes .

It is only a 5 minute drive to the famous beaches of Oludeniz and the Blue Lagoon .

The location of these villas has proven to be very popular with holiday rentals .

These villas are consist of :

Ground floor : Has open plan lounge , dining , kitchen area and large sun terrace .

First floor : Two bedrooms both en-suite , with two large balconies .

Attic floor : Two bedrooms both en-suite , with large roof terrace .

Garden : Private pool , landscaped garden , driveway and shower .

The details of the project in this link : RH 156


Also known as Muğla Airport , it is located on the south-west coast of Turkey , and serves that area , a quiet and beautiful area with pine forests and beautiful beaches . Turkey's Dalaman Airport has two terminals , one for domestic flights and the other for international flights , making it easy to travel to and from Dalaman city both internally and internationally .

Transportation is available at Dalaman International Airport , where buses regularly transport passengers to the most important tourist destinations in the southwest of Turkey , such as Fethiye , which takes about 70 minutes by bus at a cost of 17 TL . Marmaris by bus is about 90 minutes at a cost of only 23 TL , along with taxis and private transport . Dalaman Airport has many restaurants and cafes , a business lounge and free internet access .

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