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Title deed costs in Turkey 2020

Title deed costs in Turkey 2020

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There are new amendments to title deed law in Turkey include two things :

Real estate valuation is a prerequisite for granting the title deed , and the cost of this valuation is between 450 to 500 Turkish lira .

The cost of the title deed starting from the new year 2020 at a value of 4 % , will pay both the buyer and the seller 2 % , while it is until the end of 2019 at a value of 3 % , and therefore pay both seller and buyer only 1.5 % .

These amendments urge those who want to buy real estate in Turkey to complete the purchase process during the current year 2019 , before being included in the new amendments that will come into force in 2020 , and as mentioned above , it will result in additional costs for obtaining the title deed .

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