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Marriage customs and laws in Turkey

Marriage customs and laws in Turkey

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Turkey is the magic , the beauty , the rich nature and the great civilization . Turkey is one of the richest countries in the world culturally , historically and geographically in the world , making it ranks sixth among the best tourist destinations in the world , and has been able to attract millions of tourists to it ; based on statistics and figures for 2011 , has chosen nearly thirty-two million foreign tourists Turkey to be their tourist destination that year . Turkey has a wonderful climate all year round , and Turkey has many important landmarks such as the Bosphorus Bridge , Sultanahmet Mosque , Galata Tower , Taksim Square , Hagia Sophia and many places that are unique to other cities of the world .

Turkey , the modern and developed country , with its history and ancient civilization , which is located in the middle of the world and is divided widely on the continents of Asia and Europe , and combines the originality of the East and the modernity of the West . The Republic of Turkey is divided into 81 provinces , and Ankara is the capital of the country , and Istanbul is the financial capital and cultural and economic heart of the country , and the Republic of Turkey includes major and famous cities such as : Izmir , Antalya , Gaziantep , Diyarbakir , Konya , Bursa and others lots .

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Istanbul is considered as one of the most Turkish cities that witness a religious diversity , and the Islamic religion is the most widespread religion among the residents of Istanbul , followed by Christianity , and the Turkish language is the official language in Istanbul , and a number of other languages are adopted such as Arabic and English .

The customs of the Turkish people are very similar to the Arab ones , but there must be differences as well , which distinguish each community from the other . In this article , we will explain what are the customs and laws of marriage in Turkey .


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There are many and different ways of marriage in all countries . Each country has different customs , traditions , conditions , and documents that must be achieved in order to approve the marriage procedures in an official way , and from these countries Turkey ; in Turkey , in order to ensure that the marriage is official , which preserves the husband’s right , his wife’s right , and the right of his children , so how can marriage take place in Turkey ?


 Conditions for marriage in Turkey : 

  1. Turkish law does not allow marriage except between a man and a woman , and they are not less than 18 years old , and if one of the two people is under the age of 18 , they can be married with the presence of a parent or guardian .
  2. It is not permissible to combine wives , as polygamy is rejected in Turkish law .
  3. A woman who has previously been married must wait for a period of not less than 300 days from the end of the previous marriage to be allowed to remarry .
  4. Turkish law does not allow marriage for those with very close kinship , and mental illness holders are not allowed to marry only by health authorities that determine the patient's eligibility to marry .
  5. A notification must be submitted to the person's consulate of the desire to marry before starting the marriage procedure .


 The documents required in the Turkish marriage law : 

  1. Six personal photos for the person who wants to marry .
  2. An official paper from the civil registry proves that there is no objection to marriage , as the person must be single and also shows the person’s family status .
  3. A medical certificate approved by one of the governmental medical centers or institutions in Turkey .
  4. If the person is under the age of 18 , a letter of approval must be submitted by the guardian .
  5. If the person is not resident in Turkey , he must present a document from the temporary residence , while if the person is a citizen , he must bring a document to the place of residence .


 Steps to complete a marriage in Turkey : 

  1. The person wishing to marry personally applies to the registration office in the marriage department of the municipality of the municipality in the region in which he is located , and the form of the declaration of marriage is prepared with the previous documents and papers .
  2. After successfully completing the previous step , the marriage is registered in the registration office , then the two people take the permission to marry , and this permission or license is valid for a period of six months , and the marriage ceremony can be completed within forty-eight hours from the issuance of the license .
  3. The two brides are provided with the location of the wedding ceremony , provided that the marriage officer is present and approved , and the registrar is present to complete the marriage , and this is done through prior arrangement with the registration office .
  4. The testimony of marriage shall be attested by witnesses outside the circle of the close family .
  5. Marriage ceremonies begin by asking the husband and wife for permission to marry each other , and when they answer in the affirmative the marriage is announced , and after the marriage ceremonies are completed , a marriage certificate is issued and the marriage is officially registered .


 Rituals of marriage in Turkey : 

We turn to the wedding ceremonies and rituals that characterize Turkey , after research , we found that the wedding traditions used in Turkey differ from north to south , which contributed to this diversity , the difference in the geographical nature of Turkey , which led to the diversity of customs and traditions used in weddings , so we knew in the past , the wedding took place during forty days and nights , and not long ago , weddings took place in three days , and at the present time it has become only two days , usually two days at the end of the week ( Saturday and Sunday ) , and the marriage rituals vary according to the social status of each family .

The first of these ceremonies is " the request ". The groom must visit the bride's house to ask her from her father , and this is done when the groom goes with the elders and the virtues of the family , on Sunday or Thursday , because they believe that it is the days that bring good fortune .

And the chief of the man family , like the father or grandfather , requests the hand of the boy to the girl on the Sunnah manners , and after approval the Al-Fatihah is read .

You may be surprised a lot about this , as in Turkey there is no such thing as a dowry , that is , expedited and postponed . Rather , it is the responsibility of the groom to bring a set of gold for the bride to dress it on the wedding day .

Sometimes the bride may have a say in what she asks for her dowry , you may find some brides asking to perform the Hajj in exchange for their approval , and some of them ask the groom to memorize some of the Holy Qur’an for their approval .

In the engagement , the groom will wear the engagement ring on the same day as Al-Fatihah reading , or on another day agreed upon by the two parties , where the groom's people return to visit the bride's house , and bring with them a bouquet of flowers and chocolate , to agree on the details of the engagement day .

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