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The number of people recovering from Coronavirus exceeds the number of infected people in Turkey

The number of people recovering from Coronavirus exceeds the number of infected people in Turkey

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The Turkish government , in cooperation with the Ministry of Health , faced the Corona virus , which has invaded the world since the beginning of the year 2020 , with strength and steadfastness , it has controlled the spread of the epidemic and made commendable efforts to preserve the health , safety and security of citizens and residents in Turkey , while maintaining the integrity of the economy and production inside the country .

In recent days , the number of people recovering from Corona virus has increased in Turkey compared to the number of infected people , as the number of daily infections decreased from 5000 to 2300 , while the number of people recovering increased from 1300 cases to 5000 cases per day , and the number of daily deaths due to this virus does not exceed 100 deaths a day . This decrease , notable progress and effective results were in line with the commitment to the curfew imposed by the Turkish government 3 days a week , to limit the spread of the epidemic . This is in addition to the high number of examinations carried out by the Turkish Ministry of Health , as the number of examinations and surveys increased from 20.000 to over 40.000 exams per day .

 Corona virus timeline 

  • According to the latest data published by the Turkish Ministry of Health on Thursday , April 30 , 2020 , the death toll has reached 3.174 , and infected 120 thousand and 204 , and the number of people recovered reached 48 thousand and 886 .
  • The first appearance of the virus was in Turkey on March 10 , 2020 .
  • On March 12 , 2020 , the Turkish government announced the closure of schools and universities in Turkey as of March 16 .
  • The first death from corona virus occurred in Turkey on March 17 , 2020 .
  • On March 23 , 2020 , Minister of Health Fakhruddin Kujah announced that cases of coronavirus have spread throughout Turkey .
  • On January 24 , 2020 , the Turkish Ministry of Health installed thermal cameras at airports , where the Ministry decided to conduct additional checks on travelers and apply a quarantine to anyone showing symptoms of infection with Coronavirus .
  • On February 3 , Turkey announced the suspension of all flights from China and Iran .
  • On February 29 , Turkey announced the cancellation of all flights to and from Italy , South Korea and Iraq .
  • On March 13 , Turkey suspended all flights to and from Germany , France , Spain , Norway , Denmark , Belgium , Sweden , Austria and the Netherlands from Saturday at 8:00 in the morning until April 17 .
  • On March 15 , the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the closure of all libraries in Turkey .
  • On March 16 , the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs announced a nationwide ban on prayer gatherings in mosques , including Friday prayers , due to the pandemic of the Coruna virus . Later in the day , the Ministry of the Interior also sent a circular regarding the necessary precautions against the Corona virus to 81 provinces in Turkey , temporarily closing all public gathering places such as cafes , gyms and cinemas.
  • On March 16 , Fakhruddin Kujah announced the addition of Egypt , Ireland , Switzerland , Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom to the list of countries subject to the air embargo .


 The efforts of the Turkish government in the fight against Corona virus 

Turkey has demonstrated through its capabilities that it is one of the most powerful countries in the world during the period of combating the virus , and the Turkish government has stated that it was a pioneer in the fight against this epidemic , and has taken a number of measures and launched a set of services that in turn made it easier for citizens of their lives , and from that :

  • More than 40.000 Turkish citizens have been evacuated from more than 75 countries around the world , and evictions are continuing .
  • Turkey extended a helping hand to 55 of the 104 countries that requested support from Ankara , and Turkey has shown a model of cooperation and solidarity that is unparalleled at the international level , through its delivery of medical aid to many countries . It pointed out that the aids included masks , protective clothing , protective clothing for single use , protective goggles , gloves , and other supplies such as antiseptics and HIV testing materials .
  • Requests for social support via digital platforms increased 3-fold .
  • All institutions continued to provide their services amid high-level coordination to combat the Corona pandemic .
  • The Scientific Council to Combat Corona was established on January 10 before the World Health Organization announced the classification of Covid-19 as a pandemic .
  • Members of the Scientific Council contributed to informing the community of the latest news using all media .
  • A mobile application was launched that allowed citizens to monitor serious cases in their areas and monitor their health status .
  • The Turkish Ministry of Health provided an immediate follow-up to information on the pandemic .
  • Presidency of the Communications Department launched the website bizbizeyeteriz.gov.tr ​​on the Internet .
  • The consulting line was established through the application of WhatsApp (SABİM 184) to provide services to combat Corona .
  • A communication channel has been created through a local application (BİP) to access all important information about the Corona virus .
  • 1.5 million citizens can access free home care services.
  • The work of breathing apparatus locally started , and has moved to the serial production stage .
  • Providing financial support for 4.4 million low-income families , at a value of 1000 TL ( about $ 143 ) , for each family .
  • Providing a cash loan of 25.000 TL ( $ 3.577 ) and another 25.000 for the commercial card targeting all merchants.
  • To start providing support consisting of the payment of 3 salaries to the workers whose activities were reduced or stopped within the framework of the short work payments package .
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