Tourism in Istanbul

Tourism in Istanbul and the most important tourist areas that visitors go to

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Tourism in Istanbul and the most important tourist areas that visitors go to
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Istanbul is a major city in Turkey stretching across Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus.

 The ancient city reflects the cultural influences of the many empires that once ruled.

Istanbul is Turkey's largest tourist city and the second largest city in the world with a population of 15 million, 29,000 and 231 people.

Istanbul is a dream destination for many travelers around the world. It meets East and West in this city, which has many historical, cultural, color, and landmark sites. Architecture, food, and old buildings will appear to you as people who tell stories. Old bazaars, local markets and vibrant restaurants amid a hidden charm enveloping visitor from all sides.

The historical landmarks of Istanbul were added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1985. The city of Istanbul was chosen as the joint capital of European culture in 2010

One of the most popular tourist areas in Istanbul:



The Sultanahmet region of Istanbul was named after Sultan Ahmed I, who was born in 1590 in Manisa in Aegean, his father Sultan Mohammed III and his mother Handan Khatoun. The Sultan died in 1617 and was buried in a mausoleum near Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul.

The most famous of which is the Sultanahmet Mosque or the Blue Mosque, the Eminono area and port, the Egyptian market, the closed market, the Topkapi Museum (Harim Sultan) most Famous and beautiful, visited daily by about 2 million visitors, both Turkish citizens or foreign tourists


Taksim is a very busy living area, shopping and dining areas. Trams run along the famous Istiklal Street, the city's main pedestrian street, lined with 19th-century buildings with international shopping chains, cinemas and cafés. A dense network of side streets has bars, boutiques and rooftop restaurants with great views of the Bosphorus.

Not to mention the shopping experience and dynamic urban roaming. Nearby is Ghazi Park, which forms the great green lung of central Istanbul. Important and famous hotels around the square are not considered, and the most famous are the Ritz

Carlton and Marmara. On the surrounding streets you will find a host of restaurants, bars and night clubs.


With its narrow cobblestone streets, tasty food and enchanting sights on the Bosporus, Ortakoy, 2 km away from the port of Besektas, is one of Istanbul's finest neighborhoods, providing visitors with everything they wish in one place, from leisure to a vibrant life, And even shopping between the most beautiful shops and malls, and to eat the most delicious food and Turkish cuisine with a spectacular view of the most beautiful scenes and landscapes

Ortakoy is one of Istanbul's most popular, lively and attractive neighborhoods. It has recently become an attractive destination for many tourists to enjoy the most joyful leisure time at one of Istanbul's most famous leisure centers with a variety of cafes and restaurants. Shops and boutiques. Ortakoy is one of the most famous places to eat baked potatoes (kumpir) and enjoy the taste of delicious waffles and so many shops as well.



Overlooking the beautiful bebek cost at the Bosphorus , Istanbul's beautiful Bebek is located in the European section of Istanbul, within the region of Besiktas, between the castle of Rumeli and ArnavotKoy. This is considered one of Istanbul's most important tourist spots and is of great importance in Turkey. Historical places in this area

In the old city of bebek in Istanbul, the name of Halai was known as a small village inhabited by fishermen. The name of bebek is the officer, who was appointed by Sultan Mohamed al-Fatih to observe the Romani castle and to establish security in the neighborhood. This area was named after his death.


Many tourists from Istanbul may think that the European part of the city is the most vibrant and deserving of a visit or exploration, which is why they tend to stay there, without thinking of going to the Asian side and exploring its caches and finding out what it is.

But the Asian side in Kadikoy region, or as you know the cultural center of the Anatolian side, is definitely worth a visit, where you will find a beautiful experience and enormous energy spread in Huayana residents of the region or wandering around it, most of them belong to the young generation full of energy and vitality,

Kadikoy is a large, densely populated area located in the Asian part of Istanbul on the northern coast of the Marmara Sea, dating back to the copper age, according to the monuments, stones, bones and jewelry found in the fekertipe region and therefore it’s  the oldest in Central Asia.

Moda Street, which is close to the popular market, is the most lively and worth visiting, given the huge number of cafés and restaurants, all of which are designed in a unique style and reflect a special image and identity, thus giving them the opportunity to discover the place and its people.

Also, do not forget to watch the old nostalgia train, the Asian version of it on Istiklal Street, which connects the Kadikoy Center with Moda Street and the inner districts of the area.



The tower was built in the 14th century at a height of 63 meters, one of the highest towers in the city, and certainly one of the best locations to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the city. With its magnificent structure, stunning design and superb location in the city, Galata Tower is undoubtedly one of Istanbul's most famous landmarks

 Galata Tower is a historic tower in the city of Istanbul consisting of nine floors. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful towers in the historic city with a high height of 66.90 meters.

Enjoy the views of the Galata Tower on the upper floor of a restaurant and café, offering a great view of the Bosphorus and Istanbul, as well as a circular terrace that also offers great views.



Istanbul is one of Istanbul's most popular tourist attractions, with its natural beauty and variety of tourist and entertainment venues making it a fun, fun and relaxing day.

The area of ​​Flora of Istanbul includes all the elements of tourism, where the charming beach of Flora with its clear water and its successive waves, as well as parks, places of entertainment, restaurants, cafes, hotels and markets

Istanbul Aquarium Flora is one of the most beautiful tourist places located in the area of ​​Flora Istanbul at all is a place that treats all the children and their elders and provides them with many elements of pleasure mixed with knowledge

The Aqua Florya complex is one of the most beautiful and largest in Istanbul. It has a great location near Ataturk International Airport. It is located along the coast of Florya  Istanbul. The complex includes many international brands, restaurants and various types of international and Turkish goods, as well as a covered outdoor terrace with many activities, Different in the city.



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