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Best places of residence in Istanbul

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Best places of residence in Istanbul
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Turkey has well-forth onto the global level as a head destination for investors and entrepreneurs, fetching multinational attention with its essential position at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. This unique geographical advantage not only bridges Eastern and Western cultures but also revealsTurkey's diverse topographies, climates, rich cultural legacy, and deep-rooted civilization. 

Moreover, Turkey's ball-of-fire economic outlook, characterised by rapid advancements in trade, industry, and urban development, further build-up its claim as a focus for global investment.


In this maturing stage, Istanbul stands as the jewel in Turkey's crown, drawing significant interest from investors, particularly in residential projects. Praised for its cultural fortune and all-time historical significance, Istanbul's charm extends to families seeking a mix of tourist attractions and enough entertainment options.

The question here is: What are the best residential areas in Istanbul? In this article, we will mention the 8 best residential areas in Istanbul and what distinguishes each area from the other.



1- Maslak Area:


Located in the very core of Istanbul, Maslak has set in stone its status as the city's premier residential district, attracting cultivated residents and wise investors alike. Over the past years, Maslak has put up with a remarkable evolution, evolving into an active tendency of modernity while keeping its natural charm.  


Maslak stands out for its eco-rich green spaces, including the large Belgrad Forest, which offers a peaceful retreat from the fast-track life. 

Residents cling to the closeness to these sweeps, ideal for relaxing strolls and outdoor activities.


Adding to that, Maslak features the reputable Valley Shopping Mall, a famous destination that houses  various collections of retail outlets, dining sites, and entertainment options. This world-class complex not only upgrades the lifestyle of residents but also brings visitors from across Istanbul. 

Furthermore, the proximity of  the cultural and recreational big-spots, including Sadabad Cultural Center and Maslak Arena, cater to enthusiasts of arts, sports, and culture. All of this is in one district. 


Moreover, Maslak is strategically located in an active point boasting direct connectivity to main transportation networks, offering easy access to shopping centres like Istinye Park and Kanyon, as well as well-made public transport options such as metro and bus stations. 

Its proximity to main roads secure swift connections throughout the city.


Finally Maslak's critical importance is marked by the fact that it is very close to everything—just minutes from Taksim and Levent, a brief drive from the Bosphorus, and a bare 25-minute trip from Istanbul's third airport. 

This prime location positions Maslak as not only a sought-after residential but also a promising investment opportunity at the front line of Istanbul's swell urban district.



2-  Zeytinburnu Area:


Zeytinburnu, located on Istanbul's European side, has swiftly been considered as a wanted residential destination continuing huge development and transformation.

Central to Zeytinburnu's charm is its stunning coastline along the Sea of Marmara, offering overwhelming views and a peaceful environment for residents. The district's proximity to other important landmarks such as Topkapı Palace refines its cultural theme, providing a direct link to Istanbul's famed past. 


In recent years, Zeytinburnu has seen remarkable growth with new residential and commercial developments recreating its pull. high-profile shopping destinations like Olivium Outlet Center and Capacity Shopping Mall cater to diverse retail needs, complemented by a living dining and entertainment scene.


Green spaces such as Zeytinburnu Kent Ormanı and Merkezefendi Parkı further elevate the district's quality of life, providing residents no end opportunities for outdoor activities and amusement among modern quick life.


The district benefits from excellent transportation infrastructure, including metro, tramway, and bus networks, which provide a wide connectivity across Istanbul. 

This accessibility, coupled with urban rebirth in progress, makes Zeytinburnu a progressive neighbourhood have-it-all for both living and investment.


With its mix of historical grace, coastal beauty, and growing development, Zeytinburnu promises a rising future for its residents.



3- Sisli Area:


Şişli, situated on Istanbul's European side, is well-known for its central location and warm history. With 25 unique neighbourhoods, each with its own distinct character and stories to tell, Şişli is well-liked for its beautifully rebuilt streets and buildings that show off the ancient heritage and contemporary engagement. 

Its strategic position, just beside hilly districts like Beşiktaş, Sarıyer, Eyüp, Kağıthane, and Beyoğlu establishes excellent connectivity and convenience for its residents. 


Counting Nişantaşı, a part of Şişli, elaborates elegance and sophistication in Istanbul. 

Best known for Abdi İpekçi Street, Turkey's most prestigious hood relish à la mode boutiques and fine dining options, Nişantaşı flow out an air of new fashion and refinement. 

Beyond all, Nişantaşı offers a peaceful residential environment characterised by tree-lined streets, green spaces, and top-level schools. 

The district fascinates residents who appreciate cultural spirit and modern conveniences, contributing an active community that mixes tradition with contemporary living.




4- Basaksehir  Area: 


In recent years, much attention has been focused on life within Başakşehir, Istanbul's most populous district. This high interest is highlighted by its historical context added to the fact that it keeps growing and improving. Therefore, living in Başakşehir is becoming more attractive every day.

Located in the Marmara region and originally part of Esenler, Küçükçekmece, and Büyükçekmece, it was delineated as an independent district in 2008.


The district has experienced remarkable build-up driven by its wide transportation network, which has facilitated many advancements in infrastructure. It has also come forth as a leading centre for education and healthcare services, particularly with the establishment of the Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital, a major medical facility in Istanbul. 


The district's proximity to popular retail destinations such as the Mall of Istanbul, ArenaPark, and 212 Outlet enhances its dynamic atmosphere, hosting frequent fairs, concerts, and theatrical performances. 


We can’t talk about Basaksehir and not to mention the Kayasehir district, one of the newest areas in Istanbul (less than 10 years old)

Thanks to its excellent public transport links, Kayaşehir has become a popular location for those looking to relocate to Istanbul.


It is also distinguished by its proximity to the new government square, its bustling commercial centre, and its popular shopping centres. 

Moreover, it provides many wonderful views of the Bosphorus Strait and beautiful gardens, a quiet backdrop for a comfortable lifestyle. 


Thanks to its strong infrastructure, accessibility, and liveliness vibes, Kayaşehir is an attractive option for those looking for a perfect home in a modern area.

The area is also home to a range of restaurants, cafes, and bazaars. Residents can also enjoy walking along the river, cycling in the park, and a variety of cultural events.

Kayaşehir offers something for everyone. 


5- Bahçeşehir Area:


Bahçeşehir has become one of the most wanted areas in Istanbul's European side. Its name, which means "garden city" in Turkish, reflects its well-developed environment with large green spaces, parks, and valuable residential projects including luxurious apartments and villas.


Bahçeşehir is mainly home to people in the A to B+ social class, making it a new and elegant neighbourhood. It is carefully planned with excellent infrastructure and services, featuring spacious, clean, and well-maintained roads.

The area has top brands shopping centres like Akbatı Mall that fits to the needs and desires of its residents.


Property in Bahçeşehir offers a high quality of life at competitive prices compared to Istanbul's older city centre. Its strategic location is another draw, being just 35 minutes from the new Istanbul airport, 7 minutes from the upcoming Canal Istanbul project, 30 minutes from Taksim, and 15 minutes from Mall of Istanbul. 


Besides, Bahçeşehir is also known for its powerful transportation network, situated along the E-80 Highway that spans across Istanbul and connects the European and Asian sides via the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.


Plus, The area is well-served by the IETT Istanbul bus network, facilitating easy access to key destinations such as the airport, Bakırköy, Avcılar, Taksim, and Başakşehir. 


Additionally, Bahçeşehir is set to benefit from future metro station projects, such as the Mahmutbey metro line, which will enhance connectivity to neighbouring areas in the near future.


A highlight of Bahçeşehir is its Lake Park, often described as Istanbul's hidden paradise. Turkey's largest artificial lake, covering 26,000 square metres, offers residents the most  serene views.


6- Beylikduzu Area:


Beylikdüzü, a modern residential area in Istanbul's European side, boasts views of the Marmara Sea and Büyükçekmece Bay. It is bordered by the Avcılar region to the east and Esenyurt to the north.

With a population of 315,000 and covering an area of 360 square kilometres, Beylikdüzü has surged in popularity in recent years, appearing  as an important growth in real estate projects. 

Its strategic location and favourable soil conditions enable the construction of towering residential buildings, complemented by efficient administrative management and infrastructure. 


In addition, Beylikdüzü has an extensive and efficient transportation network that connects it to other areas of Istanbul, mentioning the 24-hour Metrobus line provides reliable transportation, with state plans underway to establish the first metro station in the region within a year.


Moreover, one of Istanbul's largest shopping centres, Marmara Park Mall stands out with its diverse options of international and local brands. 


What’s more? Beylikdüzü is known for its educational and healthcare infrastructure, making it a destination of excellence in Istanbul. Approximately 40% of its population comprises upper and educated classes, ensuring access to a wide range of amenities such as international, Arab, and Turkish schools, private and public universities, as well as good healthcare centres and hospitals offering all medical services.



7- Ataşehir Area:


situated in the Asian side of Istanbul, stands as a modern residential and business destination.

close to Vital areas like  kadikoy, Uskudar  Umraniye and Kartal districts 


Well known for its high-rise buildings, fancy living spaces, and fully planned streets, Ataşehir is regarded as one of Istanbul’s most prestigious areas. 


It hosts numerous international companies, shopping centres, and cultural facilities, making it a destination for professionals and families seeking a lively modern lifestyle.


Easy Access to Different Facilities 

Residents of Ataşehir benefit from convenient access to a wide range of facilities and services, including many shopping centres, entertainment venues, restaurants, and cafes. The area also hosts many reputable educational institutions and well-equipped hospitals 


With its high-quality infrastructure, Ataşehir features well-maintained roads, enough public transportation options. plusIt is located at the intersection of the O-2 and O-4 highways in Anatolian. Additionally, the well-planned nature of the district often results in fewer traffic problems compared to older parts of Istanbul.


Despite its urban setting, Ataşehir offers large green spaces. Several parks and recreational areas provide residents with opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation amidst nature, mentioning the Bulent Ecevit Park, spanning 8,000 square metres, offers an ideal setting for spending quality time with your family.


8- Maltepe Area:

Located in the Asian side of Istanbul in a coastal area facing the Princes' Islands, 

This area is considered one of the modern and upscale areas in Istanbul. 


Maltepe attracts attention due to its natural beauty and location on the shore of the Sea of Marmara. It is distinguished by its distance from the noise of Istanbul, and the apartments and residential complexes in Maltepe feature sea views.


Maltepe Huge Park: Considered one of the largest parks in the world, it covers an area of 1,200,000 square metres. 

It is spacious enough to spend your day there while engaging in many enjoyable activities for you and your family.

The park also includes 8 different islands, each featuring numerous recreational areas, sports clubs, as well as cafes and restaurants.


The D100 highway, which connects the European side to the Asian side via the Eurasia Tunnel under the Bosphorus Strait, runs through Maltepe. 

It is 63 km from the new Istanbul airport and about half an hour by car from Taksim. 


Nearby, there are several healthcare institutions such as Süreyyapaşa Hospital and Marmara University Hospital, as well as several educational facilities including Maltepe University and Marmara Education Village. 

There are also some shopping centres like Carrefour Mall and Fuaye Shopping Center.

This article has been updated to include the best residential areas today.



Turkey is one of the world's most famous destinations in recent years. It has become the focus of attention for investors and businessmen around the world due to its strategic position, that it is located in the center of the world, connecting the continents of Asia and Europe, the eastern culture with the western culture, And its varied nature, weather, culture and art, in addition to its ancient history and authentic civilization, as well as its rapid development in trade, industry and urbanization.

At the present time, many are investing in residential projects in Istanbul, one of the most prestigious cities in Turkey and the first choice for tourists and visitors, especially families. That's because of the variety of tourists attractions and family entertainment activities that is available.

In this article we are outlining the best 7 residential areas in Istanbul:

1- Maslak area:

Maslak, the investment center of Istanbul, is one of the largest real estate development areas in the city.
Maslak is located in one of the most important sites in Istanbul, close to shopping centers, public transport, main roads, arts and sports and culture centers.
Maslak is only minutes away from Taksim and Levent, not more than 5 minutes from the Bosphorus and 25 minutes from Istanbul's third airport, giving it strategic and investment importance. Maslak is home to the most important residential complexes and shopping malls such as the Istanbul Valley, overlooking Belgrade's forests and 15 minutes from the Asian section of Istanbul.

Maslak projects: Maslak projects

2- Kadikoy area:

Kadikoy is one of the important, significant and most visited areas in Istanbul. It also considered as a residential and commercial area. In addition to that, the port of Kadikoy is an important transportation hub in the city that it connects the Asian and European sides across the Bosporus Strait, and it is easy and convenient to transport and move by metro, rail and bus lines.

Kadikoy projects: Kadikoy projects

3- Sariyer area:

Sariyer district is located on the European side of Istanbul, and it is one of the charming areas that overlooking the Bosphorus, which is a center of tourism and investment in Istanbul.
Sariyer is known as a district of politicians, artists and rich people. It contains many of palaces with a sea view that goes back to the Ottoman period.
Properties in Sariyer are known for its sea views, and along its coast there are a lot of restaurants and cafes, so it is considered as a great area for residents and tourists in Istanbul. Sariyer also has an extensive green areas such as Belgrade Forest, Emirgan Park and Ataturk Park, which has more than 1,500 trees.

Our villas project in Sariyer RH 122-Villas with gardens in Sariyar, Istanbul

Sariyer district is an ideal choice if you want a place of residence with the availability of basic services such as education, health and transportation. Sariyer contains the most famous universities in Istanbul such as Istanbul Technical University, Bosphorus University, Marmara University and Doğa College, so it attracts students from all over the world. Also, it contains many hospitals and public clinics that provide health care to the residents.

One of the most popular real estate areas in Sariyer is Tarabya, Yenikoy, and Istinye, and each has its own distinctive character.

4- Taksim Square:

Taksim Square is one of the most important tourist sites in Istanbul. It is a major center for many activities and a destination for tourists from all over the world. It is so close to Istiklal Street which contains shops, antique buildings, libraries, banks, cinemas, restaurants and cafes, in addition to many embassies and consulates such as the US Consulate, French, Greek and British. One of the most important landmarks in Taksim Square is the monumental monument and the old tram. To learn about our projects near the Taksim: Right Home 31

5- Nisantasi area:

Nisantasi is located on the European side of Istanbul in the famous Sisli area, one of the most beautiful and vibrant areas in Istanbul. It contains many shopping malls, fashion boutiques and international luxury brands. It is one of the most luxurious and fancy residential districts in Istanbul and it is the perfect choice for many families, visitors and tourists for an enjoyable holiday. Take a look on our projects that are located near to Nisantasi: Right Home 80

6- Bahcesehir area:

The city of gardens or bahcesehir in Turkish it’s aptly named, because it is dominated by green areas and beautiful landscape, it also has a fresh air away from the congestion and pollution of the city and is considered as a luxurious area inhabited by high-class and it is characterized by rapid urban development. It is 20 km from Ataturk International Airport and 25 km from the center of the city. The region's nature characterized with many hills, small plateaus and valleys, adding more beauty to the place and giving you a sense of calmness and a lifestyle in the heart of nature. It is worth mentioning that although the region is famous for its natural life, it does not mean that the services are not good, because there are a lot of shops of local and international brands as well as popular markets, cafes and restaurants.

It is generally characterized by a peaceful atmosphere, which will provide you and your family with a rich and healthy life. We will mention here some of the most important features and facilities in bahcesehir.

Bahcesehir residential projects: Bahcesehir projects

7- Esenyurt area:

Esenyurt area is located on the European side of Istanbul, it is one of the largest and most densely populated areas (2,770 sq. km) with a population density of 750,000 people. In general, it is a popular area where you can find a job and where mix of nationalities are living.

Esenyurt has two very different patterns of life:

The first type is the overcrowded informal slums, characterized by a pattern of busy life and movement, where properties are cheap in terms of purchase or rent, and for transportation, facilities and services are well available near these neighborhoods.     

Esenyurt residential projects: Esenyurt projects

The second style is the residential complexes that are characterized by calming and provide a higher level of services. These residential complexes came at several levels on demand, including cheap acceptable services, and the average price of VIP services. Esenyurt is a relatively cheap area for the real estate market and it is characterized by its rapid growth, so, many foreign investors are keen to buy their homes or launch their businesses because it is a promising area for investments, and it will pass the metro line by next year, making the transportation and movement so easy.




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