Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Don't buy a property in Turkey by yourself.. consult a real estate company

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Don't buy a property in Turkey by yourself.. consult a real estate company
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In the age of Internet, it is possible to travel around the world while you are at home, and the sources of information are available to everyone, mostly for free, and this may lead us to believe that a big decision, such as buying a property in a developed country like Turkey, is easy, and we can do it ourselves without any help of anyone.

Customers think that real estate companies are paid for the services and advices they provide to the buyer, but that is not true. Real estate companies are paid by the seller (construction companies) not by the buyer.


 Important reasons to consult a real estate company before buying a property in Turkey: 

  1.  Turkey's real estate market

Turkey is a country that is developing very rapidly. If we talk about Istanbul, we are talking about thousands of new projects ready for housing, as well as projects under construction. These projects are distributed in all parts of Istanbul. Each area has certain features that differ from other areas. The growth of some areas is much faster than the other in a specific period of time and then the equation is reversed to the grow of other areas very quickly, and this cannot be predicted by anyone unless they follow the economic news in Istanbul over the past two years, especially if the buyer is interested in buying a property under construction in order to take advantage of the high returns when the project is delivered. No one will be able to know the credibility of the construction company and the quality of the materials used and whether it is committed to deliver its projects on time and with good quality unless he follows the company's transactions. Small construction companies are offering attractive offers on their under construction projects in order to attract as many buyers as possible and make use of their money to complete the project. Sometimes they may succeed, and sometimes the project will remain stalled for several years and promising investment turns into a losing investment altogether.

  1. Property prices

Property prices in Istanbul in particular and Turkey in general are almost constant for the Turkish Lira, but the fact that the lira is variable for the dollar will be variable for the buyer by foreign currency, especially if he buys a property with installment plans over several years. Your real estate consultant is your representative during the purchasing process and he will give you the most appropriate offer to get your property in Istanbul in such a way that you are always the winner.

  1. Personal relations of the real estate consultant

Real estate consultant has a close relationship with the construction companies, which extends over several years, in addition to his extensive knowledge of sales representatives in the projects. Real estate consultant uses these relationships after collecting the basic information about you with regard to The aim of buying the property? Is it under construction or ready? Is it in the city center or in quiet areas with sea view? Also, determining your budget helps in guiding you to find the right property for you. It is always good to provide the real estate consultant with the right information about your budget because it will help him to find the best opportunity for you within the specified budget.

  1. Ability to negotiate

Your real estate consultant negotiates with the sales representatives as if he is buying a property for himself. Remember real estate consultant knowing the market, the project, the construction company, the sales representatives and the offer you have chosen way beyond your personal knowledge. You have two options, either try your negotiation skills and maybe you will make a good deal and maybe not, or let your real estate consultant to negotiate instead and you will definitely make an excellent deal.

  1. Pre-purchase services

When you come to a foreign country like Turkey (which rarely speaks English) you need an interpreter or someone who knows the country well so that he can show you the projects and get you to and from the hotel during your trip to buy a property. All this is provided free of charge by professional real estate companies so you only need to coordinate with your consultant to find him waiting for you in the airport to take you on a tour on Istanbul's projects. Many other services you may need before you buy your property in Turkey you will find a real estate consultant ready to fully give it to you.

  1. Who will answer all your questions?

When you buy a property in Turkey there are important questions you would like to get answers to, such as:

- How do I get a family residence permits?

- How will I open water meters, electricity, gas, Internet and purchase of furniture?

- What are the laws of ownership in Turkey and can properties be inherited or not?

- Is the property you bought suitable for Turkish citizenship?

When you deal with a professional real estate company, they will provide you with after sales services. You will be followed up from the moment of purchasing until you reach your goal.

  1. Follow-up payment of installments

Buying property by installments is very important for many customers. Often, the customer is not in Turkey during the payment process. Therefore, he needs a representative to ensures that the installments are paid in a correct and accurate manner, especially since the prices in Turkey are often evaluated in Turkish lira. The exchange rate is constantly changing up and down. When the buyer pays in a foreign currency, the exchange rate will change, so you need someone to represent you here to guarantee your right to receive the correct exchange rate at the time of paying.

  1. Legal Department

Only real estate companies that have a specialized legal department to follow up on the transactions of their customers, have they been delivered at the right time? Are the terms of the contracts valid? For the properties with rental guarantee, is the contract included in the agreed period correctly? Are the conditions complete and guarantee the rights of all parties?

All this is followed up free of charge by the professional real estate company you have chosen to represent you in the process of purchasing your property in Istanbul.

  1. Real estate consultant saves your time

We are well aware that customer's time is important and therefore our real estate consultant seeks to save your time as much as possible by reviewing your application very well and offering the right options for you without wasting your time in vain.

  1. Real estate consultant offers free services

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article that the wages of real estate companies are paid from the construction companies themselves, not from customers, so it's risky for customers to buy a property himself without a real estate broker.

You can stay on the safe side and take advantage of all the advantages by working with a professional real estate consultancy.



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