Investing in Istanbul

Information about owning a shop in Istanbul

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Information about owning a shop in Istanbul
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Istanbul is one of the most important commercial cities in the world, due to its strategic location as it is a bridge that must be crossed to transport goods between the east and the west.

Istanbul's markets attract tourists, because of the variety and high quality of goods, and because of its competitive prices compared to the world markets.

Investors have recently been buying shops in Istanbul as well as properties and apartments, for the purpose of trading and other purposes such as obtaining a residence permit or Turkish citizenship.

To learn more about Turkish citizenship laws: Steps of obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property in Turkey

The city of Istanbul is located on a wide area of land, with a very wide range of markets, ranging from historic old markets, modern markets, shopping malls, wholesale markets and popular markets, all with various investment options. However, some of them have special features among Istanbul shops that made them different from others.

There is no doubt that the old and historical markets have a special cultural flavor that attracts tourists, such as the grand bazar and the Egyptian market in Istanbul, but the modern markets and malls have a lot of popularity and success. They are characterized by many features that are missing in the old markets, such as the infrastructure, the availability of parking, and other facilities such as restaurants, cafes, children's play areas, by all the famous international brands.

Commercial units in modern projects and shopping malls, especially in promising and fast-growing areas, are the best choice for owning a shop in Istanbul.

 How to choose the right location to buy a shop in Istanbul? 

It is important to adopt a set of standards when choosing the shop you intend to buy and invest in Istanbul, including:

  • The shop should be located in a central area, with a high population density and high demand from tourists.
  • The location of the shop near the main roads and public transportation, where it is easily accessible from everywhere.
  • The office or shop should be near the city center.
  • The surrounding area should include hotels, residential complexes and other facilities that you may need to be near your investment.
  • There should be parking of the shop.
  • The availability of ATMs near the shop is very important for financial and commercial transactions.
  • Modern elevators are required in the malls that are periodically maintained.
  • A security system to be available throughout the day using modern technologies such as surveillance cameras.

Before you buy a shop in Istanbul, make sure you have the legal papers of the shop and hire a trusted advisor in the Turkish market: this will save a lot of your effort and time.

It is worth mentioning that the shops are considered as real estate that allows their owners to get Turkish citizenship, like any other real estate investment, if the foreigner owns a real estate that worth 250.000$, which means it is an opportunity for two advantages at the same time: to get a Turkish citizenship, and a profit by operating the shop or rent it out with a good return.




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