Airports in Turkey

Airports in Turkey

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Turkey is one of the most frequently traveled countries by people for many purposes and goals , such as tourism in Turkey , investment in Turkey , education and medical purposes , and purchase of real estate and others . It is a country rich in landmarks , and it has a long history and a unique culture that combines the originality of the East and the modernity of the West .

Turkey is a major destination for Arab and foreign tourists from all over the world , where there are quite a few tourist cities , including seaside and charming coastal cities , including quiet mountain cities , along with forests , waterfalls and rivers , and its magnificent atmosphere and nature .

In the following article , general information about Turkey and the most important cities in Turkey , that are intended for visitors from all over the world : General information about Turkey


One of the most important reasons for the increase of incoming flights to Turkey is the tendency of investors , businessmen and money owners to invest their money in Turkey by buying a property . Obtaining Turkish citizenship directly if the value of the property is not less than 250.000 $ , provided that the property is maintained and the property is not sold for three years at least .


All news and laws of Turkish citizenship can be found in the following link : Turkish citizenship


Turkish passport is ranked the 39th globally , allowing the holder to enter more than 72 countries without getting a visa in advance , such as Qatar and Indonesia , and entering 42 countries with an immediate visa issued on arrival , such as Kuwait , Bahrain , and the right to enter 7 countries through an electronic visa issued online , such as Oman and Australia .


In this article , a detailed description of the most important airports in Turkey , which frequently travel to and from , so you can easily choose your destination when visiting the Turkey and travel within it .


 International airports in Turkey 


Turkey has 102 airports , 8 of them are international airports , and they are :


  • Istanbul Third Airport

Istanbul New Airport or Istanbul International Airport , which is located on the European side of Istanbul , the heart of the culture , trade , tourism and economic activity in Turkey . Istanbul Third Airport is located in Arnavutkoy area on the European part of Istanbul . It was inaugurated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the participation of international figures in April 2019 . The first flight was from Istanbul New Airport to Ankara . New Istanbul Airport was built on a land area of ​​76.5 million square meters . The first phase of investments amounted to approximately € 6 billion , and it is being implemented by a consortium of major Turkish companies under the name IGA .

Istanbul's third airport is the largest investment project in Istanbul , and it is the largest airport in the world , which will accommodate about 200 million passengers annually after completing all stages in 2028 .

Turkish real estate experts believe that New Istanbul Airport will boost the economy of Turkey , especially in the real estate sector , as this airport has a strategic importance for Turkey .

Istanbul's third airport is considered as one of the most important investments made in the transport sector in Turkey . With its full start , it is expected to increase the sales of houses , in addition to a positive development in the real estate and tourism sector .

It is worth mentioning that while the opening of Istanbul's third airport , Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul was closed and flights were suspended , and the 6th of April was set as the date of the last civil flight taking off from Ataturk International Airport , after 86 years of service , with continuing operations General navigation , maintenance , general aviation , air taxi , business trips , government aircraft , freight and other flights permitted by the Airports Authority for a specified period of time . The Turkish government has begun the first phase of its transformation of Ataturk International Airport into a public recreational and ecological park called the People's Park . The airport is planned to be a public park with walking trails , bicycle paths , family-friendly spaces , cafes and services . It is also planned to convert buildings around it into exhibition and conference centers .

  • Sabiha Gokcen Airport in Istanbul

Sabiha Gokcen Airport is located on the Asian side of Istanbul , and was named in honor of Sabiha Gokcen , the first woman to fly a warplane in Turkey .

With the increasing number of arrivals to Istanbul and Ataturk International Airport at the time , there was a need to establish a second international airport within the city of Istanbul , and the Asian part of the city was chosen for this airport to provide transportation services for all parts of Istanbul , and to facilitate the movement of passengers . Construction of Sabiha Gokcen Airport started in 1998 and completed in 2000 .

Sabiha Gokcen International Airport Terminal is 20.000 square meters , and it consists of three lounges , two departure (A-B) , each with 11 check-in desks , 4 entrance gates , and a third terminal with 12 passport offices .

Other facilities available at Sabiha Gokcen International Airport include VIP lounges , and 2 garages , one for 600 cars and the other for 50 buses , a post office , car rental , a bank and tax-free shops , as well as many restaurants and cafes .

  • Esenboğa International Airport in Ankara

Esenboğa International Airport is located in Ankara , the capital city of Turkey , it also known as Ankara International Airport . Ankara is a major center of trade and industry in Turkey , where the focus of political and diplomatic activity of the state of Turkey , the airport has been operating since 1955 . In 2009, the airport was ranked second in terms of the number of international flights at the level of Turkish airports , and was awarded the best airport in Europe by the International Council of International Airports in Europe , and Esenboğa International Airport is a pivotal operational airport for Turkish Airlines .

Esenboğa International Airport has been rated as the best airport in Europe that it is equipped with international standards . It witnesses active traffic to many international destinations , including Amsterdam , Vienna , Frankfurt , Brussels and others .

The international departure lounge at Esenboğa International  Airport or Ankara International Airport has six free-tax shops , currency exchange offices , banks and restaurants . There is also a bus service that takes passengers to the center of Ankara within 45 minutes . Taxis are also available .

  • Adnan Menderes International Airport in Izmir

Adnan Menderes Airport , also called Izmir International Airport , is located west of the Turkish city of Izmir , which has many historical and tourist attractions , as it contains many of the distinctive attractions , which made it one of the most important and the most prominent tourist cities in Turkey .

Izmir International Airport is the fourth most active airport in Turkey , named after Adnan Menderes , Turkey's former prime minister .

Adnan Menderes International Airport in Izmir is a major center of the most famous cities and tourist and historical areas , the airport is only 58 kilometers from the historical city of Ephesus , and only 55 kilometers from the city of Selcuk .

Adnan Menderes International Airport in Izmir has a number of facilities and services that contribute to the enrichment of the airport , and make it one of the best comfortable airports in Turkey , it has many tax-free shop , as well as many cafes and restaurants where you can rest while waiting for your flight , the airport also has banks to change all currencies .

Adnan Menderes International Airport in Izmir is close to the train station . There are regular shuttle buses from the airport to the city and vice versa , as well as taxis and private carriers available at the airport .

  • Trabzon International Airport

The city of Trabzon is one of the most famous Turkish cities located east of the Black Sea . It enjoys a charming nature and is intended for tourists from all over the world , especially from the Arabian Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar . It is famous for its dense forests . It produces many agricultural crops such as fruits and hazelnuts . It is also famous for Uzungol Lake and its cold weather throughout the year , and therefore is located Trabzon International Airport , to serve the regions of northern Turkey .

Trabzon International Airport was opened in 1957 , and in 2009 the airport received more than one million 596 thousand and 905 passengers , and therefore , Trabzon International Airport ranked ninth as the busiest international airport among Turkish airports .

Trabzon International Airport has two terminals , where the second terminal opened on November 22 , 2008 , in addition to car parking .  Trabzon International Airpoert is the only airport in Turkey overlooking the sea , as it is close to the city center , which is away from the center of Trabzon only 6 km .

  • Dalaman International Airport

Also known as Muğla Airport , it is located on the south-west coast of Turkey , and serves that area , a quiet and beautiful area with pine forests and beautiful beaches . Turkey's Dalaman Airport has two terminals , one for domestic flights and the other for international flights , making it easy to travel to and from Dalaman city both internally and internationally .

Transportation is available at Dalaman International Airport , where buses regularly transport passengers to the most important tourist destinations in the southwest of Turkey , such as Fethiye , which takes about 70 minutes by bus at a cost of 17 TL . Marmaris by bus is about 90 minutes at a cost of only 23 TL , along with taxis and private transport .

Dalaman Airport has many restaurants and cafes , a business lounge and free internet access .

  • Milas Bodrum International Airport

Milas Bodrum International Airport is located between Milas and Bodrum in southwestern Turkey . It serves the two cities together , where it is located thirty kilometers northeast of Bodrum and sixteen kilometers from Milas .

Bodrum , a peninsula with its picturesque beaches and tranquility , has been frequented by British tourists for years , and is intended for Turkish residents to enjoy the summer holidays every year .

Milas Bodrum International Airport has terminals hosting around 2.5 million passengers annually , especially during the most popular tourist months , which are at their peak in the summer .

Milas Bodrum International Airport is designed to handle 5 million passengers a year .

Like the other airports , Milas-Bodrum International Airport offers transportation , buses and taxis .

  • Antalya International Airport

Antalya International Airport is located in the city of Antalya , at a distance of thirteen kilometers from the city center , and serves the southwestern region of Turkey , and it is the second busiest airports in Turkey . Antalya is the second most visited Turkish cities after Istanbul , and most of those visiting Turkey they end up visiting Antalya , a charming city with its beauty , where most investors buy property in Antalya .

Antalya International Airport is one of the 15 largest airports in Europe , in terms of passenger traffic , with a total number of passengers from Antalya International Airport in 2015 more than 27 million passengers .

Antalya International Airport has a number of facilities and services that cater the passengers and meet the needs of travelers , such as many cafes and restaurants , banks and ATMs , and the airport has banks to change all currencies .

Airport transfers , taxis and private transportation are also available at the airport .


 Domestic airports in Turkey 


For domestic airports in Turkey or domestic flights in Turkey , most major cities in Turkey have at least one domestic airport , including Adana , Erzurum and Konya . The cost of domestic flights in Turkey is very cheap . The average cost per person is 200 TL.


 Most visited cities in Turkey 


  • Istanbul city

Istanbul is the most visited city in Turkey . Istanbul is the largest city on the continent of Europe , and the eighth largest city in the world , and the largest city in Turkey , with a population of 14.804.116 people , according to the statistics of 2019 . Istanbul is the economic , commercial and cultural center of the country , due to its strategic location between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea , as well as linking the Asian part of Turkey to the European section through the famous Bosphorus Bridge .

The city of Istanbul is characterized by a relatively mild climate , due to its location between the continents of Asia and Europe , and the summer of Istanbul is especially hot in July and August , the maximum temperature in Istanbul may reach 37 degrees Celsius , while winter is very cold , especially in January and February , winter rains fall on the city of Istanbul and snow covers most areas and the temperature reaches seven degrees below zero .

Istanbul is one of the most religiously diverse cities in Turkey . Islamic religion is the most prevalent religion among the population of Istanbul , followed by Christianity . Turkish is the official language in Istanbul . A number of other languages such as Arabic and English are supported .

The city of Istanbul is one of the most famous tourist cities in Turkey and in the world , where it is visited by tourists and visitors of different nationalities and religions , because of the nature of this beautiful city and its distinctive scenic and nice weather , in addition to being overlooking the charming Bosphorus Strait .


  • Antalya city

Antalya is the second most visited city in Turkey . Antalya , the bride of the Turkish coast , is one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey . It is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the southwestern part of the State of Turkey , so it is located on the coastal slopes and surrounded by mountains on all sides , and the population of Antalya about 775.157 people . Antalya is known as a center for development and investment and it is one of the most popular destinations for foreign tourists from all over the world , especially Europeans and Russians .

One of the most important tourist activities in the Turkish city of Antalya visit its beautiful waterfalls , which flow from the top of the mountains to impress tourists with its magnificence and beauty , in addition to the charming nature that includes unique trees and plants such as willow , figs and wild olives .


  • Edirne city

Edirne is the third most visited city in Turkey . The city of Edirne is known as the second capital of the Ottoman Empire between 1361 and 1453 , which made it the host of a number of valuable historical monuments , dating back to the Ottoman Empire , and contains some rivers , forests and natural baths , which make it a suitable city for rourism and have fun .

The city of Edirne visitors are 8.80% of the total number of tourists coming to Turkey , which is 2 to 3 million tourists a year . And European countries , where they are very close to it such as Bulgaria and Greece , so many tourists come from Europe to Turkey through the wild gate of Edirne , which makes it a city full of tourists .

The most prominent landmarks are the Selimiye Mosque , which was built by Sultan Selim II , and designed by the famous architect Sinan Agha , in addition to the old mosque , the mosque of three balconies , the Macedonian Tower , and Saraclar street .

The city of Edirne is also famous for its clean beaches available for swimming , especially the coasts of the Saros Bay , which attracts many tourists to it . The city of Edirne depends heavily on agriculture , and it is famous for making white cheese and soap .


  • Muğla city

The city of Muğla is one of the most famous cities in Turkey , known for its ancient history , and was known as the oldest Karya , and it has the longest coast among all the cities of Turkey , and the city of Muğla   rise above the sea level by about one thousand and one hundred kilometers , and it is bordered to the east by the city of Antalya , to the south is the Mediterranean Sea , and to the west is the Aegean Sea .

The city of Muğla is very similar to the city of Antalya , which features some tourist and recreational places similar to those in the city of Muğla , and it is a tourist destination for many Turkish and foreign celebrties . Muğla receives annually 8.52% of the total number of tourists coming to Turkey , that's an estimated 2-3 million tourists a year .

The city of Muğla attracts many tourists from all over the world , because of the presence of many places and beautiful tourist attractions , and examples of them : Marmaris , Fethiye , Milas , and Dalaman .