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Bolu city in Turkey

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Bolu city in Turkey
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Turkey , a country of beauty and art , the modern and developed country , with its history and ancient civilization , which is located in the middle of the world and is divided widely on the continents of Asia and Europe , and combines the originality of the East and the modernity of the West .

Turkey is the magic , the beauty , the rich nature and the great civilization . Turkey is one of the richest countries in the world culturally , historically and geographically in the world , making it ranks sixth among the best tourist destinations in the world , and has been able to attract millions of tourists to it ; based on statistics and figures for 2011 , has chosen nearly thirty-two million foreign tourists Turkey to be their tourist destination that year . Turkey has a wonderful climate all year round , and Turkey has many important landmarks such as the Bosphorus Bridge , Sultanahmet Mosque , Galata Tower , Taksim Square , Hagia Sophia , Uzungol Lake , Cappadocia , Fethiye and Antalya Beaches , and many places that are unique to other cities of the world .

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The tourist is looking for places that comfort him psychologically ,  such as natural scenic places , or places that nourish the love of knowledge , such as historical places , and this is not found in many countries of the world , but rarely find places that combine the history of the past and the splendor of the present , and the purity of nature and the modern civilization . This is what Turkey enjoys , because of its geographical strategic location among the continents of the ancient world , its openness to the Western world , and its close association with the East .

The Republic of Turkey is divided into 81 provinces , and Ankara is the capital of the country , and Istanbul is the financial capital and cultural and economic heart of the country , and the Republic of Turkey includes major and famous cities such as : Izmir , Antalya , Gaziantep , Diyarbakir , Konya , Bursa and others lots .

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One of the most famous cities of Turkey that has become famous recently , with the increasing of its popularity by tourists and residents of Turkey , is the Turkish city of Bolu .

The city of Bolu is named after the " Lake Abant Nature Park " after the resort of " Bolu Abant " . Bolu is located in the northwest of Turkey , on the Black Sea , which is an important vital point linking the capital Ankara and Istanbul , about 262 km from Istanbul city and 192 kilometers from the Turkish capital Ankara , and it is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey , with a total area of 7410 square kilometers , and a population of more than two hundred and seventy thousand , and it is a mountainous area full of forests , with few agriculture areas .

The city of Bolu is famous for agricultural products and milk products , such as cheese and cream , and most of these products are sold and consumed locally . Bolu is also one of the most important trade corridors between Ankara and Istanbul , especially after the opening of a tunnel between the two cities in 2007 , because travelers began to get to know this beautiful city and stop there in order to get some rest and eat some food .

The city of Bolu is ideal for hiking and climbing , due to the presence of mountains , lakes , forests , and wildlife of animals such as deer .

The Turkish city of Bolu is one of the rare places that have many advantages at the same time , the beauty of nature is charming , the forest is rich in its diversity of flora and fauna , the lakes , rivers and beaches on the Black Sea coast are increasing its beauty , and the hot springs at the foothills of the mountains , the large snow-covered ski centers , make it the perfect destination for patients and athletes .

The city of Bolu is a beautiful and green city , calm and cold in summer and snowy in winter , and it is located at an altitude of 1.325 meters from the sea level , and enjoys the presence of wonderful lakes such as  " Golcuk " Lake and the famous " Abant " Lake ,  34 km south west of Bolu , amid the high mountains at an altitude of 1,500 meters , Abant Resort is the center of life in this region , it offers a different beauty in each season , and there are many comfortable hotels and camping places .

Abant Lake is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Turkey , where it is considered as some of the most beautiful natural lakes in the world , because of its magnificence beauty and being surrounded by a large number of pine trees , oaks and willow , which increases the beauty and charm .

Abant Lake, which is located in the Turkish city of Bolu , is one of the most important natural places in the city , where the area of ​​Lake Abant 1.28 kilometers , and it reaches a depth of the deepest point to 18 meters , and is inhabited by the lake Abant a number of pets such as deer and rabbits and some birds .

Sitting at the lake and enjoying its clear waters , the birds hovering over it , the animals that inhabit it , as well as the plants and trees that surround the lake , all of course give you a great opportunity to relax and take a stroll with friends or family .

If you prefer to do some activities , you can do jogging , cycling or even horse riding around Abant Lake , and enjoy those activities in the heart of the magnificent nature .

Remember that your visit to Lake Abant is not associated with a particular season , as you can visit the lake in winter to enjoy the magnificent view of the lake and may snowfall , and see the landscape of the surrounding plants covered in snow .

In addition to that , the Turkish city of Bolu is characterized by the existence of lakes " Yedigöller " ( the seven lakes ) at different altitudes , where the water level varies between one and the other from 50 to 60 meters , flowing water from all the lakes in the form of waterfalls , forming a wonderful sight and creating an extraordinary scene like no other . What makes the area more enjoyable is the possibility of hunting , camping and hiking . In 1965, the area was classified as a national park . Even the hot springs in the Turkish Bolu region make it one of the main tourist areas in Turkey . To the south , 5 km at the foot of the Uludağ Mountains , there is the first tourist area of the two hot springs .

Seven Lakes Park is one of the most beautiful parks and tourist places in Turkey , due to the diversity of trees , plants and roses in it , which number up to 236 species such as beech , oak and pine trees , and because they have beautiful colors , it feels like you are in front of an exquisite painting .

You can stroll through the seven lakes park in Bolu through its bridges , enjoy the view of trees and plants in exquisite colors that are rarely found anywhere in the world , as well as see the animals and birds that spread in the park , such as squirrels and mountain cats .

You can sit on the banks of a lake to enjoy a full view of nature , with the lake and trees together .

If you like fishing , you can do this , but after the spring , the most famous fish you can catch from the lakes in the park are salmon , trout and others .

If you visit the seven lakes in winter , then you can do ice skating that covers the garden floor in this season .

Also , the Turkish city of Bolu includes a museum , and the Museum of Bolu is one of the most important tourist places in Turkish Bolu , which displays traces dating back to the Neolithic and Bronze Age , in addition to the Hellenistic , Roman , Byzantine , Ottoman and Seljuk eras , and the museum was founded in 1975 .

Among the things that are famous for the Turkish city of Bolu , the growth of local hazelnuts , as well as the production of perfumes and cologne with herbal aroma .



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