5 Profitable investment opportunities in Istanbul 2020

5 Profitable investment opportunities in Istanbul 2020

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Istanbul is a charming Turkish city , which is distinguished from the cities of the whole world with its history , civilization , beauty and nature . It is considered as one of the largest investment centers in the world in the year 2020 .

Istanbul is distinguished for its geographical location in the heart of the world , linking the two continents of Asia and Europe across the Bosphorus , which is considered as one of the most important commercial centers in Turkey .

Istanbul is considered as the center of investments in Europe and the Middle East , and it is the first destination for Arab and foreign investors , especially those who want to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment or by buying a property in Istanbul .

The Turkish economy is one of the most economies around the world that have a brilliant future . Expectations indicate that during the next ten years it will become one of the fastest growing economies around the world because it attracts $ 15 billion in foreign investment annually, and the amount increases every year , and it is the sixteenth largest economy around the world .

According to the opinions of economists , Turkey has developed investment plans for the year 2020 that will make it compete with the top 10 markets in the world , such as Russia , America , China and India , and it is moving steadily to achieve its goal , and we are now witnessing the beginning of this success of Turkey's investment plans that will see the light by the year 2023 .


 RH 80- apartments with Bosphorus view and suitable payment plans in Sisli 

A first class residential and investment project in the center of Sisli , specifically in the fast growing Bomonti area .

The project is located in one of the most famous areas on the European side of Istanbul , Bomonti district , a growing area that attracts the attention of investors at the moment , which is characterized by easy access to the most vital places in the city , and its proximity to shopping centers , airports , hospitals , universities and schools .

The project location is just 8 minutes away from Taksim .

This project has been designed in line with the highest quality standards in real estate in Turkey .

All apartments have private balconies with views of Istanbul or the Bosphorus .

The project includes special facilities that provide residents with comfort and entertainment and meet all their needs such as swimming pools , gym, walking paths , sport courts and restaurants , in addition to surveillance cameras and security .

Invest in this project today and benefit from its prices which will increase by 40% after the completion of the project .

All the project details in this link : RH 80


  •  Investment in Sisli area 

Sisli is considered as one of the most important and famous areas in the European side of Istanbul , as it is visited by tourists throughout the year due to its proximity to its religious monuments in addition to being an excellence investment area .

Sisli is a center of trade and shopping in Istanbul , as it is a central area providing public transportation services and modern infrastructure .

Sisli malls including the famous Istanbul Cevahir mall , which was until recently the largest shopping mall in Europe , and the second largest urban shopping center in the world , and Sisli district is the seat of many luxury brands globally , especially in the elegant Nisantasi neighborhood .

Nisantasi area on the European side of Istanbul is distinguished by its presence in many shopping malls , high-end fashion stores and luxury international brands , in addition to the proliferation of cafes and restaurants that are distinguished and built in the classic European style . Nisantasi area is also considered as one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Istanbul , and it is an excellent choice for many families , visitors and tourists , for a pleasant holiday .

Sisli area boasts a huge number of tourist attractions that cater to all tastes and social and tourist needs of visitors and residents alike .


 Property for sale in Sisli 

RH 185 - Residential and investment project in the center of Istanbul in Kagithane Sisli

It is a housing project was built on a land area Land area 7.256 sqm .

The project consists of 2 blocks , A block of 15 floors and B block of 11 floors .

The project contains 237 apartments of 1+1 and 2+1 types , starting from 57.2 sqm .

The project is located the European side of Istanbul , in Kagithane area , one of the largest real estate development areas in the city .

The distinctive location of the project near to the main street and the public transportation .

The doors of the project lead to shopping malls , public transportation , main roads , and to centers for art , sports and culture .

The project is 5 minutes away from the metro line , 2 minutes from the highway , 10 minutes from Nisantasi area , and 30 minutes from the Istanbul New Airport .

The project includes social and recreational facilities that meet the needs of you and your family , such as swimming pools , sports club , children's playgrounds , security and surveillance cameras .

Details of the project in the following link : RH 185


  •  Investment in Maslak area 

Maslak is one of the most important business districts of Istanbul , and it is the most secure area of earthquakes , and the third most luxurious and most expensive area in Turkey .

Real estate shares in Maslak area are rising today , as the Maslak area in Istanbul is an important business center .

Maslak is the investment center of Istanbul , and it is one of the largest real estate development areas in the city . Maslak is located on the European side of Istanbul , close to the famous Sisli , Saiyer and Levent areas , which gives it strategic and investment importance .

Maslak is located in one of the most important locations in Istanbul , close to shopping centers , public transport , major roads , arts , sports and culture centers .

Maslak includes the most important residential complexes and shopping malls , such as Vadi Istanbul , overlooking the Belgrade forests , and it is 15 minutes away from the Asian section of Istanbul .

Vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall is one of the most important malls of Istanbul and its high-end shopping malls , and it is one of the best and most luxurious shopping malls , which witnesses a commercial activity and tourist attraction throughout the year .

Vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall is located in one of the most prestigious areas on the European side of Istanbul , in Maslak area overlooking the magnificent Belgrade forests .

Vadi Istanbul project , which opened in 2017 , is a huge commercial , residential and recreational project , which offers the elements of pleasant shopping , luxury upscale housing , in a clean environment saturated with fresh air , and charming landscapes , which includes more than 270 a world-class clothing and fashion store , as well as some of the city's most famous restaurants , offering a wide variety of food options , a children's playground , and other fun activities for you and your family .


 Property for sale in Maslak 

RH 163 - One of the best projects in Maslak , ready for housing with a view of Belgrade Forest 

Apartments for sale in Istanbul in a huge project like a full-service city , which includes a shopping center , 5-star hotel and integrated social facilities .

The project provides an ideal choice for housing and investment . The project was built in three phases : the units of the first residential phase have been completed and fully sold , the second phase includes shops and a shopping center , while the third and final phase is a mixture of residential and commercial apartments .

The project is located on the European side of Istanbul , specifically in Maslak , one of the largest real estate development areas in the city .

Maslak is one of the main central districts of Istanbul and it is one of the fast-growing areas of the city .

Maslak area is close to transportation links that will take you to all parts of the city in a few moments , and you can easily access the main areas and sights of the city .

Maslak is the ideal area for investment in Istanbul , where it promises high profits and high returns on investment in a few years .

The project is located only minutes away from Taksim and Levent , not more than 5 minutes from Bosphorus , and 25 minutes from  Istanbul's third airport , which gives it strategic and investment importance .

The project is located near the metro station and public transport .

All the project details in this link : RH 163


  •  Investing in Zeytinburnu area 

One of the most important and most famous areas in Istanbul , that draws attention to and the increasing demand for real estate in Istanbul in this high-end area , is Zeytinburnu area .

Zeytinburnu is located on the European side of Istanbul , on the coast of Marmara Sea , Zeytinburnu is an investment area with high rise towers , residential complexes , shopping centers and five-star international hotels .

Zeytinburnu district is located very close to the center of Istanbul , which is only separated from it by the walls of old Constantinople . It is also far from Ataturk International Airport , which the Turkish government started the first phase of the process of transforming it into a public recreational environmental park called " People's Park " .

Being a coastal area overlooking the sea , this has increased its real estate and investment value and prices , in addition to its strategic and unique location between several vital and historical areas .

Zeytinburnu area is within the city center of Istanbul , where it is away from Sisli , Besiktas and Taksim Square only 15 - 20 minutes .

In Zeytinburnu area , all the means of public transport in Istanbul are avilable , such as : metrobus , subway , tramway , Marmaray , sea ferries and public transport buses , and it is also close to the seaport of Bakirkoy area .

Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul is a vital center of trade and industry , and the first destination for real estate investments within the city , and it has become thanks to this urban renaissance to the incubator of the largest luxury real estate projects with leading brands in the area , as part of the development plan and the comprehensive urban development witnessed the Turkish city of Istanbul .

Zeytinburnu area has witnessed a qualitative leap in the construction and real estate sector , where investors , businessmen and venture capitalists are increasingly buying apartments in Istanbul in Zeytinburnu .

The residential and investment projects are characterized by luxury , high quality and charming sea views , where the Zeytinburnu area overlooks the Sea of ​​Marmara directly .

In addition to that , the vital and strategic location of Zeytinburnu area , near the city center and famous tourist areas , such as Fatih , Sultanahmet and Taksim , has earned the region a competitive advantage .


 Property for sale in Zeytinburnu 

RH 180 - Ready luxurious homes with direct sea view in Zeytinburnu

The project was built on a land area of 63.500 square meters . It consists of 6 residences blocks plus 1 hotel block , with its green spaces of 51.500 square meters .

The project offers apartment options ranging from 1+1 to 5+1 , in addition to garden duplex and penthouse .

In this project , the sea will become part of your daily life . You can reach the marina with only one minute’s walk from your home over the footbridge directly connecting the project to the shore .

The project includes many services and facilities that meet all your needs , such as parking for cars , video intercom system , gardens , playgrounds , swimming pools , sauna and others .

The project also offers security and surveillance cameras 24/7 .

The project is ready for delivery , and for more details please visit the project link here : RH 180


  •  Investment in Beylikduzu area 

Investors are buying real estate in Beylikduzu recently , it is a residential investment par excellence , in which the towers and residential complexes rise day by day .

Beylikduzu is located in the European side of Istanbul , Beylikduzu is one of the most modern and developed areas that include a number of universities , schools and the largest shopping centers such as Marmara Park Mall , as well as the most important and prestigious residential projects that are ready for housing or still under construction , so it is the first destination for investors who want to buy a property in Turkey for the purpose of housing or investment and obtaining Turkish citizenship .

Beylikduzu area is considered as one of the most beautiful and most attractive areas for investors and those who want to buy real estate in Turkey , as it has undergone many civilizational developments that have increased its importance and aesthetics , making it the ideal destination for investors in Turkey and it is an ideal area for investment , work and living in Istanbul .

Beylikduzu is characterized by its strategic location , that it has two sea views , one to Marmara Sea and the other to Buyukcekmece Lake .

Beylikduzu is a healthy area that is free from pollutants , which it is far from harmful factories and exhausts .

People living in Beylikduzu of a high educational and social level , where statistics show that most of its residents are university graduates . This is a reason that attracts many businessmen from outside and inside Turkey to undertake various investment projects in Beylikduzu and take advantage of its favorable demographic status .

One of the characteristics of real estate projects in Beylikduzu area that they are earthquake resistant with the latest architectural designs .

Real estate in Beylikduzu is characterized by its special prices which considered as low prices compared to the quality of the construction and the nature of the area . It also has easy and fast public transportation that links the European part of Istanbul with the Asian part , such as the metrobus line and public buses .

Our residential and investment projects in Beylikduzu : Beylikduzu Properties


  •  Investing in Basin Express area 

One of the most important investment areas in Istanbul where the towers , hotels and business center are high is the Basin Express .

Basin Express Highway is one of the most vital areas in the European side of Istanbul , on Bagcilar district . It extends along the road the finest residential and investment projects and business centers . This area in the near future is the most prestigious office area on the European side of Istanbul .

Basin Express is a lucrative investment area , especially since the development of roads in this area in recent years has increased its strategic importance .

The strategic location of Basin Express and a new meeting point in the business world has resulted in a high demand for new corporate offices and apartments in this area .

Basin Express is an intersection between the E5 , TEM and Coastal highways, as well as the North Marmara highway , as well as the metro, rail and sea transport lines that make it one of the easiest areas to reach in Istanbul .

Basin Express includes many mega projects, sophisticated residential complexes , five-star hotels, high-class offices and famous shopping malls such as Mall of Istanbul , which is intended for tourists from all over the world .


 Property for sale in Basin Express 

RH 161 - Luxury towers in Basin Express under construction with installment plans up to 3 years

The project was developed by the best real estate developers in Turkey . It is a housing project built on a land area of 12.000 square meters .

The project consists of two buildings comprising 503 apartments and 27 shops to meet all your needs .

The project offers apartments options ranging from 1+1 to 3+1 with spaces ranging from 68 square meters to 175 square meters .

The project located on the European side of Istanbul , close to Basin Express road , the first destination for investors in Istanbul . With the world's largest companies in Istanbul and five-star hotels , it is connecting the E5 and TEM .

The project is close to shopping malls such as Mall of Istanbul , the largest in Turkey and the favorite destination for Arab and foreign tourists .

The project is 50 meters from the metro station to be built in 2019 .

Project's details in the following link : RH 161