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Princess Islands in Turkey .. the charming land

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Princess Islands in Turkey .. the charming land
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The tourist searches for places that comfort him psychologically , such as picturesque natural places , or places suitable for people  with a love of knowledge such as historical places , and this is not found in many countries of the world , but you rarely find places that combine the fragrant of the past and the splendor of the present , and between the purity of nature and civilization . This is what Turkey enjoys , the country of beauty , because of its geographical location between the continents of the ancient world , its openness to the Western world , and its close connection with the East .

Turkey is magic , beauty , rich nature and great civilization . Turkey is one of the richest countries in the world culturally , historically and geographically , which makes it ranks sixth among the best tourist destinations globally , as Turkey was able to attract millions of tourists to it ; based on statistics and figures for 2011 , Turkey has chosen by nearly thirty two million foreign tourists to be their destination in that year . Turkey has a wonderful climate throughout the year , and Turkey includes many important and distinctive landmarks such as the Bosphorus Bridge , Sultan Ahmed Mosque , Galata Tower , Taksim Square , Hagia Sophia , Dolmabahce Palace , Ataturk Museum , Uzungol Lake , Cappadocia , Fethiye Beaches and Antalya , And many places that are unique to other cities in the world .

Turkey , the country of beauty and art , this modern and developed country , with history and ancient civilization , which is located in the middle of the world and is divided by its wide area on the two continents of Asia and Europe and combines the originality of the East with the modernity of the West .

One of the most important tourist areas in Turkey , which is intended for visitors to Istanbul throughout the year , especially in the summer , and that are suitable for individuals and families and where activities and enjoyable activities are spread , are the Princess Islands , a destination for fun , calm and beauty .

Princess Island is a group of islands located on the Sea of ​​Marmara , and it belongs to the province of Istanbul in the Turkish Republic , and the distance from the center of Istanbul to this island takes about one and a half hours , and this island is called the Princes Islands , or the Red Islands , and characterized by its small size , with an area of ​​about 15.85 square kilometers , and it is intended for visitors from all over the world to enjoy beautiful natural scenery , and a distinctive tourist atmosphere .


  • RH 212 - apartment in Asian section of Istanbul in Pendik ready for housing

It is a mixed used project includes Shopping Mall , Offices and Residential parts in whole project of 50.000 sqm area .

The project consists of a single block and has 44 apartments .

The number of floors in the building are 12 floors .

The project has a strategic location overlooking the sea and Princess Island .

Commercial units in the project includes retail shops , restaurants & cafes , shops and offices . Also , it has mini market , hairdressers which all gives you solutions without leaving yoour space .

Office areas ranging between 88 - 270 m2 in one piece , and we can combine more offices to create much more bigger spaces .

Residences areas start with 56 sqm for studios , 72-75-76 sqm for 1+1, and 132 -139 sqm for 2+1 .

The project includes villas located on the top of the building with 460 and 640 sqm penthouse areas .

The project is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, on Kartal E5 road , the main road of Istanbul , over looking the sea and Princess Islands .

The project is located between Kartal and Yakacik metro stations by walking distance , which cross from west to east of whole Istanbul .

As a location , its at the center of all public transportation systems in Istanbul , such as : Pendik Marine , Kartal Marine , High Speed Train Main Station , Pendik Ferry Station , Sabiha Gokcen International Airport , Highway connection , E5 main Road and Metro Stations .

For more details about the project : RH 212


Princesses Island was named by this name since the Byzantine period , as it was considered an exile for all princes , kings and sultans , and the Ottomans seized it in 1453 AD , and it is made up of nine main islands that differ in their area , and they are as follows :

Buyuk Ada Island : An area of ​​about 5.46 square kilometers , and this island is one of the most famous tourist princesses islands .

Hebeliada Island ( Sadlibag Island ) : An area of ​​about 2.4 square kilometers .

Borjazada Island : An area of ​​approximately 1.5 square kilometers .

Canada Island : Its area is 1.3 square kilometers .

Al-Asdaf Island : An area of ​​0.157 sq km .

Yaslasda Island : Its area is about 0.05 square kilometers .

Severada Island : an area of ​​about 0.05 square kilometers .

Seashell Island Cascade : With an area of ​​about 0.006 square kilometers .

Tavasasn Island , Asdaf : Its area is about 0.004 square kilometers .

A visitor can have a good time there , away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the chaos of car crowds , and there are many quiet hotels in the place and their prices vary according to the stars and views .

There are also commercial banks and various restaurants in the big centers of the island , in which the visitor can have a normal meal for only $ 5 , and he can take a full tour around the island in two ways first , either he can rent a bicycle for about 10 Turkish liras ( Less than a dollar and a half ) .

As for the second method , which is the most enjoyable , as it is considered one of the most entertaining activities on the island by riding a horse-drawn cart and making a comprehensive tour around the island for an hour , and this tour may cost the visitor 100 Turkish liras , the equivalent of ( 17 dollars ) , four people can ride in that single horse-drawn cart between the island's trees and its beautiful homes .

The Arabs are considered as one of the main visitors to these islands during the tourism season from the summer , and even the Turks themselves who live in Istanbul are also keen to spend their weekly vacation or during some occasions there with their children and their families .


  • RH 138 - Pendik coastal residences in Istanbul, Asian side

It is a housing project was built on a land area of 7.000 square meters , and it consists of 3 blocks contains 180 apartments .

The project contains apartment options ranging from 2+1 to 4+1 type apartments . The apartments' areas range from 125 square meters to 193 square meters .

The project located on the Asian side of Istanbul on Pendik district between Kartal and Tuzla , on the Marmara Sea .

The project characterized by its closeness to the Marina where the window of your apartment opens to a sea view .

For more information about the project visit this link : RH 138


In addition , there are beautiful beaches , which enable the visitor to swim , in addition to providing integrated food services in the main centers of the island .

The most popular visited restaurants in the island is fish restaurants , which are located on high places facing the sea , and there they can choose whatever fish types they want and at moderate prices , where one person can eat a fish meal for 10 dollars .

And most visitors go to see the houses that are spread along these islands , and life seems simple and quiet amid the trees , and its residents can see the sea from the nearest windows , which makes most visitors to these islands wish to settle there and live the rest of their lives .

And on the big island there are also many historical monuments , in addition to the palaces and villas that tourists can visit , and the most prominent of them are : Kon Plaza , Lilikenzadeh , Fabiato and Mizi .

In addition , the visitor can take a tour around the ancient churches that exist on the big island , including Panagia , Hagios Demetrius and the Franciscans .

And in the centers of those islands there are also dozens of shops that provide visitors with the opportunity to buy different gifts , and the price is considered average , as it varies according to their quality and sizes that you can give it to your friends or a relative after returning from Turkey .


Istanbul , the city that brought together the beauty of eastern and western civilizations , due to its geographical location , which has a unique history blending cultures , it is located on both sides of two continents , Asia and Europe , in fact , deserves to call the Asian side of Istanbul the calm face of the city , and it is an integral part of the dynamic European section . The Asian section is considered as the original part of the city of Istanbul , which enjoys calmness compared to the European section of the city , and it also enjoys the atmosphere of charming green nature , not to mention the multiplicity of regions and tourist attractions in it , which made the Asian side of Istanbul a destination for the elite of investors , owners and tourists . One of the most important areas in the Asian side of Istanbul , which is characterized by its proximity and view of the Princess Island , is Pendik area .


The area of ​​Pendik is one of the most important municipalities in Istanbul , as it contains many important historical and heritage facilities dating back to the Ottoman era , which made it an important place in tourism and economy , as it contains many Greek monuments and is characterized by beauty and wonderful views of the Marmara Sea . The location of Pendik area is distinct , as the area is a hub connecting the neighboring areas , as it is the gateway to Anatolia for Istanbul , where the region is located in the south of the Peninsula from Kocaeli , bordered to the east by Tuzal and to the west by Kartal and to the south by the Sea of ​​Marmara .

The Pendik area contains many centers and educational institutions such as schools and universities , in addition to the largest technology center .

Pendik area is characterized by the quality of health services provided there , as it contains the second largest hospitals in Turkey , and thus it plays an important role in the field of medicine .

Pendik sits on an area of ​​up to 278 square kilometers , and its population reaches 681.736 people , which gives the region an advantage of residential density being a marine area that attracts many social classes , and includes huge residential and commercial investment complexes with distinctive designs and unique views on the Sea of ​​Marmara .

A major civilization renaissance took place in many areas of the Pendik area and became one of the most crowded areas in the Asian side of Istanbul , as a result of the desire of craftsmen and workers to reside in it , and major residential complexes were built in it , in addition to the presence of markets and major commercial centers in it , in addition to the comprehensiveness of the area to the most important Restaurants , cafes , hotels , cinemas and parks .

Pendik area is serviced by road , as the Ministry of Transport provides several means of transportation linking Pendik area to the Asian regions of Istanbul on the one hand , and the European regions on the other hand , as the region serves a train that connects it to Haydarpasa station , and by sea it has been provided with fast ships carrying passengers to and from the Aegean Sea To Sabiha International Airport .

There are many educational and university institutions in Pendik region , especially Pendik University , and many schools of different levels , and entertaining places , that Pendik includes the " Formula 1 " race track within Istanbul Park , while Pendik contains many cultural centers that belongs to the municipality of the region , in addition to many parks and amusement parks .


 Famous shopping malls in the Asian side of Istanbul 

  • Emaar Square Mall 

Emaar Square Mall is one of the largest and most beautiful malls in Istanbul . It is located in the Asian side of Istanbul ,  in Uskudar area . It is only 20 minutes away from the coast , and has been implemented by Emaar UAE on an area of 40 thousand square meters .

Emaar Square Mall is one of the newest shopping and entertainment centers in Istanbul city , which has opened in 2017 , and its opening has added a great value for tourism and shopping in Turkey , where it contains the most luxurious and the finest international brands .

Emaar Square Mall has many international brand names such as Galeries Lafayette , Cartier , Gucci and Hermes , as well as the famous Turkish restaurants and international cafes that make the shopping experience at Emaar Square Mall an enjoyable one .

Emaar Square Mall is part of a huge building of 1000 luxury residential units , as well as a 5-star hotel in Istanbul .

Emaar Square Mall is a family-friendly business center , with a skating rink , an underground zoo , Emaar Aquarium , a Turkish village with local brands , a reputable Turkish restaurant and a cinema lots for 2400 people , and a huge car park can accommodate 4500 cars .

What distinguishes Emaar Square Mall from other shopping centers in Istanbul that its outdoor garden decorated with flowers , which is spread on the sides of restaurants and cafes , where it gives you the opportunity to drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the picturesque atmosphere .


  • Akasya Mall Istanbul 

Akasya Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Istanbul , and it was recently opened in the Asian side of Istanbul . It is located in Acibadem  area on Uskudar , the famous tourist area with its magnificent coastline and Maidens Tower , that tourists from all over the world come to visit and take pictures with .

Akasya Istanbul Mall is not only a shopping mall , it is a huge project that includes residences , offices and two gardens , the first is a green space and a Kidzania musement park for children , and the second is a large park .

Akasya Istanbul Mall consists of three floors above ground and two underground floors . It has many shops and international and Turkish brands , in addition to a number of international and local restaurants and cafes .

Akasya Istanbul Mall is spread over 80 thousand square meters. The number of shops in this area is 257 shops selling everything necessary for visitors , such as furniture , watches , jewelry , shoes , bags and others .

Akasya Istanbul Mall also has a lot of entertainment activities that you and your family can do besides shopping , where the mall has its own cinema halls , which have HD screens that will make watching the latest movies of the most enjoyable things to do . 

The mall organizes many events such as lightness games as well as musical performances by famous bands .

Learn about Istanbul famous shopping malls in the following article : The most famous shopping malls in Istanbul




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