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Kadikoy area in Istanbul's Asian side .. its advantages and the most beautiful places in it

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Kadikoy area in Istanbul's Asian side .. its advantages and the most beautiful places in it
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The interest of investors wishing to buy real estate in Turkey increased in the Asian side of Istanbul , and this came after the success of the European section , where statistics in the real estate sector indicate a steady increase in foreign direct investment in Turkey , especially after the government made many encouraging decisions for foreign investment in Turkey , such as investment facilities , providing incentives , forming institutions that deal with investment issues , and following up foreign investments with interest and care .

The Asian side of Istanbul includes a number of residential , investment and tourism areas , which have recently turned to the attention , the most important and most prominent of which is the Kadikoy area .


Kadikoy is located in the Asian section of Istanbul , surrounded by the regions of Uscudar , Atasehir and Maltepe , and from the south it overlooks the Sea of ​​Marmara , to give it a magical view , and its proximity to the Bosphorus Bridge and the Maidens Tower , makes it a vital and distinctive tourist area .

Kadikoy is one of the most beautiful areas of tourism in Asian Istanbul , due to the large number of green spaces in its gardens and parks , in addition to its coast on the Sea of ​​Marmara .

Kadikoy is considered as one of the very important areas in Istanbul , and one of the most famous and most visited tourist areas , as it is considered as a residential and commercial area , in addition to that , Kadikoy port is considered as an important transportation center in the city , and connects the Asian and European side through the Bosphorus and the transportation is easy and accessable , as there are various metro , rail and bus lines . 

Kadikoy area is very suitable for families for the multiplicity of activities that can be practiced , and for the spread of restaurants , cafes and famous fashion houses .

Kadikoy is known as one of the most emerging areas in Istanbul , which offers countless options of cafes , restaurants , bazaars and various markets , as it is characterized by a combination of history and modernity , and dubbed the land of tourists , as it is the first choice for tourists on the Asian side , and it is one of the most famous and most visited tourist areas in Turkey .

One of the most important things that can be mentioned about Kadikoy area is that more than half a million people live in it , and their way of life is dominated by the European style , in terms of its nature , its population and the atmosphere prevailing there .


RH 184- Residential and investment project in Kadikoy in the Asian side of Istanbul

It is a housing and investing project that built on a land area of 26.000 square meters .

The project consists of 5 blocks with 1100 apartments as well as 180 offices and 72 commercial units .

The project located in Kadikoy district on Istanbul’s Asian shore .

The project provides great convenience to residents and employees as the main road and highways are right in front of them .

For those who want to go to the European side of Istanbul , the project is located near both Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and the 15th of July Martyrs Bridge .

The project is characterized by its proximity to shopping centers , universities and public transportation .

The project includes social and recreational facilities that will meet all your needs for you and your family , such as swimming pools , sports club and parks , in addition to restaurants and cafes within the project .

Details of the project in the following link : RH 184


 The most beautiful areas in Kadikoy 

Kadikoy area on the Asian side of Istanbul has a charming green environment , characterized by calmness and relative calm , compared to the European side of Istanbul . Although this area includes among its major tourist attractions , such as Haydarpasa Station , Puppet Hill , Bostanci Park , and there are still many places to discover in the Kadikoy area .


 Kadikoy Bazar 

Kadikoy Bazar is a popular traditional market , and one of the many and varied Istanbul markets , covering an area of ​​12 thousand square meters , it displays its products in a wonderful organization , and allows you to shop and choose within a wide range of high-quality products , and various options of clothing and flowers and accessories , cosmetics and food .

Although Tuesday's bazaar in Kadikoy has a centuries-old past , and its location has changed a lot , it is one of the bazaars that has maintained its popularity so far . The bazaar , located on Kadikoy Uzuncayir Street , which is open on Fridays and Tuesday , provides ease and comfort for its visitors , and also has a large car park . It is easily accessible by public transport as it is near bus and metro stops . This historic bazaar in which fresh vegetables and fruits are sold is famous for products such as clothes , shoes , bags , accessories and home textiles . Food is sold more on Tuesday , and clothing and textiles on Friday .


RH 225- Residential and investment project in the Asian section of Istanbul is ready to move in

A residential and investment project built on an area of ​​11.350 square meters .

The project consists of 3 blocks, with a total of 13-24 floors. The project includes 541 housing units .

The sizes of the apartments in the project range from 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1, their areas vary between 50 and 160 square meters .

The project is located in Kadikoy district on the Asian shore of Istanbul .

The project provides great comfort for the staff of Kozyatai, the financial center on the Anatolian side, also for the employees working in Maltepe, Kartal, Kadikoy and Ataşehir where the main highways and roads are right in front of them .

For those who work on the European side of Istanbul, the project is located near both the Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge and the Martyrs Bridge .

In this project, you have many options for a fun shopping day. It is easy for you to go to Baghdad Street, which is the largest and finest open-air shopping mall in Istanbul, or to Atasehir Palladium, Kuzi, Akasya Aximadim, Carrefour and Metro Market, one of the most famous shopping centers in the city .

For more details about the project : RH 225


The most important characteristic of the properties of the Asian section of Istanbul is the quality of the projects that are held in the department , which are considered mostly buildings and commercial complexes , especially the Atasehir area , where the largest financial area is located in Turkey , and we can say that residential projects the Asian section of the city are designed for the lifestyle above average , and the price per square meter is somewhat high .



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