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Ramadan in Turkey

Last edited:Feb 11, 2024
Ramadan in Turkey
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During Ramadan , the Turks are keen to revive the customs and traditions of the days of the Ottoman caliphate that represented Islam and Muslims . The Holy Month of Ramadan is considered as a holy month for the Turks , as mosques , streets and homes of Turkey are preparing annually to welcome the blessed month of Ramadan , and the balconies are decorated with decorations and colored lights , and the minarets of the mosques are adorned with illuminated signs that carry different religious phrases , which is an Ottoman habit that has continued since 450 years in Turkey , mosques are ready to welcome worshipers to pray Tarawih and read the Qur’an , which is done collectively in mosques in Turkey during the holy month of Ramadan , along with many other aspects that the Turks are keen on during the month of Ramadan , which is considered sacred especially in Turkey .

But as a result of the spread of the Corona Covid-19 virus , and in the concern of the Turkish government for the safety and health of its people , gatherings and prayers in mosques were prevented , in addition to a number of preventive measures taken by the Turkish government to reduce the spread of this virus .

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 Ramadan rituals in Turkey 

Istanbul is one of the most cities in which Ramadan is considered as a distinctive month , so many tourists from all over the world visit Istanbul in the blessed month of Ramadan , and appearances that are famous during Ramadan in Istanbul are :

  1. Collective Iftar or Ramadan tents :

Every year , the municipality of each Istanbul neighborhood organizes Iftar tables in parks , roads , squares and famous mosques such as Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul , and this collective Iftar is a distinctive sign of this holy month , where all sects of the Turkish people meet , and it is not limited to the poor families only , as it is considered in Turkey as a form of social communication , and the wealthy neighborhoods finance these tables , and the families of the neighborhood residents participate in preparing them , and the municipalities provide localities with the integrated of the preparation of Iftar programs , where religious seminars are provided after the collective Iftar and neighborhoodd compete to attract famous preachers to it , Iftar tables include many famous Turkish dishes such as pide bread ( handmade in the ovens ) , and Turkish soup , where most Turks prefer Ifter with dates and then soup as a Turkish habit , then eat other main dishes such as grape leaves , Turkish pies and other items , and the Iftar ends with baklava and Turkish tea .

  1. Tarawih prayers :

Tarawih prayer is an important manifestation of the holy month in Turkey , where Turkish Muslims of all ages are keen after eating Iftar to attend mosques to secure their places for evening prayer and Tarawih , and mosques are heavily crowded with worshipers during the month of Ramadan , and Tarawih prayer is distinguished in Istanbul by the speed of its performance , that only a little of the Qur’an is read in it , but there are some mosques that are obligated to read the complete conclusion of the Qur’an during the blessed month . Also , worshipers are keen to pray the praises that they perform during the last days of Ramadan or on the night of Eid , as they pray and read the prophetic praise and some religious chants , just as mosques at the end of the month are keen on accomplishing of reading the Qur’an and celebrating this by reading the supplication of the accomplishment of the Qur’an.

  1. The establishment of the book fair :

The book fair is one of the Ramadan customs that Turkish citizens are keen on , as the book fair is held and opens its doors every day after Maghrib prayer until late at night , and it is popular with many people .

  1. Visit to the " Hırka-i Şerif Mosque " :

With the entry of the second half of the month of Ramadan , the crowds of Turks begin to come from all parts of Turkey to Istanbul to visit the " Hırka-i Şerif Mosque " , which contains the blessed mantle of Prophet Muhammad , that Sultan Selim brought to Turkey during his journey to the countries of the Islamic East in 1516 AD , and this mosque opens the visit during Ramadan and only in the second half for men and women visitors on specific dates .

  1. Daily reading of the Qur’an in “ Topkapi Palace ” :

By the month of Ramadan , reading the Qur’an begins in the “ Topkapi Palace " without interruption , day and night throughout the holy month of Ramadan .

  1. Almesaharati

Despite the existence of modern warning tools , Ramadan Mesaharatiare still wandering in the cities of Turkey , knocking on their drums and chanting phrases and poems to wake people up before dawn , and with each Ramadan , municipal councils in Turkey grant permits for those who have a profession of Mesaharatiare to wake people from their sleep , it is not a random profession practiced by people on their own .



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