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Turkey is preparing to get back to normal life

Last edited:Feb 11 , 2024
Turkey is preparing to get back to normal life
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After the huge efforts made by the Turkish government in combating the outbreak of Corona epidemic in Turkey , and after the positive results achieved , which began to notice since the beginning of the last week , as the number of daily infections decreased significantly , and the number of people recovering from Corona virus in Turkey increased in return .

This was in line with the preventive measures taken by the Turkish government to preserve the safety and health of citizens and residents in Turkey .

And Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced new decisions in the evening of Monday , 4 May 2020 , about a plan prepared by the Turkish government to return life to normal in Turkey . He said that the Corona restrictions will be gradually lifted during the months of May , June and July .

He stressed that the state was able to get the results of the curfew it imposed on young people and the elderly in particular , and on all citizens in general at the end of each week , and the Turkish government was able to achieve positive results in this situation , due to the cooperation of citizens and their commitment by laws .

And he added , we will gradually return to where we were , but we will continue to use masks and social distancing and reduce numbers and gatherings in closed places .

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced a series of decisions taken by the Turkish government , as follows :

  • Barber shops , hairdressers and commercial centers will open on May 11 , subject to compliance with hygiene and timetable .
  • Continue to implement the curfew this weekend .
  • Allow the elderly ( 65 and over ) to leave the house 4 hours on the  curfew .
  • Selling masks , but at a very low prices , and deterrent penalties for those who exploit the crisis and increase the prices .
  • The travel ban has been lifted between 7 of the 31 cities , chief among them Antalya .
  • Turkish university exams to be held next June 27-28 .
  • Entrance examinations for high school LGS will take place next June 20 .
  • The travel ban will be lifted between the following cities : Antalya , Ayden , Arzurum , Hatay , Mersin , Malatya and Mugla .


This remarkable success in the medical sector in Turkey is great , thanks to the Turkish government , and it has drawn the attention of the world to it , and Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoglu announced that 128 countries asked Turkey for medical supplies in the form of grants or exports , under the crisi of Corona epidemic , and Turkey has met the needs of about half of these countries .

He pointed out that Turkey shares with all countries of the world its experience in providing health services to all its citizens without any discrimination , while many countries put conditions for treatment .

The Turkish Minister affirmed that the World Health Organization , the international community and other countries , particularly the United States of America , refer to Turkey as a model country in this regard .


On the other hand , the Minister of Tourism of Turkey , Mehmet Nuri Ersoy , announced the likely date for the resumption of flights locally and abroad the country naturally . He said flights are likely to return at the end of next June , after they were suspended due to the outbreak of Coruna virus worldwide . He pointed out that air traffic will be allowed initially towards 19 countries as follows :

Lebanon - Beirut / Kuwait / Occupied Palestine - Tel Aviv / Germany - Frankfurt - Berlin - Dusseldorf - Munich / Canada - Toronto / Afghanistan - Kabul / Japan - Tokyo / China - Shanghai / South Korea - Seoul / Singapore / Denmark - Copenhagen / Sweden - Stockholm / Norway - Oslo / Austria - Vienna / Netherlands - Amsterdam / Belgium - Brussels / Belarus - Minsk / Georgia - Tbilisi / Kazakhstan - Almaty , and Turkish Airlines canceled their flights in the middle of last month due to Corona pandemic , and extended the ban from April 17 to May , excluding some domestic flights .

The President of the Turkish Football Association announced the resumption of the league championships starting next June 12 , and provided that they are without an audience . The Scientific Committee and the Ministry of Health also require that measures be taken to protect against Coruna virus .


All news related to Corona virus in Turkey at the following link: Corona virus



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