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Vadi Istanbul and Movenpick hotels

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Vadi Istanbul and Movenpick hotels
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In the beginning, Vadi Istanbul is an area that includes a famous mall located in Seyrantepe of Sariyer municipality in the European side of Istanbul. It is known among people that Vadi Istanbul is located in Maslak and this is not accurate and we will explain this through the map below.

Because Maslak is a small area of ​​Sariyer municipality, which also includes Seyrantepe district, where Vadi Istanbul Mall is.


The great importance of Vadi Istanbul Mall lies in the fact that it has views of Belgrade forests, which extend to the Black Sea in the north of Istanbul, with an area of ​​about 5.500 square hectares, generating pure oxygen for most areas of Istanbul, especially the nearby areas in Sariyer municipality, especially Seyrantepe area.


Seyrantepe includes a small number of residential projects, no more than 7 projects, with a relatively small number of housing units, which is 4.000 apartments, compared to the large area of ​​the surrounding Belgrade forests, which prevents construction of new projects.

What are the advantages of Vadi Istanbul Real Estate Investment?

  • Few apartments in a very large area with a guarantee that there will be no competitors in the future due to non-granting of building permits for new projects.
  • An upscale and practical area at the same time, as it includes all new projects near the Bosphorus Strait and the Belgrade Forest, while at the same time ensuring easy access to anywhere in Istanbul being close to the E80 international road, as well as easy access to the centre of Istanbul, Levent, Sisli and Beyoglu areas, due to its geographical proximity.
  • The advantage of being close to the forests and securing natural breathing is a really unique feature in Istanbul, as there are many projects with views of the sea, the lake or even the Bosphorus, but there is only one Belgrade in Istanbul.
  • Investors and those wishing to live from hot countries will prefer the coldness near the forests over housing in front of the sea moisture.
  • There is one hotel in Vadi Istanbul area, which is the Radisson Blu, and it is very crowded, this is what will lead us to start the second section of the article:

Mövenpick hotels and resorts in Istanbul

It is a Swiss hotel management company headquartered in Baar, Switzerland. It is wholly owned by Accor since its acquisition in September 2018 from previous shareholders, Mövenpick Holding (with 66.7%) and Saudi Kingdom Holding Company (with 33.3%). It operates more than 80 properties, including hotels, resorts, and Nile cruise ships, as well as another 30 resorts planned or under construction across the Middle East and Asia. The company serves 5.8 million people annually.


And in Istanbul have so far 3 hotels:





The fourth site will be in Seyrantepe area in the last project under construction, and two entire buildings will be invested in the project for the hotel.


And if this chain of hotels classified as high-class will invest in Vadi Istanbul area, this indicates the great demand in the area for hotel and tourist rental.


Contact us to learn how to invest in tourism in Vadi Istanbul area.


Now we move to a new question:


Is Vadi Istanbul area suitable for housing?


It is not only suitable, but it is considered the first destination for those wishing to live in the center of Istanbul in an upscale neighborhood away from the modern architecture, away from the crowding of the neighborhoods of Besiktas, Nisantasi and Beyoglu, and at the same time, it is easy to reach and enjoy the shopping experience and the stunning views of the cafes and restaurants there.


What are the disadvantages of Vadi Istanbul area?


I do not think that there are disadvantages in the area in general, as it is an upscale neighborhood and it is normal that the prices are high, but there are mistakes that are made when choosing a property in Vadi Istanbul area for the purpose of housing or for the purpose of investment.


Mistakes in choosing a residential property in Vadi Istanbul:

  • Not paying attention to the actual area of the property that will be chosen, as some projects are characterized by large areas and others have relatively narrow areas. If the goal is residential, then a sufficient area must be chosen.
  • Purchasing in a project with a large number of apartments, which in turn is considered a negative point that harms the level of luxury of life that the resident aspires to in Vadi Istanbul area.
  • Choosing a medium-finished project will reduce the level of comfort and relaxation that is mainly required in an area like Vadi Istanbul.


Mistakes in choosing an investment property in Vadi Istanbul:


  • Buying an old property at the same prices as the new property, which presents a more promising investment opportunity.
  • Purchasing a ready-made property at a higher price than a property under construction with the same finishing and specifications and missing the opportunity to make a double profit within a short period of time for the project to be delivered.
  • Purchasing large real estate with 3 rooms or more in the hope of benefiting from it in tourist rental. In fact, the greatest demand is for apartments with smaller spaces.


To obtain a free real estate consultation, whether for the purpose of housing or investing in Vadi Istanbul area, and to obtain the best offers available in the market, you can contact us.



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