Turkey Villas Prices Guide

Turkey Villas Prices Guide

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The prices of villas in Turkey vary from one period to another, and this is due to many factors, the most important of which is the continuous growth of the real estate market in various Turkish cities, and the increasing demand for these villas, especially in the five major cities in the country, whose economy is witnessing a significant rise in The past years, and the prices of villas in Turkey are determined based on many factors that affect them and determine their value permanently, and in this article we will talk about these factors.


What are the factors that affect the prices of villas in Turkey?

Identifying the factors affecting real estate prices in Turkey, giving preference to investors, and making them able to accurately define their goals, according to the budget allocated for investment, and the following are the most important of these factors:

The location of the villa: how close or far from the city center, this has a direct impact on its value, and it is known that the villas near the city center, their price is higher than those located in the countryside or suburbs, and the fact that the villas are located near the tourist and archaeological sites would raise of its price.

The condition of the villa: The price of the villa while it is still under construction is low compared to its price and it is ready for delivery. That is why many seekers of villa prices in Turkey prefer to invest in the villas that are under construction to achieve greater returns.

Villa area: There is an inverse relationship linking the area of ​​the property to the price per square metre. The larger the area, the lower the square meter price, and vice versa. That is why the villa space always plays an essential role in its price.

Villa finishes: The extent of luxury finishes affects the prices of villas in Turkey, as the finishes are linked to the final appearance of the villa, and are related to all the apparent floors, walls, and ceilings, whether internal or external.

Specifications of villas in Turkey

The types of villas are usually determined through the specifications of villas and are directly involved in determining the prices of villas in Turkey. The following are the types of villas and their specifications:

Ordinary Villas

It is customary for this type of villas to be found in the countryside and suburbs, far from city centers, and away from the usual service centers. Therefore, it is cheap compared to other villas, and it is known for its regular spaces and good finishes, and many people who want to buy villas in Turkey resort to it.

Tourist Villas

Tourist villas often have sea views or vast green spaces, with modern decorations and large areas, in addition to the fact that the prices of these villas are higher than the prices of regular villas in Turkey.

Historic Villas

The most prominent example of historical villas are the Ottoman palaces scattered in Istanbul and other Turkish cities, and they are known as palaces with a long history, and what these villas are known for are their very high prices compared to others, as their specifications are luxurious, antique and suggest the past.

Advantages of buying villas in Turkey

There are many advantages that can be benefited from when buying villas in Turkey, as Turkey is a fertile environment for those who want a luxurious and safe living, and the following are the most important of these advantages:

Obtaining Turkish citizenship: Villas are known for their high prices compared to other real estate, while buying a villa at a price of $400,000 or more gives the right to apply for Turkish citizenship.

High return on investment: This is due to the tourism power that makes there is an increasing demand for buying villas in Turkey, which means that a lot of money is collected by renting these villas, especially if they are tourist villas.

Living in a safe environment: The environment of Turkish cities is close to the Arab environment, so that the customs and traditions are almost the same, so knowing the prices of villas in Turkey and then buying them is important and distinctive for those who want a safe living.

Relatively low costs: the prices of villas in Turkey are low compared to other villas in neighboring European countries, and this is one of the most prominent advantages.

Prices of villas in Turkey in dollars

Turkey has a variety of villa prices, and this makes it a permanent destination for anyone who wants to invest and live in a natural environment. The following are the prices of villas in Turkey in dollars in one of the projects offered by Right Home Real Estate in Turkey:



Maximum Area

Minimum Area


1.700.000 €




2.092.000 €




2.157.000   €




4.445.000   €





You can learn more about these villas: here.

Prices of villas in Turkey in Saudi riyals

Because of the interest of Arab investors to know the prices of villas in Turkey in Saudi riyals, especially the Saudis, we review the following prices for villas in one of the projects offered by Right Home Real Estate Company:


Minimum             Area

Maximum      Area

  First Instalments


Total price







2520577.05 SR

Ready for housing






3213622.08 SR

Ready for housing

You can learn more about this project: here.

Prices of villas in Turkey Istanbul

The prices of villas in Turkey vary based on many factors that we have mentioned, and the following is one of the price models for luxury villas in Zakariakoy under construction:


Total price

Garden Area

Neat Area


990.540 $




1.156.400 $




1.157.600 $




956.960 $




Right Home offers to invest in villas in Turkey

Right Home Real Estate offers a distinguished group of investment opportunities in the most luxurious and latest villas in Turkey, through a group of pioneering and distinguished projects, in which investment is an opportunity that will not be repeated, especially with its wonderful specifications and reasonable prices compared to other villas in the region, and the following Some of these offers:

· Garden Villas in Buyukcekmece.

·  Private villas in Beylikduzu with sea view.

· Spacious independent villas in the Asian district of Çengelkoy Istanbul.

·  Luxurious investment villas in Beykoz area at reasonable prices.

At the end of our article, we have talked about the prices of villas in Turkey and the factors affecting them. We also reviewed the specifications and types of villas in Turkey, in addition to the advantages of buying villas, and we reviewed a group of investment opportunities offered by Right Home Real Estate Company in Turkey.