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House prices in Turkey | updated

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House prices in Turkey | updated
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Knowing the prices of houses in Turkey, opens the way for those wishing to buy and investors to know the state of the real estate market at the present time, considering the increasing demand for real estate in Turkish cities for the advantages that can be enjoyed when owning them, and this is also due to many things that made Turkey an international economic center. Therefore, we will talk in our article about house prices in Turkey.

Houses prices in Turkey

The low prices of houses in Turkey compared to their prices in neighboring European countries, made them always attract many Arab investors, and this came after the ownership law that was approved in 2012, which had a prominent role in the turnout of investors and foreigners from more than 129 countries around the world, as it encouraged investments, especially with the continuous government facilities since then, and this has had a prominent role in the demand of Arab investors as well.

The availability of a large number of real investment opportunities in Turkey has played a prominent role in the growth of the real estate market in recent years, as there are options of houses with sea views, including views of tourist places, in addition to houses that are characterized by their proximity to the city center, in addition to that those wishing to buy can get a distinctive house in Istanbul, which is the most prominent Turkish city, for only

 $ 100,000.

Factors affecting house prices in Turkey

There are many factors that directly or indirectly affect house prices in Turkey, and they must usually be considered when owning a desire to own property in Turkey, as they help those wishing to buy to access the appropriate properties for their budgets and needs, and the following are the most prominent of these factors:

  •         Region: Any city in which the house is located, as each city in Turkey has a privacy and features that make it different from others, including commercial, touristic, and industrial as well, and the city's proximity to the sea contributes to the difference in prices and determining them when talking about real estate prices in Turkey, for example: House prices in Turkey Istanbul differ from their prices in Konya, due to Istanbul's economic and tourist status.
  •         The location of the house within the city: This is subject to many factors that have a role in determining the price, including: sea views, proximity to tourist places, quality of services provided in the area, and others. For example, the presence of a public transportation network is high compared to the price of a house far from public transportation, while the proximity of the property to the city center contributes to its high price consistently.
  •         House specifications: The specifications are related to the house itself, and can be divided into main things, including area, number of bedrooms, number of balconies, building age, building readiness, type of interior and external finishes, delivery date of the house, in addition to other house specifications.

اسعار البيوت في تركيا

Average house prices in Turkey

The average prices of real estate in Turkey, and homes in particular, can be inferred by identifying prices within more than one real estate project, and this will show that there is a large variation in prices due to the different standards affecting prices from one house to another, and for this we will review below a group of projects offered by Right Home Real Estate, through which it provides a distinguished group of houses within Turkish cities:

Prefabricated House Prices in Turkey

Many investors often seek to know the prices of prefabricated houses in Turkey, as they are a safe haven to achieve a successful investment that achieves high financial returns, and it is very suitable for everyone who wants to move immediately to live in one of the Turkish cities, and for this reason the following is a price model provided by Right Home Real Estate in the most prominent real estate projects in Turkey:


Project Name

Number of apartments

Price in dollars

Apartments for sale in Istanbul within holiday homes in the tourist city of Mugla

64 residential apartments

Start from $ 112,000

Hotel apartments for sale in Istanbul are ready in Besiktas with high ROI


Start from $ 469,000

Ready apartments for sale in Istanbul within Büyükçekmece with sea and lake view


Start from $ 410,000

Prices of country houses in Turkey

Rural houses have a completely different character, so we find great interest in the prices of rural houses in Turkey, as they can give the residents a completely different life away from the noise of the city, and between the arms of nature and green spaces that treat the soul, and the following are some house prices offered by Right Home Real Estate:


Project Name

Number of apartments


The best investment project in Silivri area of Istanbul

388 residential apartments

Start From TL 1,481,789

Apartments and Villas with Direct Sea View in Beylikdüzü Marina


Start from $ 282,000

Apartments for sale in Istanbul within a residential and investment project two minutes away from the sea

505 residential apartments

Starting from TL 2,409,000

House prices in Turkey Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most prominent and important Turkish cities in real estate investment, as it can always be resorted to to achieve high financial returns from investment, this comes in light of the great diversity of options available in the city, and the following are examples of house prices in Turkey Istanbul provided by Right Home Real Estate:


Project Name

Number of apartments


Investment Apartment in Downtown Kagithane

925 residential apartments

Starting $ 625,000

View of an apartment in the city center overlooking the bay

89 residential apartments

Starting $ 215,000

Apartments for sale in Istanbul within ready towers in Bomonti overlooking the Bosphorus

804 residential apartments

Start $ 390,000

House prices in Turkey in Saudi Riyals

Arabs from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia always seek to invest in real estate investment in Turkey, and this is shown by the high investment rates for them in recent years within the Republic, so we find great interest by them in the prices of houses in Turkey in Saudi riyals, and the following are distinctive models of these prices offered by Right Home Real Estate in Turkey:


Project Name

Number of apartments

Price in Saudi Riyals

Luxury duplex apartments for sale in Tarabya overlooking the Bosphorus


Starting from 6814722.37 SAR

Family homes with forest view

242 apartments

Starting from 1298221.55 SAR

Apartments for sale in Istanbul within a family concept project located on Çamlişa Hill overlooking the Bosphorus

89 apartments

Starting from 2848561.48 SAR

اسعار البيوت في تركيا

At the end of our article, we have learned about the prices of houses in Turkey, and we reviewed a range of distinctive investment options provided by Right Home Real Estate, which helps you through its distinguished services in buying houses for sale in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship.



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