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Vadi Istanbul Apartments for sale

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Vadi Istanbul Apartments for sale
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Buying apartments for sale in the Vadi Istanbul area has become one of the things that many investors are seeking recently, and this is because of the advantages of the area that make living in it luxurious, and able to meet the needs of the different residents, and the region has recently witnessed a significant growth at the urban and service level, which made it a suitable choice for everyone who wants to invest or live, so in our article we will talk about apartments for sale in the Wadi Istanbul area.

 Information about apartments in Vadi Istanbul

The location of the Wadi Istanbul area in European Istanbul, gave it privacy and many advantages, especially with its location on a low ground, and the presence of many high areas around it, which are decorated with high towers designed according to the latest modern designs, and this name of the area was launched based on the Wadi Istanbul project, which is administratively affiliated to the municipality of Kagithane, and is characterized by providing various health and educational services, and the value of the area began to rise after the urban transformation process that began in 2007.

At a time when Wadi Istanbul apartments are characterized by their wonderful views of vast areas of forests that are the largest in the city, which are the Belgrade forests that extend along the valley to the wonderful beaches of the Black Sea, and these apartments were designed and finished according to the latest international specifications, and this has contributed to the rise in their prices, in light of the continuous demand for them from investors.

Advantages of investing in Vadi Istanbul Apartments

There are many advantages that can be talked about when talking about investing in apartments for sale in the Istanbul Valley area, and perhaps the most important advantages are the high return on investment, which is mainly in attracting investors, and below we review another set of wonderful advantages:

  •         The area is located near the most luxurious and vital areas in Istanbul, such as Maslak, Taksim and Levent, which made it strategically located.
  •         Proximity to the Bosphorus area, which always supports the value of real estate in it.
  •         Charming views of Belgrade's forests, where the area is separated by nothing.
  •         The presence of a huge mall in the area, known as: Vadi Istanbul Mall, which contributes to meeting the needs of the residents in the region.
  •         The various services that are provided in the region, represented in universities, hospitals, schools, and others.
  •         The high return on investment, whether through resale, or leasing, and this always attracts investors to buy apartments for sale in the Vadi Istanbul area.

Apartment prices in Vadistanbul

The prices of apartments in Vadi Istanbul vary based on many criteria, which have adirect impact on prices permanently, and these criteria  are: the location of the apartment specifically, its total and net area, its views, the age of the building, the finishes of the apartment, and this has helped to have a discrepancy in prices, and Right Home Real Estate has been able to   provide a distinctive group of apartments for sale in Wadi Istanbul, and the following are the prices through them:

Project Name

Number of apartments


Ready apartments for sale in Istanbul within Büyükçekmece with sea and lake view

495 residential apartments

Start  From $410,000

Apartments for sale in Istanbul within family houses in the center of Basaksehir


Start  From $ 321,228

Apartments for sale in Istanbul within ready towers in Bomonti overlooking the Bosphorus

804 residential apartments

Start  From $390,000

Affordable Apartments in Basin Express Road

352 residential apartments

Start  From $ 207,000

Apartment Offers for sale in Vadistanbul

The ability to provide offers to buy apartments for sale in the Istanbul Valley area is always owned by Right Home Real Estate, due to its  long experience in the Turkish real estate market, and its possession of a team capable of conducting accurate studies always to obtain the best offers and distinguished investment opportunities, and for this we review a group of offers provided by the company:

Apartments for sale in Luxury Valley of Istanbul

Luxury apartments have always been able to give residents a different feeling that meets their needs for luxury living, and perhaps the luxury of the Wadi Istanbul area always needs a luxury apartment, whether for housing or investment, and for this reason Right Home Real Estate has provided luxury apartments designed according to international specifications in Wadi Istanbul, and the following are the most prominent apartments for sale in Wadi Istanbul:

Project Name

Number of apartments


Investment Apartment in Downtown Kagithane

925 residential apartments

Starting $ 625,000

View of an apartment in the city center overlooking the bay

89 residential apartments

Starting $ 215,000

Apartments and Villas with Direct Sea View in Beylikdüzü Marina


Start from $ 282,000

The best investment project in Silivri area of Istanbul

388 residential apartments

Start From TL 1,481,789

Apartments for sale in Vadistanbul cheap

Cheap apartments are considered a valuable opportunity to achieve real investment and ledt to achieve high financial returns, and often these apartments are still under construction, and this contributes to the fact that their prices are low compared to other ready-made properties, and for this we find a great demand for them in light of the possibility of selling them at high amounts after they are ready, and below we review a group of the cheapest apartments for sale in the  Vadi Istanbul area:

Project Name

Number of apartments


Apartments for sale in Istanbul within Bahcesehir residences close to the new metro and vital areas

251 apartments

Start  From TL 947,000

Apartments for sale in Istanbul within ready residences in Asian Kartal

402 apartments

Start  From $ 155,000

Investment Apartments in Bahcesehir

164 apartments

Start  From $ 196,000

Right Home helps you find apartments for sale in Vadi Istanbul

Right Home Real Estate offers many options for you to access the appropriate apartment, as its experience in the real estate market in  Turkey made it able to access the best investment and residential opportunities offered in the market, while providing many facilities whether before, during, or after the completion of the purchase process, which helps you obtain Turkish citizenship as soon as possible when buying for citizenship, or obtaining real estate residence when buying apartments for sale in the Vadi Istanbul area.

At the end of our article, we have learned about apartments for sale in the Vadi Istanbul area, and we have reviewed the most prominent features  of this area and the specifications of the apartments in it, while Right Home Real Estate Company offers distinctive investment opportunities in this area.



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