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maslak koru the last project at malsk vadi istanbul area

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maslak koru the last project at malsk vadi istanbul area
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Today's project is a distinguished and final investment and residential opportunity in the Serenetepe Valley of Istanbul, because the lands available for construction have ended and only the Belgrade forests surrounding the region remain, which are considered a natural reserve. No real estate developer can obtain permission to construct any new project at the expense of these forests.


We can see from the picture above the location of the project with views of the Belgrade forests from the north and south. As for the east, there is the Istanbul Valley Park project, which was delivered in this area about 6 years ago, and all of its residents are very grateful to live in it. From the west, the spaces narrow, leaving only a road surrounding it. Forests on both sides.

We will first talk about the residential and investment advantages of the project, and then we will write the details of the project in terms of areas and specifications.


Why invest in the Maslak Koro project?

It is the latest new project in the region known as the Istanbul Valley, which has always high demand and little supply. This means great ease in reselling later and renting with a high return.

Even today, we receive requests to own a property in the Istanbul Valley Park or Terrace project, which are the first projects that were delivered in the entire region, and this indicates the good reputation of these projects among those who have tried living in.

-The project was created by Invest Company, which is the same company that created most of the region’s projects in partnership with powerful companies such as Avrupa Konutlari or on its own, and this in itself is a very important investment factor, as today we find local investors buying into this project even if they are outside the country because there is no need to try the experiment. Invest Company is well known, as we said, and has proven its worth in several previous projects. So, what if this latest project is also in the region?


-The invest company will participate in the construction, the government company Kiptas, and this gives more confidence and guarantee that the completion of this project is guaranteed, regardless of the external circumstances and crises around the world, because private companies have never gone bankrupt before when constructing any project in the center of Istanbul, so what if we add to that a government guarantee? To complete the project if the private construction company falters. A project with a very high guarantee that calls on the investor to put all his eggs in this basket because it is the right basket and there is no doubt about that.


-The project is still in the early stages of construction, and this means a high return on investment because the prices in it are currently the cheapest in the entire region.

In addition, there is an installment plan currently available for up to 24 months. You will not find this plan later when a good part of the construction is implemented, and currently the prices for a room and a hall start from a down payment of only 180 thousand dollars.

Even in the Invest Vadi project by the same real estate developer, the prices of the last one-bedroom apartment were 760 thousand dollars, and now it has been completely sold and the project delivery is approaching.

If you get half the price and delivery a year and a half from now, you do not need a lot of calculations to realize that you have an opportunity to double your capital within a record period.



-There will be one building dedicated to one-room apartments and a hall for those wishing to rent them on a daily basis or to university students. This ensures little competition for those wishing to have this type of investment and also ensures privacy and a high level of tranquility for those wishing to live in other buildings.

-The bottom line is that you get an apartment in the latest project in the Istanbul Valley area that is being developed by the best and most trusted developers. At the same time, there is an excellent installment plan and prices per square meter are cheaper than all the neighboring projects by a large margin, and if you want to get an offer that cannot be rejected, all you have to do is communicate. Join us to learn about our exclusive offers in this project.


Why live in the Maslak Koro project?

*The central Istanbul Valley area is easy to reach every point in Istanbul and at the same time an upscale, clean, and organized area surrounded by Belgrade forests and with a high level of lifestyle for all the people around you.

*The Istanbul Sirantepe Valley area is characterized by being completely new, and therefore, unlike all the central areas of Istanbul, in which the old and new neighborhoods are mixed, we find here only the new neighborhoods and organized buildings, and therefore it is called the business center in Istanbul, as it is suitable for any company, no matter how high-end it is.

*The presence of the well-known Istanbul Valley Mall, in addition to the upscale Istinye Park Mall, also makes those wishing to live a luxurious life as if they are on vacation all year round.

*The universities, schools, hospitals, and services in general in the region are the best and have the highest levels of service and evaluation.

*A high-class environment that surrounds you ensures a high level of raising children in an environment that knows everything about it.


What are the specifications of the Maslak Koro project?

The Maslak Kuru project included a building area of ​​270,000 square meters and a land area of ​​50,000 square meters. The project consists of a group of 12 buildings, where 8 residential buildings and 4 office buildings will be built. The project will have 754 residential units, 262 offices, and 44 stores. The area of ​​residential units ranges from 64.34 square meters to 329.46 square meters, while the area of ​​offices ranges from 140.96 square meters to 485.1 square meters. The store area will start at 59.58 square meters and extend to 612.94 square metres. Shops will be accessible via the residents' card system, and there will be no connection between offices and residential areas. All facades of the project will overlook the surrounding forest. The southern facades will be in the form of a forest overlooking a stream, while the northern facades will be in the form of a forest road.


The Kuru Maslak project will be implemented in cooperation between Invest Construction and Kiptas. The project will have different types of apartments, which will be located in the area where the Aya Azagha public transportation garage is located.

Project details, price list and payment plan are expected to be announced soon.


The name of the project, which will be implemented in partnership with Invest Construction Company and Kibataş Company, has been announced as Maslak Kuru. The project is expected to include more than 700 apartments, which will be located on the Ait Azagha public transportation garage plot. Along with significant real estate investments in the vicinity, the Maslak Koro project will also include office units. It is noteworthy that the project is expected to be delivered at the end of 2025, thanks to its location close to the Istanbul Valley Shopping Center. Invest Construction previously presented the Invest Wadi and Wadi Kuru projects in the same region.

The Maslak Koro project, which is located on a plot of land with an area of ​​49,360 square meters, is expected to be built with an investment of 2 billion. The project draws attention with its proximity to areas such as Levent, Etiler, Serantepe, Taksim, Besiktas and Nisantasi as a strategic location.


What facilities will be present in the project?

- 2 outdoor swimming pools (16m x 7m) and (15m x 7.5m)

- Indoor swimming pool (15m x 7.5m)

- Many ornamental and reflection pools spread throughout

- Total social facilities of approximately 1,000 square meters (fitness center, sauna and pilates studio)

- Landscape design with unique plants

- Sports/walking trails approximately 1.5 km long (internal roads)

- Two playgrounds for children

- Large green and hard spaces for events - large rest areas

- almost. 25,000 m2 landscape area

- Generating electricity with renewable energy, and electrical energy for the common area will be provided partly by solar panels.

-With a gray water system, rainwater will be recycled and reused.

- Security 24/7

- Uninterrupted entry with OGS plate recognition system

- It will be possible to view the apartments, the social facility, and the public use areas via the intercom.

- Pedestrian access with a pass card for residents with a pass card next to the office

- Water tanks for the site

- Uninterrupted generator supply



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