Buying Property in Turkey with Installments
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There are several reasons why foreign investors choose Turkey to buy real estate.

Here are some main reasons:


-Strategic location: Turkey has an excellent geographical location that makes it a bridge between East and West. Turkey is a meeting point of cultures and trade between Europe and Asia, making it easy to access many major markets.

-Active real estate market: Turkey has an active and dynamic real estate market. The country is witnessing strong demand for real estate from both local and foreign investors. Turkey is characterized by the availability of a wide range of real estate options, from residential apartments to luxury villas and commercial projects.

-Laws suitable for foreign investors: Turkey has provided amendments and facilitations in the laws related to real estate ownership to attract foreign investors. Laws grant foreigners similar rights to domestic investors regarding real estate ownership, registration and use rights.

-Rewarding investment returns: The real estate market in Turkey enjoys good investment returns. Investors can achieve good returns by renting properties whether for residential or commercial purposes.

-Political and economic stability: Turkey is relatively political and economically stable compared to some other countries in the region. Strong economic growth has been achieved in recent years, and promising investment opportunities exist in multiple sectors in addition to real estate.

-Citizenship and Residence Programs: Turkey offers attractive citizenship or residency programs for foreign investors who invest in real estate. These programs can be an additional motivation for investors to buy real estate in Turkey.

-Advanced Infrastructure: Turkey has advanced infrastructure and modern facilities, including roads, airports, hospitals, and schools. Turkey's major cities enjoy urban development and provide public services, which enhances the value of real estate in those areas.

When it comes to buying a property in Turkey, offering the option to pay in installments is a popular and tempting choice for many international buyers. Turkey is an interesting destination for many people who want to invest in real estate, whether for housing or investment purposes.


When do I choose the installment payment option?

1- Ready-made projects often do not offer installment options, but if you get an installment option at a price close to the cash payment price in a ready-made project, this is considered a free opportunity to split payments.

2-You can use the quick installment option or facilitating payments as a form of negotiation in order to obtain the cash payment price and divide it into several relatively close payments, not long installments, and we will help you with this point.

3- In projects under construction, especially in their early stages and if they fulfill other basic investment principles, these projects are considered to be the best types of real estate investment in Turkey. In the early stages of any new project, the installments offered are very appropriate, sometimes reaching 48 months, and the investor can pay a 50% down payment. Benefit from these easy installments until the project is delivered.


When do I choose the cash payment option?

1-If your goal is completely net investment and you have sufficient liquidity, you can get an additional discount when offering cash payment to the real estate developer who accepts payment through installments, especially long ones.

2- If you are buying a resold property, in this case there is no option for installments, and in order to complete the purchase process, you must pay the full amount to the owner.

3- If the project is ready, the installment option is often not accepted, but that doesn’t matter. If you like a ready-made project and want to get a simple installment offer for it, all you have to do is contact us to help you with that.


Here is some important information that you should take into consideration when purchasing a property in Turkey through installments:

*Laws and Regulations: You should familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations related to purchasing real estate in Turkey. You must ensure that you are eligible to buy property in Turkey as a foreign citizen according to local laws.

*Research and Verification: Before purchasing any property, you must conduct the necessary research and check the ownership record and legal documents of the property. It is recommended to cooperate with a trusted local real estate broker to assist in this process and ensure the integrity of the transaction.

*Financial Advice: Before committing to any real estate financing deal, you should obtain professional financial advice to determine your ability to bear future payment obligations and understand the terms and conditions related to installments.

*Choosing a reliable real estate developer: When you decide to buy a property in installments, you must choose a reliable and reputable real estate developer. Review their previous projects and the value of the properties they have provided before to ensure the quality of the property and the credibility of the developer.

*Terms and Conditions: You should carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the loan before signing any contract. Check the interest charged, monthly installments, installment period, and any additional fees or other special conditions.

*Warranties: Check the guarantees available in the installment deal. Some offers may include a warranty on the property, this gives you extra protection should any problems arise in the future.

*Legal procedures: When purchasing a property in Turkey in installments, the transaction requires legal procedures. You may need to sign a purchase and installment contract with the real estate developer or financing bank. You should read the contract carefully and make sure you understand all terms and conditions before signing.

*Down payment: Installment deals usually require a down payment. You should check the amount required as a down payment and decide if it is financially suitable for you.

*Monthly installments: The number of monthly installments is determined according to the terms of the contract. Make sure you can afford these installments sustainably and that they fit your personal ability to repay.

*Interest and fees: Interest charged on the remaining amount and any additional fees such as legal services fees or maintenance fees must be considered. Variable or fixed benefits may apply, so make sure you understand these financial aspects.

*Payment Deadline: You should be aware of the deadline to pay the remaining amount for the property. Make sure you are able to meet this deadline and prepare your finances accordingly.

*Legal and Financial Advice: It is highly recommended to obtain independent legal and financial advice when purchasing a property in installments in Turkey. Professional advice will help you understand all legal and financial aspects and estimate potential risks.


At Right Home, we can facilitate all of the above for you. All you have to do is contact us to obtain all the required information.


Now, if you obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property worth $400,000, you can benefit from:

-Availability of financing options: In Turkey, financing can be obtained from local and international banks and financial institutions. There are financing programs that target foreign investors and provide them with the opportunity to purchase real estate in installments, which makes real estate investment more possible and available for many investors.

-Mortgage Loan System: Turkey has an advanced mortgage system that allows buyers to obtain loans at low interest rates to purchase real estate. Foreign investors can benefit from this system to finance the purchase of real estate in installments.


What are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property?

*Purchasing real estate worth $400,000

*Keep it for 3 years before selling it again

*Register the ready title deed in the name of the person wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship

*Payment must be via bank transfer and transfer receipts are required

*The owner can apply for Turkish citizenship for himself, his wife, and children under the age of 18.

*Turkish citizenship can be obtained from the date of application within 90 working days.



Important notes regarding applying for Turkish citizenship.

1- If the property is ready, more than one property can be purchased in more than one project according to the investor’s desire, but if the property is under construction, it is not possible to combine more than one property in different projects. The only permitted case here is to purchase more than one property in the same project to be suitable. To apply for Turkish citizenship.

2- Payment must be in cash through a bank transfer to apply for Turkish citizenship, but for those who want to pay in installments, this is possible, but the application program for Turkish citizenship will not start before completing the amount of at least 400 thousand dollars.


3- Children over the age of 18 will not be able to obtain Turkish citizenship except through an independent application and investment of a new amount of 400 thousand dollars.

4- High-value real estate cannot be shared by two families to obtain Turkish citizenship (if the property is worth $800,000 or more). This is one of the important amendments in this area that must be paid attention to.



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