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Buying a property near Galata Port Mall

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Buying a property near Galata Port Mall
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Over the past two years, many tourists visiting Istanbul have taken notice of a captivating new tourist attraction that has brought a touch of sophistication to the entire region. This attraction presents a unique concept of an open-air mall on one side and offers stunning views of the Bosphorus on the other. The mall boasts a plethora of high-quality amenities, including restaurants, cafes, clothing boutiques, and sweet shops. This alluring destination is none other than Galata Port Mall in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul.

Chances are, if you're reading this article, you're already well-acquainted with the mall and have visited it frequently. Therefore, we will delve into discussing significant projects in close proximity to Galata Port Mall. Toward the end of this article, we will introduce the mall itself, along with images, for those who may be less familiar with it.

The mall is strategically located at the intersection of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus Strait, offering a 270-degree view of the Bosphorus waters. Anyone seeking to live near Galata Port Mall is not merely acquiring a property; they are investing in a new way of life that extends beyond the mall itself. It encompasses the enjoyment of all the upscale services in the entire vicinity.

Our exploration begins by identifying the directions and routes leading to Galata Port Mall, which will help us pinpoint projects that are geographically close to the mall and easily accessible.

Projects developed by the Beyoğlu Municipality hold the closest proximity, as the mall is situated within the same municipality. We will offer an overview of each of these projects later in this article. Additionally, the Besiktas Municipality, located along the Bosphorus, forms a connection with the mall. However, it's essential to consider whether there are new projects in the Besiktas Municipality that are earthquake resistant.

This is a critical question, as despite Besiktas's enchanting views of the Bosphorus, many of its properties are either luxurious hotels or aging apartments that lack earthquake resistance. Even some of the newly constructed projects consist of single buildings from unestablished developers, making them less trustworthy. So, what is the solution?

There are indeed new projects in Besiktas that are government-backed and constructed by reputable earthquake-resistant building companies. We will also introduce these projects in this article, so please continue reading until the end.

Galata Port Mall can also be accessed via the Gulf Bridge, which connects to the Fatih municipality and its surroundings, as well as parts of Zeytinburnu, Bayrampaşa, and Eyüp Sultan.


Buying an apartment in Beyoglu near Galata Port Mall

We start with the most important project in the region currently, which is suitable for housing and investment at the same time, which is the Piyale Pasa Premium project

Project overview

The Piyalipaşa project is considered one of the largest urban renewal projects in the ancient municipality of Beyoğlu, which includes Taksim Square and overlooks the Golden Horn Bay. At the same time, it is adjacent to Sisli, Besiktas, and Fatih. It is the best municipality ever in Istanbul because it combines the city’s authenticity with its ancient monuments, in addition to As it includes many important landmarks such as Istiklal Street, the ancient Galata Tower, and the open-air Galata Port Mall with a view of the Bosphorus,


This is what made many describe it as the heart of European Istanbul.

In the drawing below, we notice the presence of 33 archaeological monuments, which is a small section of what it contains.


Investing in a property in Beyoglu near Galata Port Mall offers a unique opportunity to merge the past with the present. This area appeals to both locals and foreigners alike, promising a high return on investment, as well as the potential for future resale at double the purchase price. The capital appreciation is calculated not only in Turkish lira but also in foreign currencies.

We also have a project suitable for hotel apartments, the Taksim 360, which is the largest urban renewal project in the region:

the Taksim 360:

  • Developed by a renowned Turkish construction company.
  • Awarded the "Best Urban Renewal Project in Europe."
  • Preserves historical, architectural, and cultural values in the Beyoglu region.
  • A mixed-use project with offices, residential complexes, shops, art galleries, and an excellent location.
  • Ideal for experiencing Istanbul's historical and cultural richness.
  • The first public-private partnership "Urban Renewal" project in Turkey, carefully preserving historical values.
  • Located in the heart of Istanbul, near the Galata Tower and vibrant commercial activities.
  • Offers easy access to educational institutions, museums, galleries, and cultural landmarks in Istanbul.
  • Combines elegant design and luxury details for a superior residential experience.
  • Surrounded by culture, history, art, and a rich life culture in the heart of Istanbul.



The Nisantasi area is just a short distance away from the project, offering a shopping experience with a wide array of options, from leading luxury brands to upscale local boutiques. Throughout the project's construction, LEED GOLD certification requirements were met in all materials and resources used, as well as in common areas such as parking lots and the lobby.

Finally, in the broader region, an urban renewal project that is no less significant than Galata Port Mall is the renovation project of the old port in Beyoglu, known as the Istanbul Arsenal.


The Tersane Istanbul Project:

The "Tersane Istanbul" project is a real estate development endeavor located in the Karakoy area of Istanbul, Turkey. This project aims to revitalize and transform the former naval dock area and former seaport in Karakoy into a modern residential and commercial hub.

The Tersane Istanbul project is a collaboration between Emlak Konut, a subsidiary of Turkey's Housing and Infrastructure Administration, and various stakeholders. This strategic project capitalizes on its prime location along the Bosphorus shoreline, contributing to the overall redevelopment and enhancement of the Karakoy area.

The project includes an array of luxury residential units, encompassing apartments and villas. These residential units feature contemporary and upscale designs, providing sweeping views of the Bosphorus and the surrounding landscape.

In addition to its residential units, the project incorporates commercial and entertainment facilities such as restaurants, cafes, shops, and public parks. The goal is to create a vibrant and integrated environment that caters to residents' needs and offers a blend of services and experiences.

The Tersane Istanbul project is a key component of the broader Karakoy redevelopment initiative, which seeks to transform the area into a modern urban destination that seamlessly combines historical, cultural, and contemporary elements. Spanning a total land area of 26.6 hectares and boasting a total building area of 761,810 square meters, the project will encompass 1,000 residential units, 4 hotels with a combined total of 1,600 rooms, office spaces, retail units, parking facilities, cultural and religious spaces, and even a marina.

This project enjoys a central location in Istanbul, providing proximity to major corporate offices, shopping districts, dining establishments, and entertainment options. Completion of the complex is anticipated by December 2025.

Now, let's delve into the most significant projects in the Besiktas region:

Residential Projects in the Besiktas Area:

1.     Project Reference Besiktas:

Situated in the upscale Besiktas neighborhood of Istanbul, Project Reference Besiktas is a luxurious residential complex known for its modern and sophisticated design. This project features a collection of high-rise residential towers and luxury villas, offering a variety of housing options, including apartments with sea views and upscale penthouses. The units are characterized by contemporary interior design and top-notch amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, and lush gardens.


Project Reference Besiktas enjoys a strategic location near Istanbul's city center, providing easy access to the city's main commercial and cultural areas. It also boasts breathtaking views of the Bosphorus Strait and the Bosphorus Bridge. The project offers a range of facilities and services, including parking, retail spaces, restaurants, cafes, and recreational areas. For those seeking luxury and comfort in a prime Istanbul location, Project Reference Besiktas is an ideal choice.

2.     Barbaros 48 Project:

Currently under construction, the Barbaros 48 project is part of an advanced urban renewal effort within the private sector of Istanbul. This project spans an area of 3,357 square meters and consists of 48 apartments with diverse layouts and striking architectural designs that seamlessly blend modernity with historical elements. The available apartment types range from 1+2, 1+3, to 1+4.


The Barbaros 48 project is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle, offering amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool, sauna, and Turkish bath for residents' relaxation and well-being. It aims to provide the comfort and luxury of a 5-star hotel within the confines of a residence.


3.     Polat Akatlar Project:

The Besiktas Akatlar project is a real estate development in the Akatlar district of Besiktas, Istanbul. This project is a collaborative effort between the Artash Construction Company and Eva Real Estate Development Company, involving the construction of five residential, office, and hotel towers, with heights reaching up to 42 floors. The project comprises 1,111 residential units, 246 office spaces, 12 retail shops, and 300 hotel rooms, along with various social, sports, and cultural facilities. Anticipated completion is set for the end of 2024. For more detailed information about this project, please refer to the Artash website or the EVA website. To learn about projects near Galata Port Mall in Fatih, Zeytinburnu, and Eyup Sultan, please reach out to us directly.


The Galata Port:

The Galata Port is an open-air shopping mall situated near the Galata area, close to Karakoy Port and the historic Galata Tower. It has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from an ancient port into a modern and beloved shopping destination for both locals and tourists. Its central location and stunning views of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn make it a distinctive attraction.


Galata Port Mall is replete with a diverse array of shops, restaurants, and cafes. Visitors can explore its corridors, indulge in shopping for international and local brands, savor delectable meals at its restaurants, or unwind in its cozy cafes. The mall frequently hosts various events and activities, including exhibitions, art shows, and concerts, offering a comprehensive shopping and entertainment experience.


Istanbul Galata Port is a substantial global destination project, featuring a cruise port along the 1.2-kilometer Bosphorus coast. This ambitious project is a joint effort between the Turkish Doğuş Group and Bilgili Holding Company, with an investment of $1.7 billion. It encompasses a total of 230 food and beverage and retail stores, with a combined leasable area of approximately 52,000 square meters for shopping and dining establishments. Additionally, the project will introduce a pioneering metro station operating with a hatch system, the first of its kind globally.

The historical port continues to serve as Istanbul's maritime gateway to the world, and the project is projected to draw approximately 25 million visitors annually, including 7 million foreign tourists and around 1.5 million cruise ship passengers to Istanbul each year.






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